France is more than baguettes, brie, fashion and fine wine.

Business France - 01/02/17

“What if…? French startups re-imagining the world” - download the booklet at the end of this article

France is more than baguettes, brie, fashion and fine wine. We’re “La French Tech,” a thriving community of entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, investors, tech lovers, and other talented people who are embracing the potential of technology to change the world. A tech boom has been unleashed in France thanks to the explosive combination of our renowned creativity with our flair for algorithms. We have some of the best engineering schools in the world. Our consumer electronics companies thrive on this talent, which combines expertise in computer sciences with electronics, mechanics and design. In the era of Big Data, FinTech and Artificial Intelligence, our students have the skills of the future. We’re also seeing a rise in the not-very-French (or so you thought!) qualities of confidence and risk-taking. Combined with government reforms making it (much) easier to start a business means our entrepreneurs (yes – it IS a French word!) are not only thriving, but eager to display their wares to the world. We’re bringing the French Touch to connected devices, e-health, cybersecurity, mobility and more. 

France was the leading foreign delegation at CES 2015 and 2016, when 200 French companies exhibited, 128 of them startups (many of whom took home awards.) This year there were 225 French startups, 43 of them mentored for international pitching and supported by Business France. 

“La French Tech” is about shining a light on this talent, which is why we’ve produced a book : “What if…? French startups re-imagining the world”. This edition (download below) tells the stories of 10 startups, in FoodTech, MusicTech, SportTech, GreenTech, BioTech and the Internet of Things. It has been specially produced for the CES Las Vegas, and is an extract of a larger book to be published in the first quarter of 2017.

Please download the booklet below

Den Franske Ambassades Handelsafdeling, BUSINESS FRANCE I DANMARK, kan hjælpe dig med at finde franske handelspartnere, der ønsker at eksportere til Danmark. Vi er 8 franske og danske branchespecialister med indgående kendskab til handel og de franske og danske markeder. Er du dansk importør og ønsker at udvide dit produktsortiment? Repræsenterer du i forvejen internationale mærker og har planer om at tilføje nye leverandører? Søger du underleverandører af høj kvalitet og troværdighed? Har du planer om at starte en virksomhed og samarbejde med et fransk firma? ... eller søger du kort og godt nye forretningsmuligheder? Tænk på "Made in France"! Uanset dit behov, kan Frankrig byde på kvalificerede leverandører! Lige nu er der mere end 7000 franske firmaer, der med succes samarbejder med en lokal repræsent

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