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ADD - AlertGasoil®

99% of transport companies are victims of fuel thefts.

One fleet manager in 2 judges it as an important issue in his company.*

AlertGasoil® stops any fuel thefts.
AlertGasoil® is not only an alarm system in the true sense of the word even if it does emit an acoustic signal.

AlertGasoil® goes further than a simple alarm; it immediately alerts you in case of theft, and provides a complete "map" of the ongoing theft:

-how (what type of theft)
-how much (how much fuel is stolen)
-where (location of the theft)
-when (time of the theft)
-who (potential complicity of the driver)

The AlertGasoil® experience helps identify and manage all types of theft hauliers can face: theft by siphoning as well as at the fuel station during fill-ups.
Most added value functions of AlertGasoil® are prevention and deterrent force.
First, prevention through the AlertGasoil® alerts that warns us when theft is being committed in our trucks.
Deterrent force because every local fuel thieves know what ‘s new in all trucking companies. By word of mouth, all local thieves are up on the DYS tanks’ monitoring. We have a double advantage..

AlertGasoil® is a combination of several pieces of technology that together can detect changes in fuel tank levels, either upward or downward.
1 • An hyper-sensitive SENSOR. Standard built-in fuel gauges measure only 80% of the volume of the fuel tank, in increments of 2 cm. AlertGasoil® measures the full volume, accurately, in real time.

2 • An ELECTRONIC BOX, embedded in the vehicle and connected to strain sensors. AlertGasoil® continuously records fuel tank content and links it to several other real time vehicle data, as well as GPS information.

3 • A WEB APPLICATION: Specifically developed for this system, it collects and analyses all data transmitted from the unit in real time. AlertGasoil® is the management tool that enables analysis, monitoring and reporting of your fuel costs.

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