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Electro Shunt Industrie

Manufacturing of copper, tinned tubular copper braids, rope braids, conducting cable, earth bonding leads, earthing straps and various customized grounding flexible connexions. Capabilities : braiding, twisting, stranding, crimping, welding, coextrusion

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Engineering industry, steel industry, defence

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European Union

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European Union

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Europe outside E.U.

European Union

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Copper wire stranded rope

Copper stranded rope used in flexible busbars, earthing, welding jumpers Copper wire sizes : 0.10 ; 0.15 ; 0.20 mm. Plain copper wire, tin plated copper wire

Tags: stranded ; rope ; welding jumpers ; plain copper


Fexible connections

Flexible copper connections

Tags: rope ; stranded ; braid ; tubular ; EMI shielding ; earthing


Flat bonding leads

Flat braid made of 0.20mm copper and tin plated copper wires Tin plated copper pressed ferrule Applicatons : all electrical flexible connections : contactors, disruptors, grounding leads, equipotential connections

Tags: bonding leads ; pressed ferrule ; plain copper ; braid ; disruptors


Flat copper braid

Tubular flat plain copper braid (TLCR) and tin plated copper braid (TLCE) made of 0.10 ; 0.15 ; 0.20mm wire diameter Highly flexible on flat section in repeated bending in width direction. Thin braid installation in congested spaces.

Tags: flat braid - plain copper ; tubular


Knitted copper mesh

Tubular knitted mesh, flat shape dual wall for EMI shielding Knitted tape can be used as shield connection in branch joints, light grounding. Tin plated copper type provides very good weldability

Tags: knitted ; copper ; mesh ; overlap ; emi shielding


PVC insulated braids

- Flexible - Mechanical resistance - Corrosion resistance - Clear or colored PVC on flat or round braids - Plain copper (TLCR) or tin plated copper (TLCE) *with clear PVC (T) or black PVC (N) jacket Applications: - Earthing straps - Flexible electrical connections

Tags: PVC insulation ; braid ; jacket ; braid ; earthing straps


Rope copper braid

- Rope plain copper braid (TNCR) and tin plated copper (TNCE) made of 0.10 ; 0.15 ; 0.20mm wire diameter ; highly flexible in twisting stress - Electrical flexible connections - Grounding - Welding jumpers according to CNOMO standard

Tags: rope braid ; tin plated ; plain copper ; grounding ; welding jumpers


Round bonding leads

- Braid made of elementary copper wires ∅ 0.20mm - Cable lugs : flattened CuETP copper tube - Conductivity : 100% IACS - Plain copper wires (SNCR), tinned plated copper (SNCE) pattern 1/3 Applications : - Electrical flexible connections used in twisting stress - Earthing braids, grounding, battery shunt - Equipotential bonding

Tags: round ; bonding leads ; braid ; plain copper ; battery shunt


Tubular shielding braid

Tubular shielding braid made of tin plated copper wires Higly flexible and high expansion behavior

Tags: tubular shielding ; braid ; expandable


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