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Armagnac J Goudoulin

Goudoulin House is established in 1935 by Madam Jeanne Ménal Goudoulin who has been born in 1887 to Mouchan in the Gers.

In 1908, Jeanne Goudoulin becomes by marriage the owner of the Domaine de Bigor in Courrensan, and further to the death of her husband Joseph Goudoulin in 1925, consequence of war wounds of 14/18, she runs only her property of the Domain of Bigor in the heart of the Bas-Armagnac.

She possesses an important of Armagnac, accumulated by herself and the previous generations, so she decides to market it directly in 1935.
Year 1983 stays for the house Armagnac J. Goudoulin an important stage with the construction of a wine storehouse of 1000 m ² in the Clos du Presbytère, intended for a more important storage and for a more functional bottling.
Jeanne Goudoulin gives up her business of armagnac to her grandson Christian Faure in 1964 to end her days in 1974 at the age of 87.
In 2009, Christian Faure retires.
Michel Miclo, owner of the Distillery G. Miclo in Alsace purchases Armagnac J. Goudoulin in 2009 and proceed in the implementation of a new team which only one target : operating the transition between 75 years of family management and a new way of work while protecting the authenticity and the recognized quality.
Due to its important personal stocks, the house Goudoulin presents very old vintages, with a remarkable quality, which can only give satisfaction both by their delicacy and by their aroma and bouquet, coming from all the best soils. We are able to offer our customers an exceptional range of very old vintages of outstanding quality.

Faithful to the tradition and quality of our brandies, our products are aged in oak barrels, which give them their beautiful amber color. Storage in these barrels refines the Armagnac and allows it to develop its complex flavors.

Throughout this period of aging, the alcohol level decreases by means of evaporation, shedding what we call "the angels' share".
Each of our bottles is prepared upon receipt of the order: the Armagnac is bottled, labeled and capped by hand.

We perpetuate the ancestral know-how of the family Goudoulin, who has established Armagnac Goudoulin as the “haute couture” of Armagnac. Thus, our products enjoy a strong reputation and are in high demand in France and abroad.

During 75 years of business, the Goudoulin family has never ceased activity in sales, largely due to the quality of the brandies and the large stock of old vintages.
Today, our wine cellar affords the optimal conditions for aging several hundred thousand liters of Armagnac, which constitute the current stock of the house.
Armagnac Goudoulin enjoys a strong presence in select wine shops and prestigious institutions such as the Auberge de l'Ill, La Reserve de Beaulieu, Fauchon, Hediard...

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Specific and exceptional blend of vintages aged 10 years old. Specific for DFS.

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Our exceptional blend which is composed of several vintages. The yougest one is 40 years old and the oldest one is 75 years old.

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Our whole range of armagnac.

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ARMAGNAC J GOUDOULIN has been created in 1935 by a woman, Jeanne Goudoulin. Armagnac J. Goudoulin is recognized as the "Haute Couture" of the armagnac due to the way of preparing the Eaux de vie and also the stock of old vintages.




Press book

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The story of Jeanne Goudoulin.

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