Rejula ARUN - 23/01/19

United Arab Emirates: January 23, 2019 - From February 4-7, 2019, Eurofins Biomnis, the European leader in specialized medical pathology, will be exhibiting at the France Pavilion at MEDLAB Dubai.

The laboratory has chosen this leading congress to present its new range of preventive laboratory tests to its correspondents in the Middle East.
Since June 2018, Eurofins Biomnis has been offering clinicians and patients a new comprehensive range of preventive laboratory tests to prevent the signs of aging which the body can experience over time: JUVENALIS®. An evaluation of an individual’s metabolic, hormonal, micronutritional or digestive profiles can help prevent, for instance, the occurrence of pathologies or identify the possible causes of distress.
Exposed to constant onslaught from pollution, stress or unbalanced diet, the body also undergoes age-related physiological changes (hormonal imbalances, drop in immune defenses, metabolic slowdowns) that contribute to senescence processes, whether organic or, more fundamentally, intracellular.

Juvenalis® offers a wide range of tests, each addressing a mechanism or dysfunction evaluated as a whole: the performance of an athlete, identification of an individual’s ideal weight, digestive disorders, premature aging, etc., making for an original and relevant syndrome-based approach. The initial assessment (BasicCheck) and 9 supplementary assessments enable more in-depth exploration through syndromic panels, where appropriate:

First-line assessment

Very exhaustive assessment of the main harmful mechanisms (oxidative stress, deficiencies, imbalances, etc.)
AgeCheck Women
Nutritional, hormonal and metabolic testing StressCheck
Mental health check-up (sleep, anxiety, memory, etc.)
AgeCheck Men
Hormonal, cardiovascular and prostate testing DigestCheck
Digestive health check-up
Vitamins, mineral, oligoelement, fatty acid and amino acid testing WeightCheck
Biological profile testing for weight optimization
Skin health testing OsteoCheck
Bone health testing Sportify
Metabolism testing for athletes

To supplement this, Nutritol™ offers testing for food intolerances. Three levels of analysis are offered, testing up to 270 foods (dairy products, eggs, gluten, etc.) and additives.

MEDLAB helps Eurofins Biomnis strengthen its ties with its current customers, meet new prospects (specialized physicians, private or hospital laboratories), and inform prescribers about the latest developments in hyperspecialized medical pathology, particularly innovative tests. From February 4-7 2019, Eurofins Biomnis will be exhibiting at MEDLAB – Dubai – Stand Z1F50.

About Eurofins Biomnis
The European leader in the field of specialized medical pathology, Eurofins Biomnis conducts over 32,000 analyses per day on a panel of more than 2,500 examinations, including specialized procedures, having all the necessary accreditations in this regard. Founded in 1897 by Marcel Mérieux, Eurofins Biomnis remains the leading player in specialized pathology in France thanks to continuous innovation and technological investment, particularly in the fields of women’s pathology, oncology and personalized medicine, as well as chromosome and molecular genetics. With 120 years of expertise and innovation in medical pathology, Eurofins Biomnis, the European platform of the Clinical Diagnostics division of the Eurofins Group, is now pursuing its international development.

Company contact:

Head of press activities Caroline PASCAULT
Wellcom Press Relations Agency: biomnis@wellcom.fr
17/19 avenue Tony Garnier - 69007 Lyon – FRANCE
Tel.: +334.







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