French Awards Ceremony event

Jessica Jouvenaux - 04/03/12

During his visit to the United Arab Emirates, Mr. Edouard Courtial, Minister of State for Overseas French Affairs, chaired the Awards Ceremony for the 4th "Grand Prix V.I.E" (a French International Internship Program). The ceremony was organised in the UAE and was held at the residence of the French Ambassador.

Among the people recognised and awarded by the Minister for their commitment in favour of the VIE Program, were four young French people and two companies (TOTAL MARKETING and BNP PARIBAS). This year, this competition has evolved to allow the companies to participate. The first objective was to increase the companies’ awareness of this program and secondly, to reward the most interesting initiatives.

Thanks to the support of all the French team of the Export, the ceremony was a great success. Nearly half of the 160 young French professionals attended the event, as well as several French businessmen. This event was a great opportunity to network on a professional level where participants could exchange and promote ideas regarding the VIE program.

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The V.I.E progra m enables French companies to send a young person between 18 and 28 years of age on a working assignment abroad for a flexible period of 6 to 24 months, which can be renewed once within a 2 year period. It is open to young French candidates, of all educational backgrounds, who have fulfilled their national service obligations, as well as to young people from the European Economic Area meeting the same conditions. It appeals to strongly motivated young people : recent graduates, often with some work experience or wishing to take a year out from college and gain international experience. Follow the V.I.E Program updates by clicking here .  For more information about the V.I.E Program in the United Arab Emirates, please contact : Mélanie DIA Trade advisor V.I.E Ph. +971 (0)4 408 49 56


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