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16 French SME’s attended Nordic Life Science Days 2016 with Business France

Business France - 21-sept.-2016 13:27:42

The annual Life Science Invest and Partnering meeting “Nordic Life Science Days” in Stockholm set a new record this year regarding number of attending delegates (1070+), registered companies (680+) and organized face-to-face meetings (2200+ among 12000+ meeting requests). Nearly 40 french companies were present, of which 16 SME’s were accompanied by Business France and Medicen, the competitiveness cluster of Paris Region and one of Europe’s largest clusters in Life Science and Healthcare. The day before the Nordic Life Science Days, Business France organized a French-Swedish seminar followed by a networking lunch at Karolinska Institutet Science Park which was a great success. Download the catalog below or contact Annemette Jensen, Business France in Denmark for further information about the French companies : +45 33 37 61 78 SAVE THE DATE for the next Nordic Life Science Days that will take place in the heart of Medicon Valley, in Malmö, on  September 13-14th, 2017.    

BioValley : a French cluster dedicated to therapeutic innovations

Annemette Jensen - 02-nov.-2015 11:49:13

  Alsace BioValley operates in two areas: drug discovery and medical devices. Alsace BioValley is a French cluster dedicated to therapeutic innovations, driven by healthcare companies, for healthcare companies.     Its “pharma / biotech” and “medical technology” experts will identify new business growth opportunities, financing and innovation. They offer to healthcare companies a range of services: funding assistance for collaborative R&D projects, coaching to fundraising, partner identification, customized relationship… Are you looking to set up a public-private R&D project to develop any therapeutic innovation ?  Are you looking for a very innovative technology, patent or scientific expertise ? Here you’ll discover a scientifc goldmine of researchers, companies and academic institutes. In Alsace region, you can work in partnership with great local companies or laboratories and benefit from a world of advantages ! Website : http://www.alsace-biovalley.com/en/

Biotechnology in France

Annemette JENSEN - 04-avr.-2014 10:48:48

Even though biotechnologies may be a relatively recent business activity, France has succeeded in developing real know-how which is gaining international recognition. When it comes to biotechnologies, the French are cutting edge. According to LEEM, the federation of French medical companies, France numbers 388 biotechs in the health field today. Biotech France, another French association for biotech companies, indicates that a third of these companies have been in existence for over 10 years. Yet the number of start-ups in this field is exponential. To get an idea, 50 companies were started in 2012. Proof that there is a real entrepreneurial effervescence when it comes to research in France. French biotechs are mainly small and medium sized companies. Only 4% of them have over 100 employees. On average, they employ 22 people. As to the type of activity, most of the French companies specialized in human sciences with therapeutic products are concentrated on cancer treatments, but “the French have developed a full-fledged know-how on cardio-vascular devices, infectious diseases, dermatology, blood diseases and for surgery,” explains Yves Germani, Ubifrance’s manager for the health sector in North America. French enterprises don’t just do research; they discover! Altogether, the French biotech industry generated 261 million Euros in turnover in 2011, compared with 186 million in 2010. As for companies on the stock market, they generate 369 million Euros in turnover. Concerning the pipeline, France is 4th, behind the UK, Germany, Switzerland and Israel. Quite a solid ranking, but which could nevertheless be improved. When their results are examined in detail, we see that French companies create more products in the pre-clinic phase, which is completely logical. Between the start of development on a new medicine and its release on the market up to 10 years may go by. Unfortunately, the consequence of this is that a number of products fall by the wayside. To be noted, however, is one undeniable fact: since 2008, French companies have sold more and more products. To put it another way, as Yves Germani points out, French companies don’t just do research; they discover!” An increase of 63% in investment Even more impressive than all the rest, French biotech companies tend to have smaller R&D budgets than their European and international competitors. Fortunately, the culture of venture capital is developing very quickly in this sector. To give the general picture, the funds raised by French biotechs have increased by 63,1% from 2009 to 2012, reaching 178 million Euros. Since the year 2000, they have managed to raise a total of 2.920 billion Euros. Today, French companies are naturally turning towards international opportunities to find new partners and new financial leverage. The proof is that small and medium-sized companies as Affilogic, MedinCell, Interactive Biosoftware, Imabiotech or even O4CP are now reaching out with confidence to mature markets like the United States, Canada and Western Europe. www.ubifrance.com/french-exporters-directory/companies.aspx

Afdelingen for Mode, Bolig, Fritid & Sundhed fungerer som bindeled mellem danske firmaer og franske leverandører og dækker følgende områder: - Tekstil, tøj, modeaccessories - Parfume og kosmetik - Medico- og farmaceutiske produkter, bioteknologi - Boligudstyr, gaveartikler, gør-det-selv, byggematerialer - Sport, fritid, leg, kulturelle produkter, turisme Vi har et indgående kendskab til det franske udbud af produkter, som danske firmaer med fordel kan drage nytte af. Vi kan hjælpe med at etablere kontakt til franske leverandører inden for netop dit firmas interessefelt. Vi organiserer events hele året rundt med henblik på at gøre det lettere for danske firmaer at mødes med franske leverandører. Handelsafdelingens team inden for Mode, Bolig, Fritid og Sundhed står klar til at besvare dine forespørgsler. Kontakt: Annemett

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