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26th international exhibition of environmental equipments technologies and services LYON EUREXPO France, 2 > 5 december 2014    Show presentation Leading general show for the environment and energy industries. Pollutec brings together professionals from around the world to discuss innovative solutions that reduce the impact of human activities on the environment, whether it be in industry, local authorities or in the service sector. • 100 000 sq.m exhibition space • 65 000 trade visitors • 2 200 exhibitors • 400 conferences • 200 innovations premiered • 8 sectors • 3 focus Partners villages Hosted in partnership with a professional organization, the villages and expertise clusters bring together in a common dedicated area companies specializing in a specific field. Recyclage ASBESTOS Meet professionals of asbestos removal and review the latest developments about regulations and eradication industries. Organized in partnership with Réso A+ SPACE APPLICATIONS Organizations promoting the use of space for the environment are shining the spotlight on the numerous advantages that space technologies offer for the implementation of sustainable development. ECOTECH NETWORK The Network will be highlighting the advances in shared research works. In partnership with the competitiveness clusters of the Ecotech network (network of eco-technology competitiveness clusters).   TRENCHLESS TECHNOLOGIES This area will feature products and services for the inspection and renovation of existing networks. In partnership with the French scientific association for trench-free technologies (FSTT).   SITES AND SOILS Pollutec Horizons is shining the spotlight on the current technical and regulatory situation in the soil remediation business. In partnership with the UPDS.   ENGINEERING EXPERTISE Meet engineering practices and design offices specializing in environmental engineering.   More information : Official website Vivapolis : powered by French creativity To meet French companies at the French Pavillon : valerie.doghmane@ubifrance.fr elodie.planat@ubifrance.fr     To talk to a trade advisor from the Infrastructures, Transport & Industries department at UBIFRANCE Australia, please contact: Arthur LENOIR, email: arthur.lenoir@ubifrance.fr   phone: +61 (0)2 9287 9215 or Alexandre PEQUIGNOT, email: alexandre.pequignot@ubifrance.fr , phone: +61 (0)2 9287 9231  

Ozwater 2011

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As Australia is facing recurring water issues, Ozwarter has become one of the major events to address the wide ranging issues that face the water industry today such as major national water reforms, climate change and its impacts, technological advances and the challenges of human resources to name a few. It is an event like no other, where professionals are gathered to exchange about the best practices in the water sector and where issues are discussed with specialists. Thus, the Ozwater ’11 Conference will also feature various international and national keynote speakers, scientific and technical papers, case studies, workshops and electronic poster sessions. For all those reasons the Ozwater exhibition embodies a unique opportunity for the French companies, renowned for their knowhow in the water supply sector, to meet Australian counterparts. In this view the French Trade Commission has decided to actively participate to this exhibition. For more information on the event organized by the French Trade Commission: alain.etchegaray@ubifrance.fr or benoit.monet@ubifrance.fr .    Also on the blog: Ozwater

The department of Infrastructure, Transport and Industry (ITI) facilitates business between French-based companies and Australian companies/agents/distributors. The ITI department also covers the sectors of environment, energy, mines and oil & gas. Most of our international companies such as Alstom, Areva, EADS, GDF, Suez, Technip, Thales, Total, Turbomeca, Veolia operate successfully in Australia thanks to partnerships and alliances with local companies.  Nevertheless, French SMEs could also bring their expertise and savoir faire when they team up with local players able to master the local context. In 2013, we are going to bring French delegations to AOG tradeshow (Oil & Gas). Feel free to contact us should your company be interested in connecting with potential French exporters. Arthur Lenoir, Senior Trade Advisor, arthur.lenoir@businessfrance.fr Alexandre Péquignot, Trade Advisor, alexandre.pequignot@businessfrance.fr  


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A nice healthcare innovation

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