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Since its creation in 1913, Clestra company has been designing, manufacturing and installing system partitions through listening to its clients. A specialist in fitting out offices, the business has diversified into cleanrooms.

Smoking Lounge EXPAIRSYSTEM SILVER MEDAL of the Society of Medecin 2012. It's the first time ever that a smoking lounge or cabin manufacturer has been recognised officially by th medical community !

EXPAIRSYSTEM has now joined the group. Its patented concept to clean up any volume of air is now considered as a new tool in the fight against passive smoking. The innovative nature of our concept represents a clear technological improvment, increasing the efficiency of the measures implemented agianst secondhand smoke. This progress has been recongnised by a french Society of Medecine and was awarded silver Médal 2012.

Nowadays, CLESTRA with EXPAIRSYSTEM is offering bespoke turnkey solutions for smoking lounges and/or dedicated areas in open spaces. Its new built-in solution “RPUR” can be installed in any existing premises (residential building,Airport, boarding lounges, waiting areas, malls, hotels etc.).

A unique and unmatched know-how.
Our focus! the quality of the air you breathe.
Secondhand smoke propagates in the atmosphere billions of particles so that both smokers and non-smokers are both intoxicated by this smoke.
The technical solution "EXPAIRSYSTEM" provides a real solution to this problem.

It consists in several actions
Action on secondhand smoke:
Smoke extraction fast before she could reach smokers.
Filtration of all particles and gases
Total elimination of the risk of passive smoking, inside and outside of our smoking areas
Action on tobacco odors and fumes ashtrays:
Extraction within our ashtrays to avoid all odors and fumes can escape and return to the smoking area.
Risk-free solution with our Self-extinguishing ashtrays
Cleaning ashtrays safely.

Your action:

All you need is a power socket!

Comparative advantages of Clestra “smoking lounges EXPAIRSYSTEM“ compared to the existing solutions available on the market are:
-The total volume of air is integrally renewed 60 times/per hour inside the ventilated area, offering the best air quality standards to your VVIP clients or employees.
-No smokes neither contaminated air can be rejected outside of the cabin. Smokes can’t spread over the side areas, even if the door is opened.
-The ventilated area can cover a surface ranging from 4 m² until 108 m², without any pillar neither holes in the infrastructure/superstructure.
- It can be fitted in an existing room (VIP lounge) or set up in an open space area (boarding zone in Airports / restaurants / offices / cigar bars / etc.)
- It takes less than one week to install, Clestra Expair having their offices and team of technicians already active in the UAE (and the whole Middle East region).
- Many trusted clients have already endorsed the know-how of Clestra group range of products*

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