16 French SME’s attended Nordic Life Science Days 2016 with Business France

Business France - 21-sept.-2016 13:27:42
The annual Life Science Invest and Partnering meeting “Nordic Life Science Days” in Stockholm set a new record this year regarding number of attending delegates (1070+), registered companies (680+) and organized face-to-face meetings (2200+ among 12000+ meeting requests). Nearly 40 french companies were present, of which 16 SME’s were accompanied by Business France and Medicen, the competitiveness cluster of Paris Region and one of Europe’s largest clusters in Life Science and Healthcare. The day before the Nordic Life Science Days, Business France organized a French-Swedish seminar followed by a networking lunch at Karolinska Institutet Science Park which was a great success. Download the catalog below or contact Annemette Jensen, Business France in Denmark for further information about the French companies : +45 33 37 61 78 SAVE THE DATE for the next Nordic Life Science Days that will take place in the heart of Medicon Valley, in Malmö, on  September 13-14th, 2017.    

VEGEPOLYS : International Cluster in the specialized plant sector

Business France - 26-avr.-2016 17:03:55
VEGEPOLYS : A unique force in Europe 4 000 companies – 30 000 jobs – 450 researchers – 2 500 students – 25 higher training courses Born on the territory of the Pays de la Loire, the French state gave the label "competitiveness cluster" in July 2005 to VEGEPOLYS. As a competitive cluster with worldwide reach, VEGEPOLYS is open to the world, is developing its own international network and making partnerships with other French and non-French clusters. VEGEPOLYS is founded on a historical tradition of production in the Pays de la Loire region of France. The pedoclimatic conditions in the region and the vitality and know-how of its companies have attracted national and local government support for several decades, enabling the region to become the leader in the specialised plants field. The Pays de la Loire region is alone in Europe in bringing together in a single geographical area both private enterprise and public research and training establishment a major European force in the plant world, on which VEGEPOLYS is based. Making businesses more competitive The creation of value does not just involve product innovations, but also all other kinds of innovation: human resources management, production processes, marketing, logistics... VEGEPOLYS’ role is to organise and provide an impetus, in order to identify common problems and lead project groups. These activities take the form of workshops and strategy meetings.  International events VEGEPOLYS’ reputation is growing thanks to its presence at numerous events with its partners, and its actions toward key players: Participation in international exhibitions in France : SIVAL, Salon du Vin, Salon du végétal Participation in well-known international shows abroad : Hortifair, Fruit Logistica, IPM Essen, VitaFood, IBMA Participation in international congresses worldwide: In Vino, JAS, HIE, MexicoBio, SHE, Hydrangea... -           Official website : http://www.vegepolys.eu/en/home/ -           Business France and VEGEPOLYS jointly organize international partnership Missions . More information: renaud.zurfluh@businessfrance.fr -           VEGEPOLYS   : The specialized plant sectors :   http://export.businessfrance.fr/Galerie/Files/Divers/VEGEPOLYS_specialized-plant-sectors.pdf -           French companies on youbuyfrance.com : Agri-food Sector > Horticulture and Timber, clic here     Agri-food Sector > Fresh fruit & vegetables and processed vegetable products, clic here        

What if your next great idea was nurtured with creative savoir-faire, also known as ‘La French Touch’?

Business France - 03-févr.-2016 16:47:35
From the invention of the motion picture camera and the theory of radioactivity to the smart card and the artificial bioprosthetic heart, France has a long tradition of original thinking. Ideas are transformed into innovations by a highly skilled workforce and a supportive environment that includes R&D tax credits, cutting-edge innovation clusters, the “La French Tech” initiative, quality infrastructure, excellent connections with the rest of Europe and the world, one of the most competitive energy markets in Europe – and a tremendous lifestyle. The CREATIVE FRANCE book (download below) highlights 40 cases of innovative companies in France improving lives around the world by turning incredible ideas – as well as simple concepts that no one had thought of before – into reality. Every invention illustrated in this book has been developed in France, either by home-grown companies or by foreign enterprises who have chosen to innovate here.

France in focus: The new region Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes (ALPC)

Business France - 25-janv.-2016 11:34:59
Since the first of January 2016, the 22 regions of France have become 13. Every month we will take a closer look at the new territories and explore the vast richness and diversity that each region presents, as well as the links many of the regions have with the Nordic countries. First up, Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes: This large new region in the southwest of the country covers 84,061km2 which represents approximately 1/8 of France. The territory has several large cities including Bordeaux, Bayonne, Limoges, Poitiers, Pau and La Rochelle and totals 5,8 million inhabitants (similar to Denmark, Finland or Norway). In terms of its economy, Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes has a large agricultural sector, representing 9.4 billion euros in revenue. Naturally its expertise and know-how in viticulture is renowned (Bordeaux and Cognac), but the region also has numerous gastronomic delicacies and goods and boasts of the highest number of entities with labels of excellence in France (155).                                                                                                                                                      (photos courtesy of :  http://laregion-alpc.fr/  ) Of note also are the regions’ globally renowned clusters and centres of excellence within the aerospace industry (Aeroteam and Aerospace Valley), home to companies such as Airbus which we will be taking a closer look at in a later article. The aerospace sector counts 700 companies and employs 40 000 people resulting in a revenue of 4 billion euros. Tourism is another important contributor to the territory’s economy, unsurprisingly, with its beautiful ranges from the sea to the mountains, bringing 12,2 billion euros. Numerous other sectors also benefit from the know-how and production sites in the region including the pharmaceutical, marine and wood industries, green and renewable energies, ceramics, and textiles to name a few. Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes is also an important region for innovation and research with five universities, several Grandes Ecoles and numerous important clusters. Over the coming weeks several of the regions’ industries and specialties will be highlighted and explored. Should you want any specific information about the Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes region do not hesitate to contact Amelie Argenti; amelie.argenti@businessfrance.fr  

BioValley : a French cluster dedicated to therapeutic innovations

Annemette Jensen - 02-nov.-2015 11:49:13
  Alsace BioValley operates in two areas: drug discovery and medical devices. Alsace BioValley is a French cluster dedicated to therapeutic innovations, driven by healthcare companies, for healthcare companies.     Its “pharma / biotech” and “medical technology” experts will identify new business growth opportunities, financing and innovation. They offer to healthcare companies a range of services: funding assistance for collaborative R&D projects, coaching to fundraising, partner identification, customized relationship… Are you looking to set up a public-private R&D project to develop any therapeutic innovation ?  Are you looking for a very innovative technology, patent or scientific expertise ? Here you’ll discover a scientifc goldmine of researchers, companies and academic institutes. In Alsace region, you can work in partnership with great local companies or laboratories and benefit from a world of advantages ! Website : http://www.alsace-biovalley.com/en/

France committing to the Silver Economy

Annemette JENSEN - 15-janv.-2014 15:33:42
www.bulletins-electroniques.com/actualites/74763.htm From December 5 to 7 last year, the Silver Economy Expo, the B-2-B trade fair of technologies and services for older adults, was held in Paris. At the event, Minister for Social Affairs and Health Michèle Delaunay in charge of Older Adults and Autonomy, bestowed the prizes to the laureates of the Tenth Charles Foix Scholarship. At the same time, a ministerial report entitled The Silver Economy, a growth opportunity for France, was made public. All these facts prove that the Silver Economy is not a buzzword but "a reality on the move" in the words of Michèle Delaunay in France that hosts Silver Valley, the first European cluster of the Silver Economy in Ivry-sur-Seine on the outskirts of Paris. Click on the above link to read the full story Origin :  e-Tech France no. 287 (27/12/2013) - ADIT / ADIT www.bulletins-electroniques.com/actualites/74763.htm
Den Franske Ambassades Handelsafdeling, BUSINESS FRANCE I DANMARK, kan hjælpe dig med at finde franske handelspartnere, der ønsker at eksportere til Danmark. Vi er 8 franske og danske branchespecialister med indgående kendskab til handel og de franske og danske markeder. Er du dansk importør og ønsker at udvide dit produktsortiment? Repræsenterer du i forvejen internationale mærker og har planer om at tilføje nye leverandører? Søger du underleverandører af høj kvalitet og troværdighed? Har du planer om at starte en virksomhed og samarbejde med et fransk firma? ... eller søger du kort og godt nye forretningsmuligheder? Tænk på "Made in France"! Uanset dit behov, kan Frankrig byde på kvalificerede leverandører! Lige nu er der mere end 7000 franske firmaer, der med succes samarbejder med en lokal repræsent

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