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I Who are we ?
We are specialized in the production and distribution of Spirulina for some years now and are the only ones able to claim to offer 18% to 25% phycocyanina in our products. Why ? we ensure nutritional value of quality to our customers because our production processes are actually done as low drying temperature and at less than 42 ° C.

II What we offer:

We work with many French retailers (specialized distributions, laboratories ..) and foreigners today, very proud to have products labeled by MIR (Made in respect) audited by Ecocert fair trade environment for part and adapted to the new legislation of order "plants" for 2016. You can quite enjoy that communication through us. We also are labelised Vegan and Vegetarian society approuved and for 2017 we have organic spirulina with mixed as Camu Camu and Baobab

III In addition to this fair DNA, we are production and packaging professionals.

All lots are tested every 20 kilos to 50 kilos in bacteriology and heavy metals (independent laboratory Carso / Larebron, which is that of the DGCCRF legal french), so controlled and conditioned in France in Esat (center specializes disabled) mounted from scratch by our company with hygienic procedures to the key all workstations HACCP and ISO 9001 semi clean room in the Vosges. We also are HAP and gluten free. (Afdiag certification)

IV Quality of our products:

1. Our spirulina is not atomized and dried at 100 ° C, it is simply dried to less than 42 ° C. The enzymatic reactions are thus limited, which keeps the properties and natural taste of spirulina.
2. We offer four food formats in the form of petals, crunchies, flakes, nibs and powder, which can be sprinkled on food and Organic Spirulina tablets and powder with or without mix Camu Camu & Baobab.
3. With 18 to 25% of the net weight of each bag, Gourmet Spirulina offers the best phycocyanina market rate, twice that most spirulina market today.
4. We work exclusively with fair trade and we ensure carbon offsetting transport our spirulina. Two of our farms overseas partners are humanitarian farms (NGOs). Our collaboration allows them to finance the distribution of spirulina in their country to fight against malnutrition.

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