BIJORHCA in the heart of Paris, the capital of fashion

Ariane - 22/12/15

Date begin : 22th january 2015
Date End : 25th january 2015

Adresse : Paris Porte de Versailles
Ville / region : Paris, France
Lien Googlemap :

BIJORHCA PARIS : The only international Fine and Fashion Jewellery, Watches and Technical Industries trade show in France.

BIJORHCA PARIS is the must-attend international event for all professionals in the sector of
Fine and Fashion Jewellery, Watches and Technical Industries.

Twice a year, it allows almost 13 000 buyers from all around the world to discover more than 500 exhibitors and brands and their latest collections and to preview the season’s trends.

BIJORHCA PARIS : The fashion trends area

The January 2016 edition of BIJORHCA PARIS will once again feature the must-visit fashion jewellery area: “Fashion Trends”, designed by Elizabeth Leriche. 

Spring–Summer 2016 celebrates femininity and romanticism with the theme “Sensuelle Romance”, while “Géométrie variable” is all about colour and geometric shapes. “Escale exotique” and “Terre de soleil” transport us back to nature’s lush and vivid surroundings, in search of our ancestral roots.

This summer season sees a blossoming of creative, feminine styles. 

BIJORHCA PARIS : It is a unique and welcoming place in the heart of Paris, the capital of fashion.

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Official website :,C6080,I6074.htm?KM_Session=3766ca790b28ab3594d0c0e70e5a3147 

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The department of Fashion, Homeware, Health and Beauty facilitates business between French-based companies and Australian companies, agents, importers and distributors. It covers the sectors of Cosmetic, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Medical equipment, biotechnology, Textile, Jewelry, Luxury Products, Decoration, Renovation, DIY, Boating, Music, Sport and Leisure. Most of our international companies such as Sisley, L’Oréal, C. Dior, La Mer, La Prairie, Clarins, Biotherm, Guerlain, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Cartier, Lacoste, Sanofi, Pierre Favre, Stallergenes, or Le Coq Sportif operate successfully in Australia.  However, French SMEs can also bring their expertise and “savoir faire” when they team up with local players able to master the local context. In 2015, the MHS team is organising two major events on both Beauty and Fashion sectors and biotechnology sector, bringing French brands in Australia to liaise with local partners and be part of B2B fair


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