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Freyssinet has developed a dedicated turnkey solution for the design and construction of tall concrete towers for wind turbines, allowing project owners and developers tap into stronger winds at higher elevations and thus maximize the energy produced and improve projects economics.
The Freyssinet tower design, made of precast concrete sections assembled by post-tensioning, can be adapted to any turbine, and towers can be either fully in concrete or hybrid with a steel section at the top to adapt to the desired turbine hub height and each specific turbine’s requirements.
The erection method is unique as it uses a purpose-designed equipment, the Eolift, that allows the erection of towers at wind speed up to 20 m/s, which makes the Eolift equipment work throughout the year, unlike standard cranes commonly used for wind tower erection which are limited at much lower wind speeds and have a low utilization factor.
As such the method is dubbed “craneless” since only a small crane is used for the preassembly of the segments and to also erect the nacelle on a short section of the tower top, initially placed on the foundation, prior to the start of the Eolift erection process.
The turnkey solution was used on a first project in Brazil (Trairi wind farm with 36 wind turbines equipped with Alstom ECO 122 2.7 MW turbines at a hub height of 119 m).
The erection method is suitable for higher tower heights and has the advantage of being designed for wind speed up to 20 m/s. It also allows the main segments assembly works to take place at low level, thus increasing the safety of the operations. A cycle of less than ten days for erection and equipment transfer can be achieved for towers of 145 m in height.
The concrete design also allows the use of local resources, thus increasing local content. Combined with the Eolift erection method, it altogether reduces the carbon footprint of projects as compared to steel towers erected by cranes.

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Eolift The craneless solution

The tower is designed with 32 precast concrete segments, cast using match-casting technique, and assembled on site using the Eolift. After the initial erection of short section of the tower top on the foundation, the tower is erected by sections in an inverted manner (lower tower sections are inserted under upper tower sections already assembled and lifted) at wind speeds up to 20 m/s. The segments are first pre-assembled by groups of 3 on a skidding beam in order to make 11-m tower sections, that are then slid underneath the already assembled and erected tower sections

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