MAISON&OBJET : The lifestyle & interior design trade show is celebrating its 20th anniversary!

Amelie Argenti - 17-déc.-2015 16:09:02
MAISON&OBJET: the multicultural crossroads of contemporary living MAISON&OBJET welcomes exhibitors and visitors from around the world and showcases a high-quality international offer. The fair enables B2B meetings and exchanges and highlights excellence and innovation  the best of creativity. MAISON&OBJET: the event for professionals MAISON&OBJET is the major event for professionals working in the wide array of interior design and decoration sectors. The fair brings together a complete catalogue products and offerings: Decoration, design, furniture, accessories, textiles, fragrances, the world of children, tableware… amongst others! The styles coexist in a multifaceted way, through the inventive layout of the fair which enlivens the space. This extraordinary diversity is in line with the varied expectations of global markets. Site officiel Organize your trip

A delegation of the French Confederation of Small and Medium Enterprises in Estonia - 14-16 May

Marine Aubrée - 16-mai-2013 15:46:21
On the initiative of the honorary consul from Estonia in Lyon, Mr. Serge Arnould, a mission has been organized in Estonia from May 14th to May 16th 2013 by UBIFRANCE Finland Estonia in order to discover the Estonian market and its opportunities. The delegation of CGPME Rhône-Alpes , led by the President Mr. François Turcas and the representatives of some French companies (protection equipment, gastronomy and wines, professional training and maintenance products) went to Tallinn in order to meet potential Estonian business partners. B2B meetings have been organized as well as the visit of the harbor of Tallinn. A cheese and wine tasting has also been organized by one of the participating firms in the Residence of the French Ambassador in Estonia, Frederic Billet, so the potential partners could also taste the products brought from France. The feedback on the different appointments has been very positive with some projects and partnership in outlook. If you would like more information, please contact: kari.aru@ubifrance.fr  

Event: French wines, ciders and spirits exporters in Finland and Norway - 16-17 Oct

Marine Aubrée - 16-mai-2013 15:02:14
Exporters of French wines, ciders and spirits will visit Finland and Norway the 15th and 16th of October respectively in order to promote the French beverages to local actors in the two countries (including the national alcoholic beverage retailing monopoly, importers and restaurants). B2B meetings and tastings will be organised in Helsinki and Oslo during those dates. If you would like more information on the companies attending or if you are interested in participating, please contact: Finland: leena.aradj@ubifrance.fr Norway: magalie.fievre@ubifrance.fr

Sweden: To sell to ICA (23-24 April)

Marine Aubrée - 15-avr.-2013 09:45:48
The French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE would like to invite you to the first edition of the project “To sell to ICA”, in collaboration with 15 ICA shops, with the aim of helping you to find new French distributors with special focus on your needs and wishes in the hopes of strengthening the availability of French produce in ICA stores.   The project is split in 2 sections: 1.        23-24 April 2013 :  B2B meetings with French distributors recruited in accordance with your requests (you will receive a detailed description of each participating French company prior to the B2B meetings) 2.        September/October 2013: The presentation of a French day/week where you can put forward and sell the French products you have chosen in your shops. Our goal is that you should use our network and database to enable you to develop the offering and availability of French products in Swedish grocery stores. The participating French companies are: - A l Olivier  - Charles Faraud - Européenne des Desserts - Henri Raffin - Jean Martin - La Fermière - Panaché des Landes - SCEC Jansens - Sovileg - Tradifood         If you would like more information or are interested in participating, please contact Romain Orlandi Tel.: +46 (0) 8 545 89 154 ; E-mail : romain.orlandi@ubifrance.fr   
Ranskan vienninedistämiskeskuksen Business Francen tehtävänä on auttaa ranskalaisia yrityksiä löytämään yhteistyökumppaneita Suomessa. Avustamme yrityksiä kehittämään liiketoimintaansa Suomessa järjestämällä B to B – tapaamisia ja erilaisia tapahtumia, sekä osallistumalla eri alojen messuille. BUSINESS FRANCEN kautta ranskalaiset yritykset saavat myös kattavaa tietoa Suomen markkinoista. Business France Helsingin palvelut kattavat myös Viron markkinat. BUSINESS FRANCE – ”French Agency for International Development” - on Ranskan valtion vienninedistämiskeskus joka toimii lähes 50 maassa. BUSINESS FRANCE tarjoaa ranskalaisille yrityksille laajan valikoiman palveluja ja auttaa yrityksiä kansainvälistymisen eri vaiheissa. Konsultointi BUSINESS FRANCE auttaa yrityksiä kansainvälistymisstrategian laatimisessa tarjoamalla ammattitait

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