ContentArmor to showcase its latest anti piracy solutions for Live Sports at CabSat 2019

Rejula ARUN - 11-mars-2019 05:50:51
United Arab Emirates  March, 2019 — ContentArmor, the bitstream watermarking vendor, announced today it will showcase its latest anti-piracy solutions at the Dubai tradeshow. ContentArmor SAS is a global provider of content protection technologies for sports and media industries from content production to end-user distribution. ContentArmor’s Video Watermarking solution modifies the bitstream directly, resulting in blitz-fast embedding. Its unique technology enables integration at any point of the distribution chain, including CDN edge servers or low computational power CE devices, and requires only marginal additional bandwidth, storage or encoding capabilities. Forensic video watermarking is used by studios and broadcasters to fight against video piracy. This technology allows tracing the source of piracy, down to individual pay-TV subscribers or managed devices, and thereby acts as a powerful deterrent. ContentArmor video forensic watermarking resists to a wide range of modifications to the content, from simple transcoding to screen capture. Initially designed and approved by Hollywood Studios for Premium VOD distribution, the solution is now available for the protection of live content such as sports games. On top of web monitoring, identifying the source of the pirate feeds enable operators to take technical or commercial actions in real time. “Illegal redistribution of content over the internet has unfortunately become the most threatening competition to PayTV and OTT distributors” said Alain Durand CEO of ContentArmor. “We are delighted to have the opportunity to present our unique forensic watermarking solutions to MENA market and to demonstrate how it can help our customers to protect their investment in premium Live sports or VOD catalogs.” Meet ContentArmor at CabSat 2019 in Hall 3, D3-32. Contact: Additional information is available at, or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.    

S@TIS’ traceability software packages to feature at Arab Health 2019

Rejula ARUN - 13-janv.-2019 08:34:44
United Arab Emirates- January 13, 2019: For the fifth year in a row, STEAM France and its French subsidiary S@TIS, with the support of Business France, will be exhibiting at the Arab Health show in Dubai, from January 28-31, 2019. Subsidiary S@TIS in the limelight It will be presenting a software suite composed of multiple complementary modules, compliant with the requirements of international standards, and which enable, real-time and paper-free, monitoring of each stage of the sterilization process, from the operating room to the sterile arsenal. Intuitive and compatible with all types of equipment (washer-disinfector, autoclave, etc.), whatever their brand or technology. S@TIS software suites for Medical Devices and Supervision System Traceability will facilitate managers’ efforts, thanks to an integrated statistical analysis tool, assessing the performance of devices daily and guaranteeing the security of the process – and thus of the patient. In fifteen years on the market, S@TIS has equipped nearly 250 sites in France. In the Middle East, it has been offering its Traceability software for two years, to make the link between the surgical instrument and the patient that much simpler. Its first client was Tawam Hospital in Abu Dhabi. Today, ADI - Abu Dhabi International Medical Services, the local partner of S@TIS is developing a solid commercial network for the future in the Gulf countries, drawing on its geographic presence, experience and skills. From January 28th to 31st 2019, S@TIS will be exhibiting in the France Pavillon, Arab Health - Za’abeel Hall 2 - stand B50 (STEAM France’ stand) at the Dubai International Exhibition and Convention Centre, Sheik Zayed Road Convention Gate, PO Box 9292, Dubai, UAE. Company contact: Mr Michel Muron, S@TIS Customer Accounts Manager | | Tel. : +33660311820. STEAM France CS 24288 - Rue de la Valsière - 34090 Montpellier - France


Rejula ARUN - 30-avr.-2018 08:22:20
United Arab Emirates, 30 April 2018 : Mademoiselle Saint Germain is the first brand of cosmetics to use ingredients exclusively from France, and to contain active plant extracts from the King’s Kitchen Garden at the Palace of Versailles. It draws on centuries-old beauty secrets to create simply formulated products free of any controversial ingredients. Users are delighted by the brand’s skincare products, not only because of the stories they tell and the quality they exude, but also because of their authenticity. Mademoiselle Saint Germain is the realization of a project dreamed up by two pharmacists in Versailles, one of whom has a keen interest in history and the other in cosmetics. While exploring the town’s historical heritage, they discovered some age-old beauty secrets that inspired them to create their own skincare lines. Made in France & Made of France Besides manufacturing its products in France, Mademoiselle Saint Germain is special in that its ingredients are sourced exclusively from French suppliers. Between 92 and 98% of the ingredients in its products are either grown or made in France, and 92 to 99% are natural. A partner, the King’s Kitchen Garden Another defining feature of the brand is its naturalness. Each product is a celebration of the plant kingdom and contains a high proportion of plants from the King’s Kitchen Garden, which was built at the request of Louis XIV and is listed as a historic monument and an outstanding natural area. Its gardeners continue to grow a broad variety of plants to this day. The King’s Kitchen Garden produces exceptionally high-quality plants in soil free from fertilizers, pesticides and weed killers, and therefore testifies to the botanical perfection of the Mademoiselle Saint Germain brand. Traditional but highly innovative cosmetics Mademoiselle Saint Germain draws inspiration from centuries-old recipes because, in the past, cosmetics contained only a few, freshly harvested ingredients. The brand therefore produces unique cosmetic products with modern galenic formulations, simple formulas, and no controversial ingredients. Mademoiselle Saint Germain is working closely with the King’s Kitchen Garden to reintroduce historical plants for use in new products. As a result, a formerly extinct variety of cucumber - the white Bonneuil - was recently reintroduced and is at the spearhead of its new ‘Revitalizing’ line. So, you really can feel like a princess for a change… From May 8 to 10 2018, MADEMOISELLE SAINT GERMAIN is exhibiting in the France Pavilion of Business France – the national agency supporting international development of the French economy – at Beautyworld Middle East in Dubai - S2 E30 Contact: MADEMOISELLE SAINT GERMAIN 1 rue Édouard Charton – 78000 VERSAILLES - FRANCE Charles CRACCO – CEO & co-founder Tel: +33 9 52 57 60 96 Mobile: +33 6 83 99 99 33

2017 France Attractiveness Scoreboard

YASMINA OUARI - 13-déc.-2017 09:05:50
United Arab Emirates, December 13, 2017 – Business France and Les États de la France are proud to present the “France Attractiveness Scoreboard”, along with an Ipsos/États de la France survey, during the 12th meeting of the États de la France, an annual forum for foreign business leaders in France. The France Attractiveness Scoreboard – published for the eighth year in a row in conjunction with the French Treasury Directorate (DG Trésor) at the Ministry for the Economy and Finance, and the French Commission for Regional Equality (CGET) – will be unveiled by Mr. Christophe Lecourtier, CEO of Business France. The Ipsos/États de la France survey will be commented upon by Mr. Pascal Cagni, France’s Ambassador for International Investment, and Mr. Brice Teinturier, Executive Director at Ipsos. The Scoreboard brings together a wide array of economic data, compiled as indicators into the attractiveness of different nations as investment locations, and uses them to compare France’s performances with 13 other countries. The Ipsos survey analyzes the perceptions of investment attractiveness held by 200 leaders of foreign businesses operating in France. “This is the first time that international investors have painted a positive, encouraging image of France. Upbeat views on the ground about France’s attractiveness to business have shot up 24% from 2016 and are now shared by 60% of respondents,” said Brice Teinturier. France’s structural advantages include a large domestic market and central location, a well qualified workforce, the world’s seventh highest hourly labor productivity, along with leading airports and the second highest broadband penetration rate among the countries examined by the Scoreboard. France remains as open as ever to inward investment as Europe’s third leading recipient of job-creating foreign investment (EY 2016; second leading recipient according to Business France Europe Observatory figures). There was also a 14% increase in foreign researchers coming to work in France in 2015. Analysis of economic indicators highlights a number of the French economy’s key strengths, including: - Innovation capacity: France’s cost competitiveness as a location for R&D operations has remained high since 2008. France’s research tax credit has ensured that it offers more generous R&D tax treatment than any other country (ranked first among the sample countries compared by the Scoreboard). Human resources in science and technology (HRST) accounted for 50.5% of the active population in 2016. The Deloitte Technology Fast 500 EMEA rankings saw France outstrip all its European counterparts, while the Clarivate Analytics Top 100 Global Innovators also ranked France first in Europe and the third most innovative country in the world. - A growing, thriving enterprise culture: The total number of active enterprises in France grew by 2.3% in 2015, through a net increase of 77,438 businesses, compared with an increase of only 1.7% across the EU-28. This wave of new and expanding businesses is being fostered by a favorable administrative and financial environment, especially for startups. France is also making life simpler for entrepreneurs: only 3.5 days were required in 2016 to found a company in France, compared with 4.5 in the United Kingdom and 10.5 in Germany. Moreover, record levels of venture capital (€1.216 billion) were invested in France during the first half of 2017, the second highest sum in Europe. - An industrial economy appreciated by international investors: France is Europe’s leading recipient of foreign investment in industry (EY, BF 2016), and has seen a clear increase in hourly labor productivity in the manufacturing sector, up 2.8% in 2016, compared with a rise of only 0.5% across the EU-28. Conversely, labor costs and taxation in France are the main areas that continue to be flagged for attention in international rankings. “The French government is busy getting to grips with these issues. The recent overhaul of employment laws has already taken effect for businesses and employees alike. Labor costs are due to be examined closely from January 2018 by the government and the French Industry Council (CNI) to find ways to lower payroll costs for highly qualified and highly paid jobs. Measures underway to reduce taxes include the abolition of the ‘wealth tax’ (ISF) and the introduction of a flat tax on capital gains. The corporate tax rate is due to fall in stages from 34.4% to 25% in 2022, and this should also make France a more attractive place to do business”, said Christophe Lecourtier. “The reforms the French government has been leading over the last six months to improve France’s attractiveness as an investment location are reflected in the views of foreign business leaders polled by Ipsos; the number of respondents agreeing that reforms are ‘heading in the right direction’ is up 39% in 2017 from last year. This is excellent news, proving that by pursuing these structural reforms France is generating a positive image for itself across the world. Other initiatives – such as the recently announced industrial strategy to underpin innovation in the sector, along with the new French Fab accreditation to promote French manufacturing – are additional attractions for foreign investors in this area,” said Pascal Cagni. Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the VIE international internship program. Business France has 1,500 personnel, both in France and in 70 countries throughout the world, who work with a network of public- and private-sector partners.


YASMINA OUARI - 11-déc.-2017 08:57:03
United Arab Emirates, December 11, 2017: For its first participation in Arab Health, the French start-up DELMONT IMAGING will be exhibiting ICARE+, a compact and innovative system that can be used for HD hysteroscopy in both offices and examination rooms. IMAGYN, which is an application installed on the iPad Pro, can be used to enter the operating report with just a few clicks. It will then be stored in the Cloud, thereby making it accessible from anywhere. Built around Apple products, iCare+ includes an HD camera, an LED light source, a 12.9" iPad Pro with the Imagyn application installed on it, a 22" monitor to view the examinations at an aspect ratio of 16:9" and a robust, compact trolley to support all the equipment. High quality, simple and efficient The camera and light source are both contained in one housing to reduce size and cost. The camera uses an CMOS HD sensor with over 2 million pixels. The light source uses LED technology and can generate an exceptionally strong light, superior to a Xenon 180W source. iCare+ displays the HD images on a 22” monitor and can also stream them from its Wifi port. Icare+ also comes with a USB stick on which you can save many hours of video in HD format. The IMAGYN application, which is pre-installed on the 12.9” iPad Pro, is as easy to use as a smartphone. It enables you to create, view and manage patient records as well as to watch the video stream on the iPad Pro, which can be turned toward the patient. IMAGYN allows you to enter the operating report with just a few clicks. The Apple stylus makes it easy to annotate anatomical diagrams and supplement photos taken during the examination. The information shared with patients or colleagues is of very high quality. The application syncs with the Cloud to enable access to the information at all times, regardless of your location and the device you are using, whether it is a computer, tablet or even a smartphone. Pierre Montillot, Chairman of Delmont Imaging, said “we are proud to participate in Arab Health for the first time. We are sure that we will continue to participate in many more. We will be going to Dubai with innovative and efficient products that are highly appreciated in Europe. They will definitely also be popular among the gynaecologists in the region. The only thing we have left to do is identify the partner we will be collaborating with for each individual country.”   DELMONT IMAGING has recently been exhibiting in Barcelona, Helsinki, Brussels, Stavanger, Sochi, Düsseldorf, Moscow, Amsterdam as well as in all major gynaecology conferences in France (SCGP, AFIB, D.Dargent, CNGOF). It will be exhibiting at the French Pavilion of Arab Health, Dubai from 29 January to 1 February 2018 to find distributors of medical devices for the gynaecology market. Contact: DELMONT IMAGING Tel: +33 4 91 25 04 20 – Mobile : +33 6 82 58 54 86 163, avenue de Luminy - 13009 MARSEILLE - FRANCE For more info, feel free to contact Business France: Miryem Oukas Messidi Head of Communications – Middle East Mobile: +971 (0)55 478 32 15 Mail :

GV2 – VEDA France is once again attending the BIG 5 Dubai trade show to increase and consolidate its presence in the United Arab Emirates, Asia, Africa and beyond.

Rejula ARUN - 26-oct.-2017 10:18:43
United Arab Emirates October 26,2017: We design, manufacture and sell a comprehensive range of firestop systems and joints for the construction industry: expansion joints, control joints, joint covers, firestop systems, stair nosings, etc. Our solutions are suitable for all types of buildings (shopping malls, hospitals, schools, industrial buildings, airports, etc.) for both standard and seismic joints. As a specialist manufacturer of building joints, our savoir-faire is widely recognized by all the professionals: architects, engineering firms, general contractors and sub-contractors. We are committed to developing reliable innovative products, which has enabled us to become a world leader in firestop systems for horizontal and vertical expansion joints, heads of walls, curtain walls and facade panels for applications in seismic zones (or not). Our range of passive fire protection products (ropes, mattresses, blankets, filler boards and foam) is internationally recognized: (EN) European Norms, (UL) Underwriters Laboratories USA, (BS) British Standard, etc.). These international certifications are issued by world-renowned official independent laboratories (Efectis, CSTB, TÜV Singapore, Exova, etc.). Our presence in the Middle-East has grown, mainly thanks to the certification of our products and systems by the local authorities (UAE Civil Defense, Qatar Civil Defense, Kuwait Fire Department, etc.) and our participation in the 2016 Big 5 Dubai exhibition. Our firestop solutions include: VEDAFEU C ropes: VEDAFEU C ropes are unique, protected and patented and have no equivalent on the market. The ease with which they can be installed, their budget-friendly cost and close implementation control allow for time and financial savings. They are the best available firestop solution for joint gaps up to 120 mm and have a firestop rating of 4 hours. VEDAFEU M mattresses: VEDAFEU M mattresses are ideal for joint gaps up to 450 mm. They have a firestop rating of 2 hours and have been developed to resist seismic movements (or not): movement up to + 275 % and compression up to - 95 %. VEDAFEU M mattresses are easy to use and install. VEDAFEU N blankets: VEDAFEU N blankets are the ideal solution for very large joint gaps up to 840 mm. They have a firestop rating of 4 hours and allow movement up to + 50 % and compression up to - 75 %. LINEAFEU Filler boards: LINEAFEU filler board is a true all-in-one product: formwork, fire barrier and thermal/acoustic insulation. They are suitable for joint gaps up to 100 mm and have a firestop rating of 4 hours. VEDAFEU PU foam: VEDAFEU PU foam is the simplest and quickest solution for passive fire protection and has a firestop rating of 4 hours for joint gaps up to 40 mm. For more info, feel free to contact Business France: Miryem Oukas Messidi Head of Communications – Middle East Mobile: +971 (0)55 478 32 15 Mail :  

OSVfinder launches the first online chartering platform for energy market.

Rejula ARUN - 22-oct.-2017 12:42:06
A new innovating web application which revolutionizes offshore support vessels chartering by connecting charterers and ship-owners online. United Arab Emirates, October 22nd 2017 – OSVfinder is now running a testing campaign with SAIPEM. SAIPEM will be sending real enquiries through OSVfinder. This period of test will extend till fall. OSVfinder allows charterers, to quickly contact shipowners without using intermediaries. By using the geolocation of ships, an advanced search engine and internal messaging, the application makes offshore chartering simpler, faster and cheaper. Who - The application is for shipowners and charterers operating in offshore Oil & Gas and renewable marine energies. What - When registering on the OSVfinder platform, shipowners indicate the availability of their vessels to charterers who need offshore marine support for offshore energy projects. The platform provides tools for direct communication between charterers and ship-owners. The application also generates market reports with statistics based on customer activity. Where - The service offered by the company is accessible anywhere in the world. Only an internet connection and a subscription are necessary to be able to connect and use the application. [The headquarters of the company, currently based in Marseille, aims to open offices in Singapore and Dubai]. How - Once shipowners and charterers are registered on OSVfinder, they have access to all the features of the web application. Shipowners simply indicate the availability of their vessels, referenced in the OSVfinder database. Charterers launch their requests for avalaibility and find a list of matching vessels corresponding to their needs, including technical specifications, geolocation, pictures, data sheets, and then directly contact corresponding shipowners via an internal messaging system to send their calls for bids. Why – With more than 100,000 vessels and 70 international shipowners registered such as Bourbon SA, Tidewater, Solstad, Boskalis, Seacor, Swire and Smit Lamnalco, OSVfinder’s main goal is to modernize the offshore Oil & Gas industry by offering a digitized service that creates a new working environment and allows time-saving tricks and economy of scale for both charterers and ship-owners. Instead of fees that actors are used to pay, the company will run on a subscription plan. Thus, OSV finder would not invoice any commissions. Welcome on the french pavilion organized by BUSINESS FRANCE at ADIPEC exhibition in Abu Dhabi from 13rd to 16th november 2017 (Hall 9) to discover OSVfinder. CONTACT Miryem Oukas Messidi Head of Communications – Middle East Mobile: +971 (0)55 478 32 15 Mail :
Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the VIE international internship program. Founded on January 1, 2015 through a merger between UBIFRANCE and the Invest in France Agency, Business France has 1,500 personnel, both in France and in 70 countries throughout the world, who work with a network of public- and private-sector partners. For further information, please visit: Consulting:  Law and regulation Market benchmarking Projects and requests for proposals Contacts : Market prospection Exhibitions and B to B meetings Technologic partnerships Communication : Press and public relations Professional advertisements Commerc


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