Telmat Industrie has just released its new automatic body measurement system: The SYMCAD III 3D Body Scanner.

Yousra Lahbabi - 14-juil.-2015 08:52:37
United Arab Emirates; Julyl 2015 –   The SYMCAD III 3D Body Scanner is a new hi-tech solution for automatically taking complete or partial measurements of the human body.   SYMCAD III is an ideal solution for made-to-measure clothing businesses, for sizing clothes as well as having applications in the fitness and healthcare markets. The SYMCAD III is unique in the market of scanners using depth sensors as it provides a realistic representation of the human body and makes it possible to visually detect static markers such as stickers and labels. Interactive tools take specific measurements in relation to different body shapes. SYMCAD III automatically analyzes body shape and body posture. Telmat has developed two different 3D solutions depending on their use: SYMCAD III  –  C "Cabin version" and SYMCAD III  –  T "Transportable version". SYMCAD III  –  C is particularly well suited to taking measurements in stores and can be fitted with an extension to allow customers to undress. This solution works particularly well in the context of supplying professional clothing or uniforms; between 40 to 50 people an hour can be measured. SYMCAD III  –  T is extremely portable and can be deployed in less than one hour and weighs less than 80 kg. It can be set up and operated by the client as the solution does not require any specialized knowledge or training. SYMCAD III makes it possible to offer customers made-to-measure, comfortable and elegant garments for the price of off-the-peg garments. User-friendly, self-operating and fun to use, SYMCAD vocally guides customers as soon as they enter the booth. The client is welcomed in a pleasant atmosphere. The measurements are taken in soft lighting. The color of the clients underclothes and skin color in no way affect the measurements. The new SYMCAD III solution boasts several technical benefits. The solutions depth sensors use optical triangulation (near-infrared light - NIR) to take the measurements. The solution also employs cutting-edge technology to eliminate electronic and optical interference. This results in an accuracy rate well below 1%. The reconstruction of the human body is realistic with virtually no noise or inaccuracies. The floor space measures 3.3m². Ultra-rapid measurement acquisition time: 1 second for a 10-sensor set-up and 1.8 seconds for a 20-sensor set-up. 3D acquisition can be taken over 360°, because of the position of the sensors. Several measurement positions are possible. The accuracy of a cylinder with a circumference measuring 1.60 m and with a height of 1.90 m is less than ± 0.15% or ± 1.5 ‰  (per thousand). Measurement limits are: height 2.05 m, depth 0.8 m and width 1 m. Over 140 measurements are automatically taken and can be consulted in less than 30 seconds. The measurement position control can be performed on pictograms and/or on real body forms.      Over thirty made-to-measure clothing shops in Europe already use the Telmat body measurement system.   SYMCAD III starts at €12,000.  


Press_UAE - 15-mai-2011 09:11:06
     Having taken the measurements of over a million people inside institutions and clothed them, TELMAT is now commercialising SYMCAD II, an unprecedented innovation in the measurement of the human body. Very easy to use, SYMCAD II provides boutiques and clothing store chains with an automated body measurement system that can determine clothing sizes and help produce made-to-measure clothes. It can also supply essential elements about anthropomorphic characteristics and greatly contributes in measurement campaigns. SYMCAD II is simple, autonomous and fun. Featuring automatic body positioning control, as well as a synthetic voice system that welcomes the customer into the cabin, it helps him find the ideal position, and then automatically triggers the measurement process. The person is inside a pleasant environment and a fun setting throughout. Ultra-fast and accurate. It takes less than a minute for the equipment to be started up. The cycle comprises an automated calibration of the scope of measurement, totally free of any human intervention, with an acquisition time of 0.5 second for the entire human body. SYMCAD II is unequalled on the market. Over 110 measurements are completed and available within 30 seconds. Comfortable and fully preserving personal intimacy, SYMCAD II features an exceptional spectrum of measurement, impervious to the colour of underwear or to skin pigmentation. That is yet another SYMCAD II functionality unmatched on the market. The realistic reconstruction of the human body and the software suite make it possible to collect any kind of special measurement. Measurements are automatically taken from characteristic body features. All measurements are based on raw data from the subject, free of any smoothing or data manipulation. SYMCAD II benefits are many. It obviously makes it possible to provide clothing that is perfectly adapted to the person’s morphology, without alteration. Its automation promotes improved hygiene and privacy by limiting the fittings to the bare minimum. Shops can also thus manage a morphological database that will help optimise stocks and customer loyalty. Store chains can enjoy an identical measurement tool in all their shops. SYMCAD II helps provide made-to-measure comfort and elegance  for the cost of ready-to-wear! About TELMAT: TELMAT INDUSTRIE  is a company specialising in products and solutions for the fields of Telecommunications, 3D Vision and Internet security.      
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