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Xamen Technologies is an innovative French company which designs and develops unmanned aircraft in strict compliance with the industry legislation.

We have developed the first ATEX Certified UAV in the world. This exclusive innovation is capable to carry specific sensors (Camera, gas detectors, concentration sensors, etc…) to unreachable zone in an ATEX environment. This solution provides the most secure way for your maintenance and security requirement, without suspension of usual operation and production.

The focus has been put on safety and all associated services such as training and maintenance. All our aircraft feature GPS-assisted flight, failsafe return to base and parachute (impact of maximum 69 joules). Our 180 Degrees gimbal tilt angle, from facing over 90 straight down to 90 straight up, is ideal for inspection work.

The non-sparking 4-8 X Dual ATEX (evolution of the 4-8 X dual certified by the French Aviation Authority) is specially designed to meet all the requirements to validate the ATEX certification.

We have operated recently in Atex Zone 2 for RETIA/TOTAL and ENLENGY/ENGIE and received very positive feedback in term of operation and cost. More recently we have operated a World premiere with MAERSK: Shipping mission on a Vessel in the North-Sea ( )

As a manufacturer with strong potential in R&D, we can study on-demand configuration based on a bill of specification, with your operation target and dedicated sensors

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LE 4-8X Dual ATEX

PRECISION and SECURITY in Atex zone The LE 4-8X Dual ATEX is the first ever UAV compliant with Explosive Atmospheres environments. This machine can survey areas where there is a high risk of explosions due to the presence of flammable gases and/or vapors. While operating in incendiary environments, this UAV avoid generating any sparks or risks of inciting an explosive reaction. This UAV is dedicated to the Oil and Gas industry and actors in the Chemistry sector for security and maintenance purposes. This new technology is designed to reduce the risk and overhead costs associated with infrastructure maintenance and surveillance.

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