COP 21 : French startups presenting innovative solutions for the climate

Geoffroy THAUMIN - 02-déc.-2015 17:32:48
  During COP21, the World Climate Conference happening in Paris this week, th e CARREFOUR France Space will be dedicated to s tartups introducing innovative green  solutions for the climate. Here is a list of the  French techs introduced this week :     ECHY ECHY designs, develops, fabrics and sells its hybrid lighting system. This system captures sunlight outside buildings and transmits it inside through optical fibers. When the sun does not shine, lighting will switch to the existing electric system thanks to a brightness sensor. Contact : Miss NGUYEN ESTELLE - Phone : +33650608070 / UBI TRANSPORTS Transports and creativ mobility. Contact : Mrs AZOULAY NATHALIE – Phone : +33183648530 /   HELIO PUR TECHNOLOGIES Recycling of water from the sun and without emitting greenhouse gases. Contact : /   INNOGUR TECHNOLOGIES (AQUAGREEEN) INNOGUR Technologies is an engineering and innovation consultancy organization focus on "eco-friendly" innovative products creation related to all digital, ecological and energy transitions. AQUAGREEN: connected solar platform for the depollution of water bodies. Contact : M. GARCIA THIERRY - Phone : 33 6 42 35 75 27 /   ECOV Ecov is a start-up expert carpool. ecov accompanies businesses and communities in achieving carpool solutions. Contact : /   ECOV Ecov is a start-up expert carpool. ecov accompanies businesses and communities in achieving carpool solutions. Contact : /   QIVIVO Qivivo is an « energy savings provider » for individuals allowing them to regain control of its comfort and heating bills. Qivivo sells a connected thermostat and use predictive algorithms and Big data analysis. Contact : Mr LE MINH – Phone : +33240897589 /   TERRADONA Terradona is specialized in sustainable development and technology and offers  innovative solutions to help our towns and cities save money when recycling waste. Contact Phone : +33 (0)4 42 61 67 97 - /   CORNIS Space technology for wind turbines blade security. Contact : /   UBI TRANSPORTS Transports and creativ mobility. Contact : Mrs AZOULAY NATHALIE - Phone : +33183648530 /   Meet French startups the 4th December…   ALERTGASOIL AlertGasoil® is a combination of several pieces of technology that together can detect changes in fuel tank levels, either upward or downward. Contact Phone : +33 (0)4 96 13 02 70 /   SAFETY LINE Safety Line is an innovative company, specialized in data management software solutions for aviation. With a team of highly experienced aviation experts (including former BEA investigators), data scientists and IT specialists, Safety Line is in a position to propose an extensive range of products able to match the world’s issues challenges in air transport. Contact : Mr PIERRE JOUNIAUX - Phone : +33155437571 /   TERRADONA Terradona is specialized in sustainable development and technology and offers  innovative solutions to help our towns and cities save money when recycling waste. Contact  Phone : +33 (0)4 42 61 67 97 - /   OPENAIRLINES Software solution for eco-driving for fuel savings . By combining unique business and IT skills, OpenAirlines proposes innovative solutions to reduce costs and bring a competitive advantage to our customers. Contact : Phone: +33 (0)5 31 61 52 10 - email: /   IDEOL The floating foundation : Ideols foundation, a ring-shaped platform developed and patented by the companys engineers, is a breakthrough technological development in the floating wind turbine market.  Contact : M. BAYARD-LENOIR MARIE - Phone: +33486208050 /   EEL ENERGY EEL ENERGY, the tidal machine with an undulating membrane. Our solution is based on what we call BIOMIMICRY-reproducing the natural properties of marine life. Our strategy is to exploit tidal, oceanic and even river currents. Contact : M. SYLVAIN FRANCK - Phone: +33661809030 / IPSIIS IPSIIS environmental friendliness, energy saving and safety for industry and buildings IPSIIS has developed innovative solutions for fire-resistant thermal insulation for buildings and industrial facilities. Contact : Phone : +33 (0) 1 60 68 25 61 - Mail : / ATOLL Energy Atoll Energy designs innovative solutions for combined heat and power production supplying utilities for tertiary and industrial sector. Its latest developments of heat recovery systems raised to 30% the energy savings for off-grid systems operating under variable load.Contact : Mme BARBIZET ELENA - Tél : +33490774683 /   EEL ENERGY EEL ENERGY, the tidal machine with an undulating membrane. Our solution is based on what we call BIOMIMICRY-reproducing the natural properties of marine life. Our strategy is to exploit tidal, oceanic and even river currents. Contact : M. SYLVAIN FRANCK - Phone: +33661809030 / ADIONICS Adionics is a young innovative company developing the water desalination AquaOmnes technology. Contact : Mr DE SOUZA GUILLAUME - Phone : +33169194167 / BOOSTTHEAT The revolutionary boiler which halves energy costs and your impact on the environment. Contact : Phone : + 33 (0)4 48 21 60 51 - Email : / BOOSTHERM Boostherm recovers 100% of the heat normally rejected by condensers of cooling systems to preheat sanitary hot water at 55°C and more. It can also be used for low temperature heating of buildings. Contact : Mr DECAESTECKER LAURENT - Tel : 333 80 48 60 16 / BOOSTHERM Boostherm recovers 100% of the heat normally rejected by condensers of cooling systems to preheat sanitary hot water at 55°C and more. It can also be used for low temperature heating of buildings. Contact : Mr DECAESTECKER LAURENT - Tel : 333 80 48 60 16 /   ENOVEO Solving environmental problems : Polluted groundwater - Contaminated soil - Wastewater treatment Environmental Forensics - Drinking water - Natural ecosystems - Green energy... Contact : Phone: +33 (0)4 27 11 85 44 – Email:   /   3D EAU Engineering consultants for the design, diagnosis and instrumentation urban water management structures. Water drainage systems to 3D Contact :    Phone : +33 6 60 04 96 88 – Email : /   ENEKIO Enekio designs and develops innovative solutions in the field of energy efficiency for existing industrial infrastructure and communities. Contact : Mr ATHANE FLORENT - Tel : 334 67 59 36 21 / EGREEN Energy saving in buildings through monitoring consumption and behavior change. AMPLIFYNATURE Professional land use and ecological engineering. LCIS Orchestra LOW CARBONE INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS . Orchestra is a complete service designed to offer its customers an optimised and energy efficient heating manager at home, and an additional range of extra services (security, devices managing). Contact : Mr DUBOIS GHISLAIN - Tel : +33491918125 / NENUFAR Nenufar designs and sets up a manure pit cover, which retrieves biogas for stock breeders.Simple and adaptable on all livestock farms, our patented product captures and uses biogas, strongly reducing energy costs.. Contact :    / ENERBEE EnerBee is a company developing a ground-breaking micro generator enabling to replace batteries in consumer and industrial smart objects using the power of motion. Contact: Mrs TABARIN MARIE. Phone : +33458005407 /    More info:

La Galerie des Solutions : A unique exhibition of low carbon solutions during COP21

Geoffroy THAUMIN - 01-déc.-2015 17:44:02
    From 2nd to 9th December in the Museum of Air and Space at Le Bourget, France   The Paris Climate Conference 2015 (COP21) this December is intended to result in an international climate agreement to succeed the Kyoto Protocol. This agreement must be capable of driving forward the reduction in global greenhouse gas emissions so as to restrict the rise in the Earth’s mean temperature by the end of the century to 2°C above the pre-industrial level. Against this background, Reed Expositions France has been working with the General Secretariat of COP21 to organize the Galerie des Solutions [Solutions Gallery] from 2nd to 9th December in the Museum of Air and Space at Le Bourget. Intended to support the diplomatic negotiations, the Gallery will be an exhibition of low carbon solutions exclusively reserved for professionals, and its mission will be to demonstrate that solutions do exist and to accelerate their market uptake. Occupying an area of 10,000 m2, running for seven days, and accessible from the Blue Zone (COP negotiations zone), the Galerie des Solutions [Solutions Gallery] will present innovative solutions developed and applied by companies, industries or territories that are designed to reduce the impact of economic activities on the climate: equipment, technologies, new models of organization and reproducible best practices… Over twenty countries will be represented including: Argentina, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Japan, Morocco, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Sweden, Taiwan, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, the United Kingdom,… More specifically, the Ivory Coast, one of the African countries most committed to climate questions, will have a strong presence through a stand presenting initiatives and projects in the country, a broadcast from the TV studio, and visits by numerous officials from the country. As host country, what France has to offer will take pride of place in a dedicated space at the heart of the exhibition. It is therefore planned to demonstrate solutions – including clean vehicles in a dedicated outdoor space – and to stage special events, such as themed days that are integrated into the schedule of COP21, broadcasts and interviews with companies in a TV studio (eg. daily transport programme with Fer de France), guided tours and site visits for UN delegations. Other highlights will be prestige events such as networking sessions in a dedicated lounge, business lunches, VIP receptions in the heart of Paris… It will also host the official awards ceremonies for two sets of awards. The first Climate Solutions Awards, which will carry the COP21 label. Organized by Orée, AdEME, C3D, Crédit Coopératif, Solutions COP21, the Shift Project and World Efficiency, these will provide recognition for innovative solutions put forward by French SMEs or major groups to reduce energy consumption, limit greenhouse gases and preserve resources. There will also be the ceremony for the international Green Building Solutions Awards, which will be presented for outstanding examples of sustainable construction (building, technical solutions or materials) undertaken in countries covered by Construction21 or in its partner countries. Over 20,000 professional visitors are expected: participants in COP21 (heads of state, ministers, UN delegations from 197 countries), professionals (private and public sector decision makers and specifiers, delegations invited by the organizers…) and representatives of the media (printed press, radio, television, blogs).   Official website :  


Inès NICOLAS - 04-juin-2015 23:14:28
Business France is set to arrive at the world’s largest BIO event in Philadelphia this year and will once again showcase the French know-how in the sector of biotechnology , continuing to assert its position among the group of major industry players worldwide. Nearly 75 companies and 35 partners (non- profit organizations ,research institutes, universities and clusters ..) will be on the national pavilion. This important mobilization demonstrates how the issue of this industry remains important in France. The sector is posting impressive results in recent years particularly the debut of Celletcis and DBV Technologies in the NASDAQ stock exchange. Additionally, the massive growth of the following companies have attracted substantial amount of foreign investors, such as the case of Adocia, 32M € (January 2015) of Erytech Pharma € 30M (November 2014), GENFIT: € 50M (June 2014) and € 21 million (December 2014) and Hybrigenics: € 4.6M (November 2014). These figures confirm that French companies are positioning themselves competitively in the global market. In 2014, 706 million € was raised by French companies in this sector, representing a growth of + 28% compared to 2013. The competitive clusters and some regional clusters will once again be the core of this event by bringing their companies, all under the umbrella of the French Pavilion and Business France (of which WSGR – Wilson Sonsino Goodrich & Rosati – and SERVIER Laboratories are the sponsors of the French pavilion). Created in 2005, the clusters are responsible for collecting and supporting the main players in their region to enable their businesses expand globally and foster research partnerships and technology development. Seven clusters, all present on BIO 2015 revolve around specific areas and have established relationships with many foreign scientific partners in recent years: BIOVALLEY Alsace - Strasbourg: French ATLANTIC biotherapy - Nantes & Angers Biohealth CANCER - Toulouse & Limoges: EUROBIOMED - Nice & Marseille & Montpellier in South of France: LYONBIOPÔLE - Lyon and Grenoble in Rhône-Alpes: MEDICEN REGION PARIS - Paris: HEALTHCARE NUTRITION Lightfastness CLUSTER - Lille: France also has regional clusters such as Biopôle Limagne Clermont in the Auvergne region, or Capbiotek in Brittany, specializes in marine biotechnology and focuses a large number of biotech companies. Regarding the current 446 biotechnology companies in France, there’s a total turnover of 278 million euros in 2013, an increase from the 251 million euros from the year prior. In 2013, 55 new companies  (+12% from 2012) were created. For 2 years, France has placed innovation at the heart of its economic and industrial policy in the framework of the plan "Better to heal." Implementation of the new government in 2013, it aims to support the creation of innovative companies and research through an enabling environment and policy support strong: - Strong University research  policies and the principle of future investments - A structured ecosystem (competitiveness cluster, IHU (University Institute Hospitalo-) SATT (Technology Transfer Acceleration Companies), PRES (Pole of research and teaching) - A high-level research: Institut Pasteur Genopole, CNRS, CEA, Inserm ... - Favorable tax environment: status JEI (young innovative entrepreneurs), Research Tax Credit All these measures have enabled France to file 13,000 patents in 2014 and to strengthen its positions in Europe. As for the US market, the 2015 France Pavilion will once again be an opportunity for the French biotech actors to continue the offensive.  

ATD 2015 International Conference & Exposition

Inès NICOLAS - 13-mai-2015 18:09:26
The Association for Talent Development (ATD) is a professional membership organization supporting those who develop the knowledge and skills of employees in organizations around the world. Each year they organize the ATD 2015 International Conference & Exposition, the largest conference in the field of training and development, bringing together 400 exhibitors and more than 10,500 professionals from the industry. The next edition of ATD will take place in Orlando, Florida the 17th-20th of May 2015. Three French innovative companies will attend the conference as part of the French delegation this year:     Halifax Consulting  is a training and consulting firm specialized in commercial performance and management. With 10,000 commercial sales managers trained each year and more than 200 active clients, the company has become a leader in its field in France and abroad, working globally with companies such as Total, L’Oréal, DHL and Pfizer. They offer an online academy focused on commercial performance, managerial performance and custom support. F ind out more here .   E-doceo  is an e-learning software publisher, which has developed a complete software suite for implementing e-learning and blended learning training. Their global solution allows customers to create, manage, and publish their training. e-doceo clients include international companies such as Nestlé, Areva, Randstad and KPMG, as well as the French Ministry of Education. Find out more here .   Manzalab  is an innovative player in the creation of serious games, at a crossroads between videogame and pedagogy. Manzalab internally develops its own technologies and addresses all types of devices: PC offline or online, social networks, mobile phones and touchpads. Manzalab offers tailored services to companies in all kinds of sectors, with clients such as Veolia, AXA, Renault or Sanofi-Aventis. Among their key products is “My job interview”, a game facilitating the integration of young jobless people into the workplace, and “year review”, a serious game to train managers to assess their teams. Find out more here .      

PRESS RELEASE: The international Marine Renewable Energy conference

Inès NICOLAS - 22-avr.-2015 21:12:49
  The international Marine Renewable Energy conference in Nantes, 20 – 21 May 2015: the MRE sectors dont-miss event for 2015   As a new industrial sector ramps up internationally, the Pays de la Loire region will be hosting Les Assises on 19 May followed, on 20 – 21 May 2015, by the 4th international convention on marine renewable energy: Thetis MRE. A one-of-a-kind opportunity to identify the potentialities of the French MRE market… -  Tidal turbines : a potential capacity of 12.5 GW from a number of sites, such as Raz Blanchard (Cherbourg) and Fromveur, Ile dOuessant. Two demonstration tidal energy projects are under development. -  Offshore wind turbines : 3,000 MW under development sponsored by EDF, GDF, DONG and EDPr. A 3rd request for proposals should be launched in late 2015 (Q3-2015 for English speakers) to reach the target of 6,000 MW. -  Floating wind turbines : a pilot project should be unveiled at the SEM-REV test site off the Nantes coast. …and discover the extent of its development in France. Through visits to sites dedicated to marine energy, discover the expertise available in the Pays de la Loire region: - the ALSTOM factory, which manufactures alternators for the Haliade offshore wind turbine; - the STX France shipyard, one of the leading players in the MRE sector; - the MRE logistics hub in the Nantes St Nazaire Grand Port Maritime, - the University (Ecole Centrale de Nantes), R&D laboratory (Technocampus Ocean), technical centres (CSTB, IFSTTAR, CIRV) and Le Carnet test site, dedicated to marine eco-technologies. Thetis MRE lets you share the experiences of experts world-wide on the theme of "Marine renewable energy: from opportunities to industrial realities" at 4 plenary conferences on the challenges for the sector and 5 themed workshops devoted to fixed offshore wind turbines, floating offshore wind turbines, test sites, wave energy and tidal wind turbines. The goal of these sessions is to review the current MRE situation in Europe, Asia and North America in order to examine initial results and the potential for development. Organised with support from the Pays de la Loire region, at the heart of the Nantes St Nazaire industrial area, Thetis MRE should bring together 400 exhibitors and attract nearly 4,000 visitors: 40% international visitors, manufacturers, major order givers, SMEs, design offices, research centres, schools and universities. The event is sponsored by DCNS, GDF SUEZ, ALSTOM, BESSE, CMN, EDF, RTE and SCOTTISH DEVELOPMENT INTERNATIONAL. About Thetis MRE: The Thetis MRE international convention was created in 2011 to meet the needs and expectations of players in the emerging marine renewable energy sector, bringing them together to share their experiences and boost the development of this "green" energy as a source of "blue" growth. Thetis MRE offers a varied programme aimed at both specialists and individuals who want to know more about the "MRE community". To find out more: Thetis MRE François Berry, Development Manager

France shows the way to doing e-commerce !

martine.joly - 05-juin-2014 16:49:51
Interview : Alain CIMAZ, Retailing and Services Department Project Manager at Ubifrance We all use e-commerce (and some of us all of the time), but do we fully realize in our economic crystal balls what the virtual universe of the Internet can do for a business? France does, to the tune of €51,1billion in 2013.   With broadband internet feeding households like never before, this trend is accelerating, up 13.5% this past year, even while traditional sales outlets are declining. Naturally, French e-commerce is part of a European phenomenon: sophisticated, well-educated consumers shopping and comparing on-line, whether it is for train tickets, fashion items, books and downloaded films, not to mention concert tickets or even electronic products and vacations. In fact, France finds itself positioned right in the middle of more mature on-line markets such as the UK and Scandinavia, while catering to fast-growing cyber-markets in Southern Europe.   Impressive numbers – and then there’s Christmas! The typical cyber-consumer in France spends on average €1400 annually, with a choice spanning 138,000 merchandizing sites, clicking to satisfy 33.7 million purchasers, each one with his or her own very personalized criteria. This represents a 17% growth rate for the number of sites in 2013, fueled by a rise of 5% in on-line buyers last year. Christmas frenzy often spells financial success for many e-commerce sites. For France, December 2013 accounted for a whopping €10 billion   of the year’s total results.   The Best in Class go international 15% of French sites export, generating 10% of their sales internationally. The really successful sites, representing over €10 million   in turnover, are able to boost these international sales by up to 20% of their total turnover. For 2013, the champions are Vente Privée, with € 1,6 billion, Showroom Privé, €350 million, Sarenza at €150 million   and in 29 different countries, while Spartoo out-does them by €130 million in 20 countries throughout Europe.   Cross-channel strategies Traditional companies such as Darty, Auchan and even Air France have grasped the importance of developing interfaces with e-commerce, selling cross-channel, from virtual to POS (Place of Sale). Tourism is an especially heavy-hitter, with Opodo and Go Voyages receiving avid travelers. Even SNCF-Voyages is also getting into the trend with offers covering car rentals and hotels, not just trains, and not just trains in Europe! E-commerce allows companies to envision doing business in entirely refreshing and international ways.   In B to B, the office supplies segment is active, with Bruneau and Viking modeling their entire business on-line, a lesson not lost on Manutan for its equipment.   The rules to play by With smart-phones now in every pocket, French companies are alert to adapting to international opportunities: respecting local-country consumer legislation, marketing with multi-lingual sites, regularly upgrading to be ergonomic, enriching their offers constantly. The usual rate of transformation from visit to virtual shopping cart is 2.5%; so New Age merchants must be quick to adapt to this new breed of impatient, demanding clientele. The e-consumer wants easy, practical and totally secure payment solutions ranging from credit card to Paypal. They also expect EU legislation on profiling and reimbursements to be strictly adhered to by the e-commerce site.   Up and coming events where Ubifrance can leverage exhibition opportunities for French e-commerce companies will be in Milan on May 20 th , in the UK and Ireland, from September 16 – 18 th , followed by San Paolo, October 6 – 7 th , with BtoB meetings dedicated to private sales.     For Further information about French companies in the e-commerce Sector, news technologies, innovation and services :   > Electronics and IT   > Telecommunications and Space   > Trade and distribution   > Services   > Audiovisual content, Multimedia  

The French Tech Tour 2014 Introduces the Best Innovative Tech Companies in its 2nd Year on Tour

Anne-Laure GERVAIS - 03-avr.-2014 23:44:40
  The French Trade Office - UBIFRANCE Hosts 10 French Startups for Packed Week of business meetings, training and events to help them to kick start their businesses in Canada Toronto and Montreal – April 3rd, 2014 – The French Trade Office - UBIFRANCE in Canada announced today the 10 selected companies of the 2014 French Tech Tour (FTT) that will be held June 2-6, 2014. Starting Monday, June 2nd in Toronto, 10 companies from all over France will land in Canada to attend this business acceleration program. More than 25 companies applied to be part of the Tour. The final 10 companies were selected by the Tour’s supporting companies, including Bell, Telus, BlackBerry, Air Canada, Emerillon Capital, CGI, KPMG… 10 Participants Bridging the gap between technology innovation and expertise, while fostering new alliances between France and Canada, the FTT has introduced many successful companies to Canada. This year’s class brings innovation in the fields of Big Data, Digital Marketing, Business Intelligence SaaS and Connected TV, to name a few. This year’s startups include: - Anne-Laure Gervais - +1 (416) 977-1257 Bittle is a new generation reporting platform in a SaaS mode that aimed at any kind of businesses that are looking for a complete, packaged and ready-to-use BI solution allowing to generate and easily share dashboards in an entirely secured environment. Dotscreen is a Multi-screen developer & a User Interface specialists that creates, designs and develops interactive apps for connected TV, tablets and smartphones. Followanalytics provides brands with solutions to launch, measure, optimize and extend their presence in the mobile world, in order to better identify and convert leads. DSIA is an innovative provider of supply chain technology solutions, services and consulting which develops Logistar™ , an integrated Saas solution that focuses on the management and optimization of complexes supply chains. Ivalua is a provider of web based Spend Management solutions (Ivalua Buyer) that responds to the essential needs of its users: quick access to information, collaborative work, dialogue with suppliers, real time reporting, information exchange with other systems, etc. Sentinelo develops additional traffic generation solutions for retailers and gives a global overview of all products sold locally in a given perimeter. Stardust is an expert of digital products testing by experimented testers on real devices. StarDust develops “StarDust Label”, which is dedicated to brands and developers to maximize their revenues. Pixeliris develops CopSonic, a Contactless Mobile Payment technology solution using sonic ways through speakers and microphones to exchange the secured data and is compatible with 100% of mobiles phones including featured phones. Spideo creates personalized recommendation engines that make it easier for viewers to discover and access video-on-demand (VOD) and TV content. Systancia offers software for cloud computing mobility and BYOD with total security. Systancia is specialized in virtualization, desktop applications, and cloud computing. The French Tech Tour’s goal is to prepare companies for launching onto the Canadian market. To achieve this, the tour consists of a series of one-on-one meetings with sponsors and other blue chip companies in Canada, training and advisory sessions, and evenings packed with events where the companies are able to pitch in front of business communities. This event is part of French Tech initiative brought by Fleur Pellerin (the former French Minister delegate for SMEs, Innovation and the Digital Economy) to promote "la French Tech" in France and abroad. To learn more about the companies or attend an event to see companies pitching, visit: "Every year, it is exciting to see the new and disruptive technologies that come through the French Tech Tour. Their levels of enthusiasm as well as the maturity of their products makes them companies that our team and our sponsors think are ready to go to market in Canada. Even more so, it is great to see the lasting partnerships that grow out of the tour and tie our two tech regions together", said Stéphane Alisse, Managing Director, Technology and Services Practice for North America at UBIFRANCE. About UBIFRANCE - the French Trade Office UBIFRANCE is France’s public agency for international business development and it is represented in 70 countries by the French Trade Offices – UBIFRANCE. UBIFRANCE provide French startups with consulting and business development services, in order to promote their products/services and assist in establishing partnerships with Canadian companies. The French Tech Tour is one of our most comprehensive services, formed through a unique partnership with the business and corporate development teams of some of the largest technology corporations in Canada.
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