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PLANETINVESTS.COM is a BUSINESS CONNEXION website of a true Business Community.

PLANETINVEST Business Community a true Business network “based on commitment to results “; relies on the combination of Digital Promotion and the Local Presence of this BUSINESS NETWORK; which consists of experienced and legitimate key men and women.


PLANETINVEST Business Community consists of Companies Officers, International Officers, Consultants, Institutional , Men and Women of key Affairs , legitimate and selected from all sectors

PLANETINVEST targets countries such as regional springboard Morocco for Francophone Africa , Mauritius for Anglophone Africa , Romania in Eastern Europe.

With many years experience and spread in nearly 50 international capitals, PLANETINVEST business community, is animated and coordinated from Europe, Africa, Asia


PLANETINVEST Business Community operates in country platforms of regional development to guarantee the logistic, commercial, technological and financial spread towards a target zone.
Thus, PLANETINVEST targets countries as regional springboard platforms: Africa, Eastern Europe, Asia, …

Such as Morocco for Francophone Africa
Romania for Eastern Europe
Mauritius Island for Anglophone Africa
Based on Clients connection platform, and supported by our Business Community, we offer concrete actions to reach territory leaders and sustainably sell products and services.


Africa :countries of francophone, anglophone, lusophone, hispanic Africa.
America :Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Carribbean, Mexico, USA
Asia : China, South Korea, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia
Europe : Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Spain, France, Italy, Holland, PoloniaRomania, UK, Switzerland, Ukraine, Russia
Oceania : Australia, New Caledonia
Middle East and North Africa: Egypt, UAE, Libanon, Turkey
Represented by partners holding filling key positions in their countries or region of action, PLANETINVEST is composed of key men and women chosen based on ethical criteria, regular efficiency, their strategic positions and their common human values. A free and independent genuine business network, PLANETINVEST consists of company and international executives, consultants, marketing and management directors, Institution professionals, and proven and legitimate men and women, all of whom signed a commitment agreement.


Reach leaders in target markets by promoting products and services.
Accelerate the market Accélérer les prises de marché de l’ENTREPRISE sélectionnée dans une nouvelle zone cible
Accompany the enterprises in their international approach and transactions.
Support their finanacial needs.
Bring forth a secure service prior, during and post the market overtake in addition to complementary and essential services.
Guarentee and secure the final payment of operations.
Sustainably accompany enterprises in their development..
This represents the advantage of a sustainable reply to the Return Of Investment Problem.

Sustainable commitment prior, during and post sale.
Progressive achievement of economy of scales ; source of concurrence.



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Financial services

Export area :

Sub-Saharan Africa

Local presence :

African countries of the Indian Ocean

European Union

North Africa

Target countries :

Sub-Saharan Africa

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