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Créative Next - 11/04/17

Dear entrepreneurs,

We are happy to share with you the launch of our new #CreativeNext social media contest with a focus on the Industries of the future that puts a spotlight on the most innovative international French entrepreneurs located in 5 dynamic world economies, i.e. the UK, USA, Germany, India and China.

The winner of this contest will be honored for its technological achievements and accomplishments throughout the #CreativeFrance media campaign and would also be featured on the #CreativeFrance website and social media. Supported by Business France, the campaign is a global campaign to globalize French entrepreneurship and creativity in various sectors of the economy.

Entering this competition is versy simple and can be done in three short steps:

Create a short video, picture or presentation that illustrates how your company is both creative and groundbreaking;
Share it on your Twitter account using the hashtag #CréativeNextFuture.
We encourage you to try to and gather as much as support as you can from your own social media audience in order to increase your chances of being a finalist.

Entries for the #CréativeNextFuture are being accepted from now through April 28, 2017.

The finalists and the winner will be announced shortly after april 28 by the mentor of this campaign, Thierry Bonhomme, Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Orange Business Services.

Visit our website Créativ Next Challenge for additional information.

You can also download the Leagal Notices with the button below.

下载: Legal Notices
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