Event: French pavilion on the Finnish WINE, FOOD & GOOD LIVING 2013 fair

Marine Aubrée - 16-mai-2013 12:55:52
The “ Wine, Food & Good Living ” fair is the most important food and wine event open to the general public in Finland. The 2013 edition will be organized between the 24th and 27th of October , at the same time as the Helsinki Book Fair and Helsinki Music Fair. In 2012 the number of visitors that attended the three events reached 71 500 people. The French pavilion will be set up at the fair and is open to companies from France wishing to present their products to the Finnish market and consumers. A wide range of French delicacies and wines are welcome to present their products, as well as companies specialising in table decorations and settings.  For more information about the fair or to participate please contact Leena Aradj: leena.aradj@ubifrance.fr  

Event: Sweden-Denmark: Champagne de Vignerons tasting

Marine Aubrée - 16-mai-2013 09:15:22
  The Stockholm and Copenhagen offices of the French Trade Commission UBIFRANCE have, in collaboration with SGV, the Champagne producers’ organisation, arranged a Champagne tasting event for 12 new Champagne producers wishing to establish closer ties with importers in Denmark and Sweden. The Champagne producers come from the four regions in Champagne: Côte des Bar, Côte des Blancs, La Montagne de Reims and Vallée de la Marne. The brand « Champagnes de Vignerons » has long been a guarantee for the quality and control within the entire production chain. Their rare and expressive wines are a representation of the unique craftsmanship which is distinct for every producer and which has been passed on from generation to generation. Innovation is the key for these champagne producers, securing and enforcing their great reputation.     Participating producers:  Champagne Bauchet Père et Fils                                         Champagne Froment-Griffon Champagne Beaugrand                                                       Champagne Doyard-Mahé Champagne Fabrice Bertemès                                             Champagne Jean Milan Champagne Guy Charbaut                                                   Champagne Marcel Moineaux Champagne Collin-Guillaume                                               Champagne Mont D’Hor Champagne Lagille et Fils                                                    Champagne Francis Orban The tastings will occur on the 27th May in Stockholm at the Esperanto Restaurant, at 12.00 – 17.00 and on the 30th May in Copenhagen at the French Embassy at 12.00 – 17.00. The event is restricted to sector professionals. For further information or to participate kindly contact: Sweden:  cecilia.ekfeldt@ubifrance.fr Denmark: axel.bregliano@ubifrance.fr    
Ranskan vienninedistämiskeskuksen Business Francen tehtävänä on auttaa ranskalaisia yrityksiä löytämään yhteistyökumppaneita Suomessa. Avustamme yrityksiä kehittämään liiketoimintaansa Suomessa järjestämällä B to B – tapaamisia ja erilaisia tapahtumia, sekä osallistumalla eri alojen messuille. BUSINESS FRANCEN kautta ranskalaiset yritykset saavat myös kattavaa tietoa Suomen markkinoista. Business France Helsingin palvelut kattavat myös Viron markkinat. BUSINESS FRANCE – ”French Agency for International Development” - on Ranskan valtion vienninedistämiskeskus joka toimii lähes 50 maassa. BUSINESS FRANCE tarjoaa ranskalaisille yrityksille laajan valikoiman palveluja ja auttaa yrityksiä kansainvälistymisen eri vaiheissa. Konsultointi BUSINESS FRANCE auttaa yrityksiä kansainvälistymisstrategian laatimisessa tarjoamalla ammattitait

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