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Specialized in cardiac electrophysiology, PhysioStim put forward
GLP safety pharmacology studies to evaluate your compounds on
the risk of QT interval prolongation PhysioStim has acquired solid
and reliable expertise in particular in hERG assays, potassium
channels mainly involved in the problems of cardiac repolarization
(ICHS7A/B). PhysioStim's cardaic safety models are based on: -
Ionic channel assays (hERG, hNaV1.5, hKVLQT1) - NEW
channel:hCaV1.2 -hERG trafficking -action potential
recordings:Purkinje fibres, atria, papillary muscle -isolated
cardiomyocytes -isolated Langendorff perfused heart. Indeed, to
obtain an integrative approach of cardiac disorders, PhysioStim’
experts also propose cardiac action potential recordings and
isolated perfused Langendorff heart, mimicking in vitro the
electrophysiological properties observable in vivo

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