INTERSEC DUBAI French expertise, a key partner for the protection of individuals and strategic infrastructures in the Middle East

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Dubai World Trade Centre from January 20th to 22nd 2019 • +18 French companies • 2 national pavilions: Commercial Security / Fire & Rescue United Arab Emirates: December 18th -2018 - From January 20-22, 2019 Business France will be hosting two national pavilions at INTERSEC DUBAI, the largest international meeting platform for the Security and Safety industry. INTERSEC is indeed a unique platform for companies looking to expand in the Middle East and Africa markets.   Middle Eastern countries are particularly attractive markets for the security sector and are expected to grow by about 10% per year over the period 2018-2022.  A strong, efficient French industrial presence is set to be part of the show with 18 French experts gathered on the French pavilion. French security sector represents a turnover of 29 billion euros France (CoFIS 2016 data), split between physical equipment and platforms (10.8 billion euros), electronic and digital products (12.5 billion euros), cybersecurity products and services (5.7 billion euros). The industrial heart represents 151,000 jobs, 4,000 companies, 50% of which export their products. The sector is home to a number of major corporations, undisputed leaders in their sectors, along with a large number of SMEs and middle-market companies in highly-specialized sectors such as digital security, anti-fraud, communication, connected objects, video-surveillance, detection, firefighting, protection equipment and specialist vehicles. French security industries are part of a crucial very high added value sector with technical skills recognized abroad and are among the most efficient in terms of exports. For instance, export sales for the industrial security sector, which includes 13 French multinational companies, amount to 13 billion euros. France offers, in particular: • Strong leadership in the area of skills that range from mathematics and algorithms, to imaging software, identification and cybersecurity, etc.  Innovation and initiative-taking abilities, research and a network of cutting-edge laboratories.  Outstanding engineering skills and industrial processes stemming from the worlds of defense (radar, integration, etc.) and digital technology (biometrics, smart cards, etc.) Come and meet French experts on the French pavilions located Hall 2 for Commercial Security and Hall 4 for Fire & rescue. Note to Editors: Hall 2: Commercial Security Hall AVIWEST – Stand 2-B09  Production of the most advanced handheld cellular video tools for the broadcasting industry and security organizations. INFOSEC COMMUNICATION Stand 2-A09 Complete range of electrical protection solutions: UPS and surge arrestors. SEWOSY – Stand 2-A10  Manufacturer of electrical and electromagnetic access locking products. TRACKFORCE Stand 2-B10 Mobile web and connected solutions for the security industry Hall 4 : Fire & Rescue Hall BIO EX – Stand 4-B31 Manufacturer of foam concentrates for use in firefighting. BOCHE – Stand 4-A38 Manufacturer of footwear for firefighters and military administration.  CNPP – Stand 4-B33  International reference player in risk prevention and management in the fields of fire safety & explosion, safety and malicious acts, environmental damage, and vocational risks.  DEF – Stand 4-C31 Fire safety systems for all fields of application. CERB REGAIN Stand 4-A36 Manufacturer of safety clothing, sweaters and uniforms for ambulance paramedics, civil protection, home guards and firefighters. DELANNOY FRERES Stand 4-B35 Supplier of fire hoses EUROFEU – Stand 4-B32 Fire safety and training specialist. Manufacturer of fire extinguishers. EURO-TECH Stand 4-C35 International engineering expert company specialized to support industrial companies in their project operation management. MERCURA - Stand 4-B37 Vehicle light and audio signaling. SAFETY FIRST FORMATION Stand 4-C37 Innovative training organization specialized in the prevention of occupational risks (workplace safety, fire, gestures and postures...) PROFOAM INTERNATIONAL Stand 4-B38 Specialist manufacturer of firefighting foam ROSTAING – Stand 4-A32 Designer and manufacturer of ultra-high performance, technical protective gloves. S.F.R (Société française de réservoirs) – Stand 4-B34 Manufacture and assembly of bolted metal tanks for liquid storage. SIONEN France Stand 4-A32 World market leader in coated technical textiles and technical apparel, protecting people and their belongings. Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the VIE international internship program. Social Media: Account Most common used hashtags Twitter : @BF_MiddleEast #InfoBF #FrenchPavilion For more info, feel free to contact Business France: Miryem Oukas Messidi Head of Communications – Middle East Mobile: +971 (0)55 478 32 15 Mail :  

INTERSEC DUBAI: the French pavilion focuses on fire and rescue, safety and commercial safety to meet local requirements

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United Arab Emirates, January 2017- Business France is running the French Pavilion at INTERSEC Dubai. Organized and sponsored by the UAE Interior Ministry, the fair has forged a reputation over the last 18 years as one of the security industry’s leading international trade events.  France, a longstanding partner in this area, will be in attendance to showcase its offer dedicated to local authorities and companies equally keen to raise their security levels. The European security sector is worth €150 billion, while the global market is estimated at b €600 billion. France is a major player in the industry, boasting a 20 % share of the European market. The country enjoys an excellent reputation in the sector and an enviable position in the international rankings (it is among the top three in Europe, alongside Germany and UK.  Whether we are talking about public safety, infrastructure protection, crisis management, air, land and maritime surveillance, or digital trust and cybersecurity, France’s business fabric is comprised of major international groups, as well as highly innovative and export-intensive SMEs. Marc Cagnard, Middle East Director at Business France said: “France has a high capacity to innovate and seize the initiative, an exceptional R&D and a network of cutting-edge laboratories. Technical expertise across the security spectrum, together with strong leadership on skills ranging from mathematics and algorithms, to imaging software, identification and cybersecurity. French expertise at INTERSEC supports the protection of individuals and strategic infrastructures in the Middle East by focusing  on fire and rescue, safety and commercial safety”. French equipment has been tested and approved by numerous international institutions and governments. Outstanding engineering skills and industrial processes stemming from the worlds of defense (radar, integration, etc.) and digital technology (biometrics, smart cards, etc.) These are strengths that need to be highlighted to firms in the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region as a whole, in a climate that is highly favorable to the security sector: power stations and oil complexes must be secured, while sites and individuals alike must be protected at the World Expo in Dubai in 2020 and the FIFA World Cup in Qatar in 2022, to mention just a few examples. More than ever, French expertise is a key partner to those needing to address safety and security issues. Come and meet the French experts assembled at the Business France pavilion (Hall 4 C32, Hall 2 B34 and Hall 8 B24) ABOUT BUSINESS FRANCE: Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the VIE international internship program. Business France has recently launched its first international campaign called: “CREATIVE FRANCE”, in order to promote France’s economic attractiveness, strengthen perceptions towards France image and create positive conditions for French economic development.    ALPHA SYSTEM Mobile web and connected solutions for the security industry   DELANNOY FRERES Supplier of fire hoses   ELECTROCLASS A pioneer in the secure automated distribution of cutting tools, handheld power tools and personal protective equipment   EUROFEU Fire safety and training specialist   EUROPROTECT FRANCE SA Technical textiles   HGH INFRARED SYSTEMS Development of optoelectronic and infrared systems for industrial and civil applications   DETECTION ELECTRONIQUE FRANCAISE Fire detection and safety systems   POK France’s leading manufacturer of firefighting equipment   PROFOAM INTERNATIONAL Specialist manufacturer of firefighting foam   R PONS Firefighting monitors, equipment for firefighters, equipment for fixed installations, pipe fittings for industry   SENTRYWAY Intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control, remote surveillance, security guard services   Additional information: Nicolas Sestier Safety and Security Project Manager   Tel: +33 (0)1 40 73 37 98 Email:    Miryem Oukas Messidi Buisiness France Regional Communications Manager Mobile: +971 (0)55 478 32 15  Mail : 

French pavilion will be showcasing innovative mobile & payment solutions at CARDS & PAYMENTS MIDDLE EAST 2016

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United Arab Emirates; May 2016 – CARDS & PAYMENTS MIDDLE EAST, Middle East’s largest and most established expo for the Smartcards & Payments community, will be held from 31 May to 1June 2016 in Dubai. This year’s edition is expected to attract approximately 10 000 visitors coming out to meet some 300 exhibitors. Business France will be hosting nine French companies at the French pavilion during this landmark event. These sector representatives will be presenting their secure transactions, identification and mobility solutions on an 80 m² booth (Hall 7 - booth D40) at Dubai International Exhibition & Convention Centre. The French pavilion will be showcasing innovative mobile payment solutions, as well as solutions on RFID/NFC technologies, identification and authentication. Leveraging on its cutting-edge technology, France is well-placed to meet the needs of the FinTech and the memory card, smart card and contact-less card market offering key functions such as data storage, data modification and data restoration, card and holder identification as well as authentication. The applications are specifically geared towards the banking, financing, and government activities (e-passport) sectors. However, they have high potential for use in aeronautics, automotive manufacturing, mass market retailing, industry, logistics, and the textile and health industry. Come out and meet the exhibitors: ELYCTIS ELYCTIS develops, manufactures and markets readers dedicated to Secured Identity Documents (e-passport, e-ID, e-DL... Thanks to its expertise in the relevant standards (ICAO, IAS, 7816, 14443, PC/SC, Biometry) ELYCTIS is providing to customers support and software developments on fix and mobile terminals. Alexandre JOLY - General Director SECURE-IC Secure-IC develops trusted computing security technologies for embedded systems to protect them from malevolent attacks and cyber threats. Charles THOORIS – Head of Sales & Marketing STARCHIP StarChip® offers controllers for the Payment/ID market (EMVCo/CC) and the Telecom/M2M market (Native to High-end). Today StarChip® introduces SmartTiger products for customers requiring Turnkey solutions. SmartTiger products contain a Secure Microcontroller, an embedded field-proven OS (Payment/Telecom) and applications. StarChip® solutions are cost effective without compromising on performance and quality. Mounira BOUBA – FSE – Field Sales Engineer SMARTWARE SMARTWARE is a leading provider of Software/Hardware solutions and services. It designs, develops and manufactures electronic boards and embedded systems dedicated to the personalization and the test of Contact/Contactless smartcards and modules for Banking, GSM, ePassport, eID applications. Christophe RABAUD - Product & Marketing Director VFP INK 40 years of experience in development, manufacturing and distribution of screen printing inks, VFP INK provides many technological solutions worldwide with products specifically made for laminated plastic card market: AQUACARD, UVICARD & IR BLOCKER. Committed to protecting environment, VFP INK refuses to use glycol ethers and heavy metal based pigments in their ink formulation. Ekaterina MAKAROVA – Export Manager SPS (SMART PACKAGING SOLUTIONS) SPS is a global leader in reliable technologies: contactless and dual interface smart cards, and high-quality inlays for e-Passports. The company is positioned on markets for electronic ID and banking cards. Its market is based on an unrivalled proprietary patented technology, providing for governments, national printing houses, smart card manufacturers. Ivan PEYTAVIN – Chief Marketing Officer   SELP SELP is a smartcards and solutions company based in France. SELP provides global physical and dematerialized solutions for Governements, Banks, Administrations, Brands and Retailers. SELP provides turnkey solutions for Identity, Banking, Prepaid and Loyalty markets. Their products are implemented in 52 countries worldwide. Mohamed ELSEBAEY – Sales Marketing Manager FAMOCO FAMOCO has developed the world’s first professional and dedicated Android NFC device. FAMOCO helps companies meet their mobile digital transformation and compliance goals by providing a dedicated device that is secure, flexible, connected, remotely manageable and traceable. The device has no street value, is highly versatile and through its centralized Device Management Platform can be used in a multitude of ways from attendance tracking, localization and payments, to scheduling and access control. Today Famoco has over 170 clients in 25 countries. Olivier CECHURA – Chief Marketing Officer MOBIWIRE MobiWire is a manufacturer specialized in the design, development and production of mobile phones (over 100 million units delivered) and mobile payment terminals with over 100K Mobiprints deployed in Latin America, Africa and Middle East! In 2015, MobiWire launched Mobiprint 3, 3rd generation device, powered by Android and with a cutting-edge design. Mobiprint is a unique and leading solution for cash transactions, billing, prepaid & postpaid services, airtime top-up, e-Vouchers distribution and many other use cases ready to be developed. Mobiprint is an all-in-one easy-to-deploy solution for mobile and agile point of sales. Elisabeth HEIB – Communication Director Contact: Business France Thibaut BARDE Press contacts: Miryem Oukas Messidi Mobile: +971 (0)55 478 32 15       Mail : Yousra Lahbabi Mobile: +971 (0)56 470 23 82       Mail :

The innovations produced by KERMEL, Europe’s leading manufacturer of meta-aramid fibers for protective clothing, have attracted the attention of professionals in the Middle East

Miryem OUKAS MESSIDI - 02-nov.-2015 10:47:28
United Arab Emirates; November 2015 – KERMEL will be showcasing its fabrics and clothing, which protect against heat, flames and electric arc, at the ADIPEC exhibition in Abu Dhabi on November , 2015. (Hall 9, stand 9220D). KERMEL offers two specific types of solution: - For individuals: protection/safety (high-risk industries, fire brigades, law enforcement, public order, military personnel) - For industry: hot-gas filtration, transport (automotive and aerospace applications), electrical insulation, etc. Kermel® fiber is offered to every segment of the protective clothing market, throughout the world. These innovative textile solutions are specifically suited to the needs of end users and to the climatic and technical constraints they face. Kermel® garments are the ideal solution for hot and humid conditions, such as those found in the Middle East: lightweight (for greater comfort), soft to the touch and offering a level of protection that meets the international standards in force. A regular participant in the exhibition, KERMEL is able to meet the needs of customers by offering exclusive customized solutions. This is one of its key competitive advantages. The firm designs innovative solutions when it comes to yarns, fabrics, knits and protective clothing, to cater for the specific requirements of buyers or end users. Last year, KERMEL sold its 165 gsm K-Durashield® suits to various types of end user in the oil and gas industries of the United Arab Emirates and Qatar. The company has also encountered a great deal of success with its 150 gsm Sofshield® suits, whose light weight closely meets the needs of customer. Innovation lies at the heart of KERMELs strategy. Caroline Fischer, head of KERMELs Protective Clothing Division, believes that "the future of meta-aramid products is highly promising. The company is already developing new compositions, alternative blends and innovative textile solutions to fulfill the requirements of users in terms of flame-resistant yarns, fabrics and garments that are as comfortable as they are durable".   The KERMEL brand is renowned in the sector for its superior-quality aramid fabrics, which offer a high level of protection from heat and flames. Aramid is not only naturally flame resistant, it also offers other advantages such as UV, abrasion and tear resistance.  About KERMEL: Founded in 1972, KERMEL now employs around 100 people in France and generates over 70% of its turnover from exports. KERMEL relies on a vast network of regional sales managers, agents, representatives and distributors spread across the world. KERMEL is ISO 9001 certified for quality and OHSAS 18001 certified for safety, while its fibers have been awarded the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 label for health. The company is also undergoing environmental certification. For additional product information: Caroline Fischer KERMEL Tel.: +33 (0)7 62 96 32 71 Email: Website:

Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone Announces Exclusive Sponsorship of Business France Networking Event at GITEX

Yousra LAHBABI - 21-oct.-2015 11:40:40
nited Arab Emirates; October 2015 - Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone ( RAK FTZ ) announces their support as the exclusive sponsor of the networking event organised by Business France, during GITEX Technology Week 2015. The move is aimed to promote RAK FTZ to the French exhibitors and attendees and offer them valuable insights about the investment opportunities in the United Arab Emirates.   "We are delighted to partner with Business France,    With over 8,000 flourishing companies in its portfolio, RAK FTZ is continuously gaining the attention of French investors. There are presently almost 300 French companies thriving in the free zones business-friendly environment. Among them are Arnolfo di Cambio, a company that trades in table top and textile products; Permagard, a company that manufactures paint protection and cleaning products for marine, aviation and automobiles; and Eurocap, a business that manufactures plastic packaging items.   "We had visited many free zones and were impressed by the professional approach of the team in RAK FTZ . They were very supportive and were always available to provide us with assistance," said P. Haridas, Manager of Eurocap. Mr Csobonyei believes that RAK FTZ s major participation in this event did not only position the UAE as a sustainable investment hub in the Middle East but also helped boost the knowledge and technical insights of the attendees about doing business and accelerating their growth and development.   - End –  

An eclectic and high-end range of companies representing France at the hotel show Dubai

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United Arab Emirates; August 2015 – 13 French manufacturers will participate in the French section organized by Business France, a government agency supporting the international development of the French economy . The eclectic variety and quality expertise of the French companies should please the major public and private project decision-makers as well as purchasing managers of the leading hotel chains attending the regions largest exhibition to discover the latest trends in the hotel sector. A key event for conducting business in the Middle East and North Africa, this annual event continues to attract new companies with over half participating for the first time. Selected to host the next World Expo in 2020, Dubai is set to begin numerous new hotel projects to double its hotel capacity before this event. The healthy performance of the regions decorating sector is currently due to the completion of numerous hotel and residential projects. The Gulf market is estimated at $22 billion, with the United Arab Emirates accounting for two-thirds of the total value of all projects. Against this dynamic and promising backdrop, the French proposition stands apart through its diversity and the quality its product range. Thirteen companies will present equipment and solutions adapted to the demand. Carpet tiles and fitted carpets are essential for the plush atmosphere of hotel rooms. A collection of hand-made paintings featuring geometric shapes and traditional Islamic calligraphy add a personal touch to rooms. The stonework from the Auvergne volcanoes helps add to the luxurious interior and exterior decoration . Custom-made tables showcase the most stunning items of porcelain designers. Tableware, which goes hand-in-hand with French gastronomy, is coupled with luxury household linens . Last but not least lighting adds the finishing touches. Whether integrated behind metallic textiles or into back-lit wall panels, the interior or balcony lighting fixtures are equally suited to traditional furniture or to more contemporary designs . Finally, stylish and colorful outdoor furniture surround the pool-side showers . All-inclusive service providers will also be present representing a range of services including intelligent energy solutions that capture heat lost in power generation and transform the heat into energy used to simultaneously produce hot water, air conditioning and fresh water; or modular ergonomic solutions for IT management in the hotel industry. Follow the smell of freshly-brewed coffee from espresso machines designed for catering and professional use to reach the French section.   All exhibitors will be located in three areas on the Blue Line at the entrance of hall 3 in the International Village of the Dubai World Trade Centre.

INNOVENT : The first Textile in The World to Include 4 Functions

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 United Arab Emirates- December 2014. The French company DHJ INTERNATIONAL, specialized in textile coating has recently launched its new product INNOVENT. This textile received  Alsace Innovation prize in 2013 as It can fulfill four different functions.    Whether it’s used alone or as lining, INNOVENT covers all clients’ requirements with the aim of enhancing the interior comfort. Today, the company wishes to make its innovation better known abroad especially in Gulf countries; and thus offer this product to different markets such as hospitality, entertainment as well as furnishing.   in 1970, DHJ INTERNATIONAL’s activity at that time was coating thermofusible interlinings destined to reinforce shirt collars.   It was only on 2012 that  Scenevent department was  created and headed by Mr. Lutz. The range of Scenevent coated fabrics was developed with the aim of satisfying all the needs of professional event specialists. The department launched in 2013 its innovation : INNOVENT product. After several months of intensive work  in close cooperation with Research and Development laboratory, this new textile has shown its ability to succeed and has proven its capability to fulfill four functions on its own. Indeed, INNOVENT combines the following properties : Complete occultation, thermal insulation, and sound insulation and fireproof.    Whether it’s used alone or as a lining curtain, INNOVENT has a significant potential for many markets such as hospitality, administrations, events and furnishing. Imagine yourself in a protected draught-free area, where noise levels are limited and where you are not hindered by outdoor lighting… a really quiet zone filled with a sense of well-being.   Characteristics and features :   -Base fabric : 100% Polyester -Coating : acrylic for sound insulation + aluminum-based metallization -Weight : 205 g/m² -Width : 2,40 m                                                                         - Thickness : 0,90mm                                                                                                                                            - Fire Resistance Classification: M1 et B1 (on request)                                                                                                                  -Tear Resistance : CH/TR : 19daN / 75daN                                                                                       - Tear propagation resistance: CH/TR : 510 Nm / 1400 Nm (pendulum tester 1600g)  - Reflection factor IR : 70% - Sound absorption factor Alpha w = 0,65 (according to the European standard NF EN ISO 354) - Washing at 30°C     About DHJ INTERNATIONAL :   DHJ INTERNATIONAL is a subsidiary of the French group CHARGEURS since 1995. It’s located at Sélestat in Alsace (France). The company has been in existence since 1970. Its main activity was coating thermofusible interlinings destined to reinforce shirt collars. As of 1979 the company’s activities have diversified. In 1983 DHJ international launched itself into coating industrial fabrics with the aim of providing them with technical properties. These properties, for instance, include: occulting, sound-insulation, non-flammability, rigidity, touch, …   Contact : Jean-Luc Lutz, Product Manager + 33 (0)6 32 65 51 14   Press contact: Miryem Oukas Communication Press office & Regional Development French Embassy in the United Arab Emirates Tel: +971 (0)4 408 49 69  Mobile: +971 (0)55 478 32 15   
Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the VIE international internship program. Founded on January 1, 2015 through a merger between UBIFRANCE and the Invest in France Agency, Business France has 1,500 personnel, both in France and in 70 countries throughout the world, who work with a network of public- and private-sector partners. For further information, please visit: Consulting:  Law and regulation Market benchmarking Projects and requests for proposals Contacts : Market prospection Exhibitions and B to B meetings Technologic partnerships Communication : Press and public relations Professional advertisements Commerc


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