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  • SPIE Oil & Gas Services

    SPIE Oil & Gas ServicesSPIE Oil & Gas Services works with a variety of customers, such as oil companies, engineering firms and oil and gas contractors. It provides them with a full range of resources, skills [...]

  • CurisTec

    CurisTecCurisTec concern is to provide human and technical solutions to the industry in the fields of geomechanics and wellbore integrity: intellectual assistance, laboratory testing and [...]


    ARTIS SARLSince the creation of ARTIS expertise in carrying out piping work for the oil and gas market is well established . Depuis la création d’ARTIS le savoir-faire dans la réalisation de [...]


    ACCESSREC EUROPEAccessrec designs and supplies accessibility products of the highest quality which provide accessibility, mobility and safety to people over all terrains. Our products enable everyone [...]


    HOWDEN SOLYVENT-VENTECHowden Solyvent-Ventec Involved in air handling since 1919, spécialises in the design, manufacture and marketing of industrial fans. Howden Solyvent-Ventec offers a wide range of [...]


    CAFES LEGAL.Third French coffee roaster company, .A very well-know expertise through the coffee chain, .Independant and family French company, 100% french capital, .CAFE LEGAL is a well-known [...]

  • SBM

    SBMFounded in 1991 and located in Lourdes (France), SBM is specialized in the design, manufacture and distribution of orthopedic implants for bone reconstruction and healing. Present in [...]


    PRONAL GROUPEPRONAL, based in France, is highly specialized in design, production, and installation of flexible structures using elastomer, plastomer, and/or composite materials. Our 50 years of [...]


     MARTY SPORTSMARTY SPORTS is a French company created in 1979 specialized in the DESIGN, MANUFACTURING, MARKETING and INSTALLATION of sports equipment and accessories intended primarily for [...]


    CRYO CONTROLCryo Control is the leader in the design and manufacture of ice bath systems. Its founder, Bertrand AVIGNON, former rugby player, noticed the lack of professionnal equipment when it [...]


    BUREAU VERITASBUREAU VERITAS is control office both an international organization that works in areas such as: industry, the technical control of construction, inspections and audits servic, marine, [...]


    SPINEWAYSpineway is dedicated to improving implants and instruments in spine surgery. Our mission: listening to surgeons needs, and creating new devices based on surgical techniques. Our range [...]

  • R & A

    R & AR&A designs, develops, produces and installs medical apparatus aspiring visualization of images for radiological examinations. With TACTILUX® or TACTI®, R&A and its digital viewer [...]


    SPINNER FRANCE SARLThe SPINNER Group has been setting standards with its RF technology products for almost 70 years, thus leading the information age to even greater vitality. We have summarized our [...]


    COTOLOTCotolot is a major partner in the national and international business of dried fruit, especially prunes. Over the past years, our range of products has grown and today, we [...]


    KIRPYStone clearance specialist. For nearly 40 years, KIRPY; which was created in 1912, has been concentrating its operation on all forms of stone clearance : Extirpation, aligning, [...]


    NOVASEPNovasep is a global provider of cost-effective and sustainable solutions to produce active molecules at the required purity. Novasep’s unique offering includes process development [...]


    PROTEM Manufacturer of tube and pipe end forming equipment One of PROTEM strenghts is to anticipate the needs and to meet quality and reliability requirements. Its flexibility, its [...]

  • Etablissements Fernand Brugere

    Etablissements Fernand BrugereBrugère is an industrial company dedicated to manufacturing peeled veneer and flat plywood. Our production capacity of 40 000 cubic meters per year and the specialist knowledge of our [...]


    LABORATOIRES DUJARDIN SALLERONSpecialized in the conception, manufacturing and distribution of precision instruments and analysis devices for enology, Laboratoires Dujardin-Salleron are famous worldwide thanks to [...]


    ROLLAND ARROSEURS SPRINKLERSManufacturer of Irrigations sprinklers and fire protection products since 1969


    GROUPE PSVA know-how as a manufacturer of machines, specializing in food processing equipment with the emphasis based on the meat industry. PSV GROUP is a French manufacturer of meat [...]


    TIFLEXFor over 120 years, Tiflex evolved its offering in the areas of marking , automobile registration, screen printing and large format digital printing. Depuis plus de 120 ans, Tiflex [...]

  • Distillerie Paul Devoille

    Distillerie Paul DevoilleThe distillery Paul Devoille is a family-owned distillery founded in 1859 in Fougerolles (East of France). We got the French award EPV (Living heritage Company) in 2015. We produce [...]


    SILL ENTREPRISESSILL is a French food manufacturer group with 4 divisions: • Dairy products (churned butter, cream, yoghurts and fresh milk desserts, cream-cheese, instant milk powder, organic dairy [...]

  • Une Ligne Paris

    Une Ligne ParisFor 30 years, UNE LIGNE has been constantly renewing its collection every season, while developing its own brand over the years, nowadays recognised as a leading player in the French [...]

  • Meyblum Et Fils

    Meyblum Et FilsThe MEYBLUM family, originally from Alsace, is involved since 1862 in the production and trade of wines and spirits. From father to son for over 150 years, the Negociant family [...]


    SOREELGroup American Kohler Division SDMO Power Systems Partner with the machine manufacturers, industrial users, infrastructure and energy, SOREEL is present in all major sectors. - [...]


    MELOT & BUCHET AVOCATSLaw Firm specialized in Business Law and Tax Law


    FLUIDES SERVICE DISTRIBUTIONIndustrial supply all types: - General Tools (manual, elec, tire .. ) - Lifting, handling , welding - pneumatic components ( fitting, cylinders , FRL , distributor, pump ... ) - [...]

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Excellent article merci et Bonne Continu...

Bouhedli Mohamed Nassim | décembre 25, 2015

Excellent article merci et Bonne Continu...

Bouhedli Mohamed Nassim | décembre 25, 2015

Merci pour cet excellent article et bonn...

Bouhedli Mohamed Nassim | octobre 24, 2015

Merci pour cet excellent article et bonn...

Bouhedli Mohamed Nassim | octobre 24, 2015