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The birth of Tereos Internacional
In 2010 : Acquisition of the Réunion-based assets of Quartier Français. Tereos will own all sugar cane processing facilities on the island.
Creation of Tereos Internacional, a Brazilian company in which Tereos is the majority shareholder, bringing together all sugarcane and cereal processing businesses.
April 2010, partnership between Guarani, a subsidiary of Tereos Internacional, and Petrobras, the leading Brazilian energy company. Acquisition of factories in Vertente and Mandu by Guarani in Brazil.
Today :
• 12,000 cooperative growers
• 26,500 permanent and seasonal staff
• 38 industrial facilities
• 1 million hectares of agricultural area processed
• 3,6 million tons of sugars
• 1.9 million tons of starch-based products
• 1.7 million cu.m of alcohol and ethanol
• 535 GWh of electrical power
• 4.4 billion euros in revenues
• An essential part of sugar production since the 19th century, this perennial grass is a source of sugar but also of bioethanol and energy
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• Sugarcane is the most important raw material in sugar production: it accounts for between 70% and 80% of global production and more than 20% of the planet's agricultural production by weight.
Sugar is concentrated at the bottom of the cane stalks. When planted between October and December, the cane will be cut in the following campaign (12-month cane) ; when planted between January and April it is cut in the following year (18-month cane). Harvested manually or by machine, the canes are stripped and then crushed. Crushing produces a juice and a fibrous by-product known as 'bagasse'. The juice is strained and then heated and mixed with lime to remove impurities. It is then transferred to evaporators to extract a syrup consisting of sugar crystals and a 'mother liquor'. Lastly, sugar crystals are separated in a centrifuge
• A member of the Chenopodiaceae family, sugar beet is a remarkable plant that doesn't just produce sugar.
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• The leaves of the sugar beet plant are its 'chemical laboratory' where it makes the sugar that is stored in its root. Seeds are sown in March and the harvest (or 'campaign') lasts from mid-September to end-December. Beets are weighed and sampled to assess their sugar content in order to calculate the payment to the farmer. They are then cut into thin strips and passed through a current of hot water to extract the sugar. The resulting liquid is purified and filtered and then concentrated into syrup form by evaporation: with a sugar content of 65% it is then boiled under vacuum to trigger crystallisation. The cooked mass is then passed to a centrifuge to remove liquid and retain crystallised white sugar

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