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MedStartUp Delegation 2015 Spotlight: C..TEXDEV

C..TEXDEV - 29-sept.-2015 23:14:11

C..TEXDEV, Communication Solutions for People with Language Disorders Founded in 2012 by Frederic GUIBET in Normandy, C..TEXDEV is a French start-up, specializing in the design and development of communication applications. Frederic, the father of a little girl with autism, quickly realized that a tablet for his daughter was like a wheelchair for a person affected by a motor impairment. For this reason, he launched an innovative communication solutions for people with language disorders. Today, nearly 8% of the population of all ages is affected by this kind of disorder, which causes disability in the field of communication, social interaction, which all leads to lack of independence. Today, C..TEXDEV offers five applications for the well-being of people with language disorders: CommunicoTool Essential : Encourages the expression of children with an easy and innovative exchange too. CommunicoTool Children : Improves the lives of children through an application composed of a communication interface and schedule. CommunicoTool Adults : Guides adults in their quest of expression through a communication application. CommunicoTool Pro : Supports health professionals during their sessions with patients thanks to a working tool which promotes exchange and learning. Doloris : Helps professionals and individuals locate and assess the degree of pain. To learn more about CommunicoTool, please click on the link below. Follow C..TEXDEV on twitter @CommunicoTool and on  


Inès NICOLAS - 04-juin-2015 23:14:28

Business France is set to arrive at the world’s largest BIO event in Philadelphia this year and will once again showcase the French know-how in the sector of biotechnology , continuing to assert its position among the group of major industry players worldwide. Nearly 75 companies and 35 partners (non- profit organizations ,research institutes, universities and clusters ..) will be on the national pavilion. This important mobilization demonstrates how the issue of this industry remains important in France. The sector is posting impressive results in recent years particularly the debut of Celletcis and DBV Technologies in the NASDAQ stock exchange. Additionally, the massive growth of the following companies have attracted substantial amount of foreign investors, such as the case of Adocia, 32M € (January 2015) of Erytech Pharma € 30M (November 2014), GENFIT: € 50M (June 2014) and € 21 million (December 2014) and Hybrigenics: € 4.6M (November 2014). These figures confirm that French companies are positioning themselves competitively in the global market. In 2014, 706 million € was raised by French companies in this sector, representing a growth of + 28% compared to 2013. The competitive clusters and some regional clusters will once again be the core of this event by bringing their companies, all under the umbrella of the French Pavilion and Business France (of which WSGR – Wilson Sonsino Goodrich & Rosati – and SERVIER Laboratories are the sponsors of the French pavilion). Created in 2005, the clusters are responsible for collecting and supporting the main players in their region to enable their businesses expand globally and foster research partnerships and technology development. Seven clusters, all present on BIO 2015 revolve around specific areas and have established relationships with many foreign scientific partners in recent years: BIOVALLEY Alsace - Strasbourg: French ATLANTIC biotherapy - Nantes & Angers Biohealth CANCER - Toulouse & Limoges: EUROBIOMED - Nice & Marseille & Montpellier in South of France: LYONBIOPÔLE - Lyon and Grenoble in Rhône-Alpes: MEDICEN REGION PARIS - Paris: HEALTHCARE NUTRITION Lightfastness CLUSTER - Lille: France also has regional clusters such as Biopôle Limagne Clermont in the Auvergne region, or Capbiotek in Brittany, specializes in marine biotechnology and focuses a large number of biotech companies. Regarding the current 446 biotechnology companies in France, there’s a total turnover of 278 million euros in 2013, an increase from the 251 million euros from the year prior. In 2013, 55 new companies  (+12% from 2012) were created. For 2 years, France has placed innovation at the heart of its economic and industrial policy in the framework of the plan "Better to heal." Implementation of the new government in 2013, it aims to support the creation of innovative companies and research through an enabling environment and policy support strong: - Strong University research  policies and the principle of future investments - A structured ecosystem (competitiveness cluster, IHU (University Institute Hospitalo-) SATT (Technology Transfer Acceleration Companies), PRES (Pole of research and teaching) - A high-level research: Institut Pasteur Genopole, CNRS, CEA, Inserm ... - Favorable tax environment: status JEI (young innovative entrepreneurs), Research Tax Credit All these measures have enabled France to file 13,000 patents in 2014 and to strengthen its positions in Europe. As for the US market, the 2015 France Pavilion will once again be an opportunity for the French biotech actors to continue the offensive.  

Canada – Biotechnologies : French Delegation at BioPartnering North America 2012

Marine Bougeard - 07-mars-2012 00:36:27

BioPartnering North America is North-America’s 2nd largest conference devoted to biotechnology. The 2012 edition brought together over 680 delegates from 422 companies and 28 countries. 2026 meetings were scheduled. For the fourth year in a row, The French Trade Commission in Canada brought a delegation of biotech companies from France. 15 French delegates attended the event making France the most important European delegation. During the three days of the conference, the 15 delegate companies made the most of the B2B meetings and networking events to develop and increase their international business relations. The receptions offered by the organizer TVG were great networking opportunities for all the delegates, in prestigious location s such as the Vancouver Aquarium. On the morning of February 29 th , the French delegates had the opportunity to visit local research centres: Discovery Park ( to meet with biotech companies), Centre for Drug Research & Development, Ubc Centre for Comparative Medicine, Prostate Centre, Genome Sciences Centre… In addition to the B2B meetings, the “ Ubifrance Canada ” booth generated traffic, potential business and increased the visibility of the French delegation.  A great 2012 edition which will certainly lead to a 5 th participation of UBifrance at BPN 2013.

Meet French companies at BioPartnering North America in Vancouver Feb 26th -29th 2012

Marine Bougeard - 24-févr.-2012 00:51:18

  For the fourth year in a row, The French Trade Commission UBifrance Canada is partnering with BPN, North-America’s 2nd largest conference devoted to biotechnology. In 2011 France was represented by no less than 12 individual firms and 3 clusters, making France the third most important national delegation after Canada and the United States. The French Trade Commission is delighted to present a unique trade mission to create and stimulate partnering opportunities for French and Canadian companies in the biotechnology market and to introduce French expertise. All participants are willing to establish or increase their international business relations and to develop closer contacts with both the global Canadian market and local western companies. French companies will be in Vancouver from February 26th to 29 th   to present themselves and share their experience during the three days of the conference.   Don’t miss this unique network opportunity to meet directly 15 French major biotech players at BPN on an international scope.  Our delegation is composed by the following companies :     •Affilogic - •Alsace Biovalley - •Ariana Pharmaceuticals – •Bioalternatives – •Cohiro – •Eurasanté – •Metabolys– •Novalix – •Invest in Western France –   •Physiostim – •Plant Advanced Technologies – www.plantadvanc •Prestwick Chemical – •PX’Therapeutics – •Roowin – •Vivalis –

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