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  • GMMI

    GMMIWith 20 years’ experience, GMMI is specializes in specific equipment and offers ranges of machinery, equipment and services that meet the constraints of the food industry. We have [...]


    ANAXA VIDAWo are we ? The main vocation of anaxa-vida is to develop innovative software in the field of video analysis. Our sophisticated software analyze video streams from cameras, track [...]

  • Sifoee

    SifoeeFormation et assistance technique pour les métiers de la production, du transport et de la distribution d'électricité. Training et technical assistance in the field of production [...]


    HGH SYSTEMES INFRAROUGESHGH Infrared Systems has capitalized over 30 years of success in infrared technologies for security, industrial and civil applications. With the mission to offer the best cutting-edge [...]


    LASRY GLASS FRANCE Distribution & processing of flat glass for arquitecture, decoration, industry and art. Deliveries per homogeneous or mixed loads worldwide from our warehouses ( total surface over 100 [...]


    NEU INTERNATIONAL RAILWAYSNEU International Railways designs and supplies depot equipment and track cleaning systems. * Depot Equipment : Sand Feeding systems (Stationary or Mobile) [...]


    ALPHAPLATRESince 1985, ALPHAPLATRE develops innovating solutions adapted for the plaster industry. Initially specialized in the gypsum blocks units, ALPHAPLATRE has developed now for more than 15 [...]


    TOUTENKAMIONtoutenkamion is the European leader in the category of custom-built mobile medical units on 3.5t chassis, trucks and trailers as well as large expandable semi-trailers. All our [...]


    ETABLISSEMENTS POUCHARD ET COMPAGNIEPOUCHARD Tubes, automotive supplier of ranks 2 was established in Paris in 1927 by Francis POUCHARD. The company has successfully evolved and adapted over the years to embrace new [...]


    FORTAL With a solid industrial experience in the mettallurgical field (steel and aluminium), FORTAL has become over teh years one of the flag bearers of French design and manufacturing of [...]


    REG TECHNOLOGYReg Technology is a company which has combined three names of the industrial valves : Lefebvre Valves, Miroux Valves and Ducroux Valves. This synergy benefits from the knowhow of those [...]

  • EIE Global

    EIE GlobalEIE Global is a design and project management firm specialized in international tradeshow/conference program management for internatonal exhibitors. We help your company and team to [...]


    MILOCO GSE INTERNATIONALMiloco has been designing and building industrial trailers for several generations. Over the years the company has grown into a national then into an international company. It has [...]


    VIGNERONS PROPRIETES ASSOCIESSet on the right bank of the Rhône, a few steps from the historic site of the Pont du Gard, Vignerons Proprietes Associes stretches out in a triangle between the famous commune of St [...]

  • Nereides

    NereidesNEREIDES, initially specialized in oceanographic instrumentation, accompanies its customers and partners in the different steps of their project : instrumentation (conception & [...]


    WICHARDWichard is a worldwide leader in deck hardware for sail leisure boats. Wichard design, produces strong and reliable equipment in stainless steel. Wichard can also be your partner [...]


    MOLYDAL SA Molydal, was founded in 1958, and has its origins in the industrial application of research conducted in the USA during World War II in the aeronautical industry. This research pointed [...]


    AUTOMATISME MICRO INFORMAT INDUSTRIELA.M.I. Company was created in 1976, A.M.I. is an alarm annunciators designer and manufacturer. Our products are based in “LED display principle”, low consumption, high luminosity. Our [...]


    INNOVATION FABRICATION COMMERCIALISATIONEn 1984, M. Daniel DELMAS fut le 1er inventeur au monde du sécateur électrique. La société INFACO est créée à l’échelle d’une entreprise familiale. En 1985, le sécateur électrique [...]


    SCAM FILTRESSCAM Filtres is a French company, founded in 1930 and specialized in the design, manufacture and sales of industrial filters. SCAM Filters is part of the Groupe PRD, composed of 3 [...]


    HYD&AU FLUID HYD& AU FLUID belongs to HYD&AU ( Hydraulic& Automatism) Group.It has expertsie in all major fields of hydraulics.Its head office is located in Saint Ouen l’Aumône , near [...]


    SARASIN ACTORWith the brand France Operator, SARASIN ACTOR is known worldwide for the supply of engine valves and control system. Avec la marque France Operator, SARASIN ACTOR est connue à [...]


    CELDUC RELAISFounded in 1964, celduc® relais designs and manufactures in France near Saint Etienne Solid State Relays (SSR) and magnetic sensors. About 70 % of the products are exported to the 5 [...]


    IJINUSpresentation: Specialist in the design of ultra low power sensors, autonomous and wireless, connected instrumentation for measuring physical and physicochemical parameter for [...]

  • NIEDAX France SAS

    NIEDAX France SASNIEDAX France is part of the German Niedax Group, the European leader in the cable tray field. With subsidiaries in 23 countries, the Group has strong product expertise and [...]

  • Scea De Marmorieres

    Scea De MarmorieresFamily producers since 1826 in Southern France, we produce red, rosé, white & sweet wines on 2 vineyards (Château de Marmorières & Commanderie de Saint Pierre la Garrigue) on different [...]


    I-CARE SASI-Care provides consulting services and products in the field of industrial asset optimization. Asset optimization aims at reducing maintenance costs while increasing revenues from [...]

  • Cs Horizon

    Cs HorizonCS Horizon is a French independent consulting firm specialized in organizational development: management, transformation and IT governance. The enterprise has developed a special [...]


    SOTRALUSotralu creates and manufacture accessories - locks, facings or handles and rollers - for doors and windows. Created in 1978, the company is installing in Muret (Toulouse) in 1998 [...]


    BURCKHARDT COMPRESSION FRANCEWe develop compressor systems and offer components and services that help customers to minimize life cycle costs. As the only manufacturer we cover a complete range of reciprocating [...]

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Excellent article merci et Bonne Continu...

Bouhedli Mohamed Nassim | décembre 25, 2015

Excellent article merci et Bonne Continu...

Bouhedli Mohamed Nassim | décembre 25, 2015

Merci pour cet excellent article et bonn...

Bouhedli Mohamed Nassim | octobre 24, 2015

Merci pour cet excellent article et bonn...

Bouhedli Mohamed Nassim | octobre 24, 2015