Press_UAE - 16/05/11

Being already well established in the area, France has chosen to showcase a highly comprehensive hotel industry and catering offer at THE HOTEL SHOW in DUBAI from next May 17th to 19th. UBIFRANCE, together with the Pays de la Loire Chamber of Commerce and Industry, will be gathering 21 companies within its national pavilion, many of which are already familiar with the market.

So one can expect to see an eclectic, quality offer, ranging from BIC GRAPHIC’s customised pen to DRAGAN ARCHITECTURE’s turnkey hotel project!

There will be furniture and light fittings in all styles and materials:
The château life revisited, with classic furniture and seating by ALD PARIS, a play on materials and classy cabinet-making by SAVOURET, as well as metal used in LE LABO DESIGN’s contemporary compositions, or made-to-measure work by MALLARD, who designs furniture elements on demand.
Creative lighting is the slogan used by SAITEC, whose Dipline range uses conductive panel technology for safe, infinite variations in lighting solutions. The Luxiole collection by DESIGN HEURE features highly contemporary light fittings which, once again, can be adapted to all requests.

From floor to ceiling, CUIRS AU CARRE has chosen leather for its wall and floor coverings. In the same field, and with over fifty years’ experience, DALSOUPLE adapts hundreds of choices in textures and colours. Timeless and colourful, JERO and BELINAC upholstery fabric will fit any decoration style. Decorative panels by ARTASA are made on canvass by craftsmen using oil paint, acrylic paint or water-based paint, or even coal. As for artist NATHALIE CHOSSEC, she works on linen or steel, and her work, inspired from her travels, has already conquered the Middle East.
HEXA ARTS calls upon quality designers to provide multiple decoration solutions, while ZIG ZAG rounds it all off with its frames and mirrors.

A French presence would be unthinkable without a nod to gastronomy and to table-top arts. For over 150 years, DELARBOULAS has been creating countless table sets in a great variety of styles.

Hospitality demands the most careful fine-tuning. CADDIE, the leader in shopping-cart manufacturing, takes part in the upkeep of hotels worldwide. As for BARTECH and its mini-bars, they are above all concerned with quenching the guests’ thirst all the way to their rooms.

One could not overlook wellness, represented here by GEMOLOGY COSMETICS and its highly original range of skin care products based on diamond, ruby and sapphire, as well as by AQUAROLL and its innovative bead hydro massage system for use in spa areas.

With its fully modular luxurious shelters for pools, spas and terraces, BAILLY PRESTIGE ABRIS brings the final touch to this highly diverse presentation, which complies with the strictest standards, showcasing products that are practical, innovative and meant to meet the specific needs of the best hotels on the basis of substantial knowledge of the area.

French companies will be at The Hotel Show in Hall 7!

For further information:
Phone: + 33 1 40 73 35 75            

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