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ANT'inno : a new way to manage documents and knowledge

ANT'inno is a french software editor, our platform ANT’box combines Document management, Knowledge management and Collaborative work.

Major feature is the ease of use :
=> ease to supply the content in the simplest way (drag-and-drop, emailing etc.), a kind of insurance that the content will be rich, because users do not waste time for this enrichment, nothing is mandatory, but all is also possible, in terms of qualification or ranking,
=> ease to find the information or the document needed, by an informal query without any skills in document management nor knowledge in classification or thesaurus of any would-be keywords. Main feature of this engine is the relevance of the answer, based on a linguistic analysis. The answers are ranked by relevancy level, given the real significance of the query, in order that users waste no time to read unuseful documents.

Moreover, the search engine is crosslingual : that mean the answer could be in another language than the question, and we handle arabic, english, spanish, french and german.

With ANT'box, enterprise's information are safe, secure, sustainable, and easily accessible by authorized people : that's the peace of mind for organization facing the mass of unstructured multilingual and polymorphic information. In this way, businesses concerned will enjoy effective and immediate capitalisation (continuity and protection) of their knowledge assets.

The platform’s additional revolutionary functional features (individual document protection, graphic representation of the relation between the various information, monitoring dashboard etc.) make the system useful for a variety of objectives (securing business intelligence, producing sets of project-specific or corporate references, selling issue-specific content).

In addition, ANT’box is exceptional value for money, whether for SaaS or local hosting, subscriptions or licence acquisition. The return on investment is usually 6 to 14 months, and the satisfaction is immediate.
ANT’box fosters collaborative work within companies or between companies, and gives back to executives the time they save on research and on sharing information, documents and knowledge. It increases customer satisfaction by reducing the time spent.
Similarly, it protects and secures data by easing document management and their legally-binding archiving process.

Currently, ANT'box is used in a wide range of fields, in France and internationally: aeronautics, nuclear, cosmetic, public services, study of industrial risks, urban dévelopment, etc.. All the users have the same goal of reducing the time waste induced today by organizing an finding documents, brief to leverage effectively their document and knowledge capital.

And for various use cases, beyond the creation of information repositories :
=> Monitor (track) a project (understand its dynamic): that means trace the dynamics of process (meeting, associated documents, decision statement, events, comments, ..). A graphical representation allows users to browse along a process to find easily what they need, without knowing anything about structure or organization of the informations. For instance, we need to know on what argument team had decided something some months or years ago, it's very easy to find.
=> Business intelligence : competitive, technological watch, decision support, for instance to help to define strategy,
Provide content : free access or by subscription, people pool result of analyse of a large mass of information,
Knowledge management : expertise, know, know-how, .. with dynamic evolution and collective interaction between experts.

After all, our purpose is a full range of services : from advice to support users, from installation to evolutionary software maintenance, not forgetting research with the CEA (French research centre in atomic energy) to constantly enrich technology and efficiency.

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