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Since 1998, the Bed Shower concept has provided many establishments with a simple, effective day-to-day solution which is beneficial for all immobilized patients. Today, discover the Mobile Bathroom that optimizes the bed bath: more fluid design, double wheel bearings for maneuverability, larger handles, centralized and raised drainage reservoir system, new and improved control panel and a removable basin for easy transportation of accessories. Simple, labor-saving and cost-effective!

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Brochure Le Lavabo Mobile / Booklet The Mobile Washbasin

Le lavabo qui révolutionne l'hygiène de la toilette ! Simple d'utilisation, il vous procure de l'eau toujours propre et s'adapte à tous les environnements. Maniable, compact, fonctionnel et autonome. The washbasin that revolutionizes toiletry hygiene! Easy to use, clean water always available, adaptable to all environments. Manoeuvrable, compact, functionnal and autonomous.

Tags: lavabo mobile, mobile washbasin, hygiène, hygiene, toilette au lit, toilette au gant, bed bath, bedbath, eau propre, clean water


Broshüre Das mobile Badezimmer / Brochure La Sala da Bagno Mobile

Broschüre: Mit dem mobilen Badezimmer optimieren Sie die Bettdusche. Brochure: la Sala da Bagno Mobile vi permette di ottimizzare la doccia al letto.

Tags: das Mobile Badezimmer, la Sala da Bagno Mobile, Bettdusche Konzept, Doccia al Letto, medikalisierten Institutionen, istituzioni sanitarie, für alle bettlägerigen Personen, per qualsiasi allettata


Broshüre Das mobile Waschbecken / Brochure Il Lavabo Mobile

Das Waschbecken, das Waschhygiene revolutioniert! Es ist einfach in der Anwendung, spendet Ihnen immer sauberes Wasser und passt in jedes Umfeld. Handlich, kompakt, funktionell und autonom. Il lavabo che rivoluziona l'igiene della toieltte! Semplice da utilizzare, vi procura acqua sempre pulita e si adatta a tutti gli ambienti. Maneggevole, compatto, funzionale e autonomo.

Tags: mobile Waschbecken, lavabo mobile, Waschhygiene, igiene della toilette, sauberes Wasser, acqua sempre, Bettdusche, doccia al letto


Dossier Complet La Salle de Bain Mobile / Full Documentation The Mobile Bathroom

Dossier Complet La Salle de Bain Mobile Douche au Lit CH-Evolution - descriptif - fiche technique - fiche hygiène - protocole d'utilisation

Tags: Dossier complet Salle de Bain Mobile, Douche au Lit modèle CH-Evolution, full documentation Mobile Bathroom, descriptif, fiche technique, fiche hygiène, protocole d'utilisation, technical information, protocole for use, protocollo per l'uso, informazioni tecniche, Protokoll zur Verwendung, Technische Informationen


Plaquette La Salle de Bain Mobile / Booklet The Mobile Bathroom

Plaquette La Salle de Bain Mobile / La douche au Lit Ce concept va optimiser la toilette au lit. Il apport confort et bien-être au patient dépendant ou en surcharge pondérale. Bed Shower Mobile Bathroom Booklet This concept will optimises the bed bath. It offers well-being and comfort to dependent or overweight patients.

Tags: bed bath, bed shower, mobile bathroom, dependent patient, overweight patient, immobilised patient, well-being, comfort, hygienic, labour-saving, cost-effective, made in France, medical institutions, douche au lit, toilette, hygiène, salle de bain mobile, confort, bien-être, personne alitée, personne dépendante, personne en surpoids, respect de l'hygiène, ergonomique, fabriquée en France











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