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NIDC / Nature Effiscience


It was in 2005 that Catherine Mautord, a biologist by training, decided to create the Effiscience Nature cosmetics.

The trigger? A television program about the dangers of cosmetics.

Mautord Catherine said: "The show denounced certain synthetic molecules poisoning the liver, disrupting the hormonal system ... I started looking for organic cosmetics. But I found nothing that suited me in terms of texture, effectiveness for my sensitive skin or perfume ... Not to mention that most of them use alcohols as preservatives, which is very drying for my sensitive skin. From that day I decided to make my creams myself. "
From concept to realization, six years of research with the support of herbalists and pharmacy doctors were needed to develop the range effect® combining all the requirements of Catherine Mautord: a concept of universal and effective anti-age creams, suitable for all skin types, day / night, even for the most sensitive skins of the 25 years old.

Nature Effiscience was born in the end of 2011.

The Concept

The East and the West cooperate to offer your skin a natural and sustainable solution

Whether it is a cream, a serum, a mask or a peel, Nature Effiscience products use the best of both worlds. For instance, when you apply the cream on your face, the active agents not only affect the upper layers of the epidermis to provide an immediate comfort to your skin, but also affect the deeper tissue to correct the misbalance of the skin's ecosystem.

Nature Effiscience products literally rehabilitate your skin to rebalance it. Day by day, it becomes self-sufficient and perfectly addresses dry, oily and sensitive symptoms to give you a consistently flawless complexion. The innovative philosophy of Nature Effiscience offers clever cosmetics, acting immediately while sustainably improving your skin quality.

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