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Argile du Velay's journey with clay began in 1980 with the creation of SOCODIS, its mother company. SOCODIS was established by Christian Bernard and Marc Perrier to sell a new range of clay products in France and across Europe. Socodis started operations on the port of Villefranche/ Saône (France), importing dry clay in bulk from Africa and Spain. Socodis packaged and distributed the clay throughout Europe. Business expanded. So too did the team's knowledge about the remarkable benefits and rich potential uses of clay. In 1990, the team ventured into the business of clay extraction. A promising deposit of green clay was discover in the rich volcanic earth of Saint-Paulien, in the Auvergne region of France. The team began to commercialize its own green clay deposit. Argile du Velay was thus born and business grew solidly. A new processing plant was built close to the quarry in 2000, and new markets were opened up. Today, the company's product range is growing.

Argile du Velay's clay quarry and production site is located in Saint-Paulien (Auvergne) in France.

Operations and infrastructure:
The company's production site is spread over 2 ares. There are 5 main buildings dedicated to the:
-Transformation of raw clay resources.
-Sorting, identifying and categorizing clay grades and properties.
-Processing clay into refined products for market.
-Sorting finished products according to type, ready for packaging and distribution to markets worldwide (2 buildings)

The whole industrial site covers 6.2 acres.

The laboratory
Argile du Velay also has an onsite laboratory where the extracted clay is tested and analyzed for quality control. The extraction and transformation process is closely monitored at every step.

The clay deposit
The caly deposit extends over more than 32 acres. The seams have been mined for more than 10 years. Rich clay will continue to be extracted from it for the next 25 years. Looking forward, Argile du Velay is also preparing new deposits for future exploitation.

The positionning :
Argile du Velay is dedicated to bringing you the full benefits of green clay. We add value by transforming our mineral rich green clay from Velay into refined products tailored to your needs. Green clay is recognized for its remarkably beneficial properties and its many pratical uses. For thousands of years, people have used green clay to achieve a healthier, cleaner and more productive life.

Green clay is a natural resource of astonishing value. It is a wonderful gift from nature. Consistent with this, Argile du Velay delivers the natural benefits of green clay to markets worldwide while making sure production processes are environmentally friendly and sustainable. To this end, Argile du Velay is committed to:
-Green investments, using new hardware that reduces consumption of energy and pollution.
-Production activity focused on research and development of more energy efficient technologies and processes.
-Distribution management that optimizes flows and transport.
-Responsible resource management, redeveloping and re-vegetating quarried areas and improving water resources management.

Argile du Velay is committed to environmentally responsible and sustainable business pratices. This commitment is backed up with real value actions. Some of the ways we have made gains for the environment include:

-Carbon Footprint Measurement: Our carbon footprint is measured to quantify our impact on the environmental affect.
-Water Management: Rainwater flows were modified in 2011, to improve the recovery and storage of rainwater. Now, 16 thousand gallons of water is collected and stored for cleaning processes.
-Water conservation: Water was removed from our clay transformation process in 2007, reducing CO2 gas emissions by 1000 metric tons per year.
-Solar energy: Photovoltaic panels (1196 square yards) were fitted to our rewest building in 2010.These solar panels are capable of producing electricity equaling the annual consumption of 50 French homes. This renewable energy is now used to run our production site, further reducing CO2 gas emissions by 9 metric tons per year.
-30% Reduction of Fossil Fuel Use: Fossil fuel consumption has been reduced by 30%. In 2007, we started changing the way we transform clay, allowing us to economize the use of fossil energy fuels.
-New tchnologies Award: Argile du Velay won the French Environment and Energy Management Agency's Eco-Efficiency Award for its development and use of efficient and clean technologies in 2008.

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About our company

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