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Printack is a designer and manufacturer of labels.

Printack advocates a system that allows you to edit labels with standard office equipment.
Since 1992, Printack has developed and updated the editing software label " Printack Designer ."

This application was designed to allow a user, even without specific knowledge, to easily edit their own labels, with variable and fixed data. The software offers direct links to many types of external databases . For example: ASCII , (* txt or csv . . ) Excel , Access, DBase , SQL ...

The premier version of the software also makes it possible to simultaneously connect, for example, to a database of plants and to the user’s personal management system. The software " Printack designer " can combine two databases or more without harming them or modifying them. The label can receive, simultaneously, information generated from different sources.

The software allows the operator to naturally write in their own language (Latin, Cyrillic, Chinese, Arabic…etc) and to edit barcodes, prices, pictures , QR codes , symbols , shapes , word art, etc .
Implementation of label design is based on a very clear ergonomic type used for " Smart Phones" . In real time, the label is displayed on the screen . It is a true visual editor, all operations being performed by mouse control. All users will be able to control the software without specific training.

With concerns about use of the software removed, Printack offers an easy way to produce labels exactly as required by the end users, especially in the area of plant labelling. Labels are weatherproof and durable in plant environments..

Printack offers a wide range of labels for gardeners and nurseries :
• Tags for general outdoor display .
• Loop labels for hanging on each plant without any accessories .
• Labels with perforations to hang or bind to the plant.
• Pointed end labels to be placed on the edge of pots.
• Self adhesive labels for pots - terracotta , concrete mouldings and polyethylene containers .

The system allows storage of blank label templates that the user can modify when necessary, with the correct information and in the exact quantities needed. This avoids wasted label material and together with recycling ink or laser cartridges, safeguards the environment.

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