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Boccard Health & Care

Our company specializes in Health and Care industry. We have carried out many projects successfully worldwide and we believe our experts can fully match your expectations.
• Discover Boccard: a key player with strong values
We have been a major player in the design and construction of equipment and process lines worldwide since 1918. Our French company is a recognized process partner for leading industries and Life Sciences key players. With agencies and subsidiaries in more than 35 countries, we have an outstanding ability to assist your expansion. We value care, fairness, integrity and long-term partnerships.
• Benefit from Experienced Staff
We are highly experienced in the field of cosmectic, pharmacy and biotechnologies. We are a certified company (ISO 9001, MASE) with many successful references. Working with our teams of skilled, multidisciplinary project leaders, engineers and technicians will let you benefit from an unrivalled level of knowledge and expertise. Moreover, our staff is highly committed.
• Enjoy a Design & Build approach
As an industrial integrator, we are in a position to complete your project internally from design up to tests. We will be pleased to support you in the conceptual design phase as during the realization of the project.

From independent modular skids, to complete production plants, Boccard provides unique pharmaceutical and biotechnology solutions that facilitate the production of all liquids and semi-liquid forms, gels and creams.
Boccard has developed a new high-tech range of ppm, separation and purification solutions to isolate high value-added proteins (vaccines, insulin, MAB, and plasma derivatives). We are also recognized for our expertise in plasma fractionation by manufacturing processes and complete workshops for plasma fractionation plants.

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Health, pharmacy, life sciences

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Europe outside E.U.

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Boccard Biofermenter

Biofermenters 60-20,000 L Automated solutions for fermentation for pharma & biotech industries, offering batch, fed-batch and continuous modes for such products as antibiotics, vitamins, enzymes and so on.

Tags: pharma, biotech, fermentation, skid, productivity, quality, safety, vessels, automation


Boccard Cosmetics

Boccard designs and builds global turnkey process solutions for the cosmetics industry and, in particular for personal hygiene, hair, skin and dental care products, make-up, perfumes and flammable gels & lotions.

Tags: skids, cosmetics, plants, time to market, ATEX, on budget, on time, cost saving, mixing, innovation, production


Boccard Cosmetics - Mobilis tanks

A complete range of mobile tanks from 50 to 500 L for cosmetics industry for perfumes, flower waters, essence oils, nail polish, ignitable cosmetics and so on.

Tags: cosmetics industry, mobile tanks, ATEX 2, cost saving, innovative, productive


Boccard Pharma & Biotech

Boccard provides global turnkey process solutions in the pharma & biotech industry, for the production of all liquids and semi-liquid forms, gels and creams. Boccard designs and builds unique pharmaceutical and biotechnology laboratories and is also famous for its expertise in plasma fractionation.

Tags: pharmaceutical, biotechnology, skids, proccess, solutions, plasma, biofermentation, cell culture, CIP, SIP, chromatography, filtration, ATEX, protein purification


Boccard pharma loop

The modular solution for the storage and distribution of purified, highly purified water and water for injection. Fully modular and cost saving solution with three modules: storage, distribution and loop & user point.

Tags: pharmaceutical process, water quality, modular, cost saving, compact


Boccard plasma fractionation

Boccard offers an entire plasma fractionation solution, including, process design, installation, commissioning and validation. With its partners, Boccard can provide technology transfer for the production of albumine, IgC, Factor VII, Factor IX, with help of its expertise in cohn process, chromatography purification & viral inactivation.

Tags: plasma fractionation, protein, nanofiltration, vessel, centrifugation, filtration, separation, CIP, ethanol, storage


Boccard PPM bioreactor

Bioreactor is a Production Process Module (PPM) for batch, fed batch and perfusion that is CIP/SIP compatible and user friendly. Thanks to its ergonomy, modularity, quality, safety and performance it optimizes your production.

Tags: CIP, SIP, bioreactor, plug and play, performance, ergonomy, quality, safety, skid


Boccard PPM block

Production Process Module (PPM) block - la solution ultime à la réduction des volumes morts. Production Process Module (PPM) block - the ultimate solution to the reduction of hold up volume.

Tags: PPM, block, biotechnology, product purification, skid, modular, compact, upgradable


Boccard PPM chromatography

Chromatography Product Purification Module (PPM) is a modular, versatile and flexible low pressure system, CIP/SIP compatible or self regenerating, that allows you to optimize dead volumes.

Tags: CIP, SIP, laboratory, pilot, industrial, module, recision, fexibility, max recovery, skid, reliable, automation, software


Boccard PPM ultrafiltration

Ultrafiltration Product Purification Module is a modular, versatile and flexible tangential filtration system, CIP/SIP compatible or self regenerating, allows low hold up volumes.

Tags: CIP, SIP, laboratory, pilot, industrial, skid, max recovery, modular, reliable


Boccard Tanks and Vessels

A complete range of vessels for Pharma & Biotech industries. Boccard's process vessels, piping and automation skids shorten lead-times, possess a heat-eschange surface and a CIP system to gurantee the quality of execution, efficiency and easy starting.

Tags: tanks, vessels, skids,pharmaceutical, biotechnology, certification, quality, agitation, manufacturing, integration


Boccard Track Advance

The innovative manufacturing process improvement tool, adaptable to the specific process requirements. Reduces material losses and consumables usage, and optimizes process availability by increasing first pass yield.

Tags: optimisation, customized, benchmarking, traceability, performance, security, accessibility, product transfer, genealogy











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