ROLLIX develops pitch and yaw bearings for Alstom Haliade 150-6MW offshore turbine

Sandrine Latil - 12/12/11


ROLLIX’s specialised engineers, working near Nantes (in western France), collaborated closely with the Alstom team to design the slewing ring bearings that will be used for the new offshore-wind turbine. The slewing bearings, which control blade rotation (pitching) and nacelle rotation (yawing), have gone through a highly specific development process.

The components that ROLLIX has engineered were optimised so that they could take up as little space as possible, and yet withstand the loads of the new offshore-wind turbine that features the world’s longest blades, which are 73.5-metres long each.

The pitch and yaw bearings, which feature impressively sized rings of almost 4 metres in diameter, were then assembled on the wind turbine itself in Saint-Nazaire, the large Atlantic port located close to the ROLLIX plant (in the Pays de la Loire region of western France).

The ROLLIX slewing ring bearings are perfect for use in the offshore-wind-energy industry, since they are made of strong and precise components that can withstand the high speeds, high loads and salty environment involved in this segment of the energy sector.

ROLLIX boasts a number of achievements worldwide and is a supplier to major international wind-turbine manufacturers. Bearings made by the specialist French company are found on more than 37,000 wind turbines internationally, representing 52GW in established power, including 1.5GW of offshore energy. From 5kW to over 10MW, ROLLIX supplies all the manufacturers in the wind-turbine field.

ROLLIX designs specific bearings that are suited to a wind turbine’s lifespan. The company’s special sealing system makes for completely tight bearings. It can also provide integrated bearings with an automatic-lubrication system. ROLLIX’s finish by grinding is a state-of-the-art technology, used for the double-row slewing rings.


ROLLIX, part of the Defontaine Group, has been designing and manufacturing special bearings and slewing rings that range from 150mm to 7000mm in diameter, with and without gears, since 1974. The company is one of the key players and a pioneer in France’s wind-turbine sector, within the framework of offshore-development projects.


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