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Philippe Starck : Cultivate your differences

Business France - 12-avr.-2016 12:10:36

Philippe Starck, a visionary designer who likes “to open the doors to the human mind”, works on about 250 different project every year, but right now concentrates on the housing market with an ambition to build the 20 000 EUR house. Listen to him explaining what French creativity is all about.

What happens in Vegas…

Business France - 12-avr.-2016 11:46:37

  “La French Tech” was a major success at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, Nevada, with 190 French startups taking part. As French Minister for the Economy, Industry and Digital Affairs Emmanuel Macron points out, France created 1,500 start ups in 2015 alone, and boasts five so-called ‘unicorns’, rare startups valued at more than US$1 billion. Thirty percent of companies exhibiting at the startup venue Eureka Park at the CES this year were French, making France the third leading representative in this section of the show.   Powered by Business France 2015 , UBIFRANCE and INVEST IN FRANCE AGENCY join forces to create BUSINESS FRANCE Official website:

What if your next great idea was nurtured with creative savoir-faire, also known as ‘La French Touch’?

Business France - 03-févr.-2016 16:47:35

From the invention of the motion picture camera and the theory of radioactivity to the smart card and the artificial bioprosthetic heart, France has a long tradition of original thinking. Ideas are transformed into innovations by a highly skilled workforce and a supportive environment that includes R&D tax credits, cutting-edge innovation clusters, the “La French Tech” initiative, quality infrastructure, excellent connections with the rest of Europe and the world, one of the most competitive energy markets in Europe – and a tremendous lifestyle. The CREATIVE FRANCE book (download below) highlights 40 cases of innovative companies in France improving lives around the world by turning incredible ideas – as well as simple concepts that no one had thought of before – into reality. Every invention illustrated in this book has been developed in France, either by home-grown companies or by foreign enterprises who have chosen to innovate here.

What if we were to cast aside current preconceptions of France?

Business France - 03-févr.-2016 11:27:01

Creative France chooses to surprise, by immersing you into a landscape abounding in hidden treasures with unexpectedly ingenious features. A French-style creative culture does indeed exist, fostered by a unique approach combining cutting-edge technology, savoir-faire and art de vivre , realism and innovative applications.  The flagbearers for this creative culture of surprises, technology, poetry and effective inspirations are mostly young businesses seeking a design edge. From an idea to its application, French creativity demonstrates its power to enrich our daily lives, to improve the quality and sustainability of products and services, and to play its part in advancing society. Projects representative of this spirit, both big and small, were presented at an exhibition Powered by Business France at Le Bourget, Paris in december 2015. Please download catalogue below this article to learn more.   CREATIVE FRANCE official website:

What is "La French Tech" ?

Business France - 28-oct.-2015 12:40:01

  “La French Tech” refers to all the people working for or with French startups, in France or abroad. This ecosystem is made up of entrepreneurs, obviously, but also investors, engineers, designers, developers, associations, bloggers, media, big companies, and government agencies… All the players who are working towards startups’ growth and international promotion. “LA FRENCH TECH”: a Vibrant Ecosystem For some years now, French Tech has as a group shown incredible dynamism, driven by a new generation of entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, designers, and other talented people within m edical technology (medtech), green technologies (cleantech), biotechnology (biotech), finance (FinTech) or in industrial enterprises… French companies on in the area of new technologies and innovation : clic here Website :  


Business France in Denmark - 27-oct.-2015 16:23:14

  Créative France is the story of accentuating the ‘creative’, both literally and figuratively. It’s the story of a different approach, of the spark ignited by phrases and by words and images. It’s the story of an airliner that gains a second deck, of a coding school that becomes a nexus for learning, of a pastry that is coveted like a precious jewel. It’s the story of a strong visual identity that is at once bold, elegant, prominent, modern, dynamic, surprising, flexible and unifying. It’s the story of a creative, unconventional campaign that highlights our country’s full range of strengths, skills and savoir-faire. And for good reason – France is at the forefront of technology, design, industry and education, to name but a few sectors. It’s the story of France today: solid fundamentals enhanced by an outstanding ability to innovate and a constant push to break new ground. Equal parts playful and serious-minded, France bucks convention while reaching for the top. France has appeal… and creativity! For more information on Créative France, please visit: or download the Infographic below

Den Franske Ambassades Handelsafdeling, BUSINESS FRANCE I DANMARK, kan hjælpe dig med at finde franske handelspartnere, der ønsker at eksportere til Danmark. Vi er 8 franske og danske branchespecialister med indgående kendskab til handel og de franske og danske markeder. Er du dansk importør og ønsker at udvide dit produktsortiment? Repræsenterer du i forvejen internationale mærker og har planer om at tilføje nye leverandører? Søger du underleverandører af høj kvalitet og troværdighed? Har du planer om at starte en virksomhed og samarbejde med et fransk firma? ... eller søger du kort og godt nye forretningsmuligheder? Tænk på "Made in France"! Uanset dit behov, kan Frankrig byde på kvalificerede leverandører! Lige nu er der mere end 7000 franske firmaer, der med succes samarbejder med en lokal repræsent

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