MINALOGIC Business Meetings 2017 for Digital Technologies (micro- and nano electronics, photonics and software)

Astrid NIELSEN - 22/03/17

MINALOGIC Business Meetings, on April, 26th 2017 in GRENOBLE, proposes one-to-one international business meetings in a move to facilitate the internationalization of projects and bring together developers and key accounts from target countries such as Belgium, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, Taiwan, the UK and the US.Globalization has taught us that partnerships and business opportunities must operate at a transnational level, which is why we want to meet you in Grenoble for a fruitful day of  exchanges, sessions and networking, and the forging of future partnerships: because tomorrow’s solutions are made today.


International B2B Meetings
Targeted and effective meetings which make you save time. The exclusive organization of meeting between providers of technologies and buyers, as well as the methodology of the business agreement, guarantee exchanges with high added value.

MINALOGIC Business Meetings will also host several conferences which will presented by external experts or by Suppliers or Buyers attending the convention. The conferences will cover market news, innovations and feedback from the experiences of industrialists.

More information: http://www.minalogicbusinessmeetings.com/index.php?lang=fr  

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Afdelingen for IT, Handel & Service fungerer som bindeled mellemdanske firmaer og franske leverandører og dækker følgende områder: - Telekommunikationsudstyr og –service - IT, Software / Hardware- Elektronisk udstyr - E-Health, Silver Economy - Handel og distribution, herunder franchise og e-commerce - Fast ejendom Vi har et indgående kendskab til det franske marked som danske firmaer med fordel kan drage nytte af. Vi kan bistå med at etablere kontakt til franske firmaer der ligger inden for dit firmas interessefelt. Vi organiserer events hele året rundt med henblik på at gøre det lettere for danske firmaer at mødes med franske leverandører. Handelsafdelingens team for IT, Handel & Service står klar til at besvare dine forespørgsler. Kontakt: Astrid Nielsen Eksportrådgiver Tlf.: 33 37 61 82 Email: astrid.nielsen@businessf

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