French companies will showcase the Beauty of Archipelago Corsica at the Beautyworld 2015

Yousra Lahbabi - 11/05/15

United Arab Emirates; May 2015 –  French chamber of commerce of south Corsica will attend the Beautyworld ME in presence of six innovative companies. On the French pavilion organised by Business France, they will represent  the major trends in French luxurious, healthcare and cosmetics products, showcasing an attractive offer well suited to luxury cosmetic and selective and natural beauty market.

The Corsican delegation relies on its natural assets. The local fauna and plant life provide remarkable active principles to develop lines of high-quality care products. Immortelle de Corse, plants and citrus picked in the scrubland… they all possess outstanding properties. On the basis of ancestral formulations from the traditional Mediterranean pharmacopeia, the Island’s companies have developed primordial plant extracts and elixirs. Essential oils and plant oils, 100% pure and natural, royal jelly and honey as well as goat’s milk all play their part in skincare and beauty. Organic, natural ingredients are guaranteed to be free of artificial colouring, mineral oil, animal raw materials and pesticides. 

Check out Corsican’s companies on the French Pavilion: 

Corsica Cosmetica: Corsica is a rich earth. Rich in his heritage, rich in its traditions, rich in its resources …

It is from this idea that was born, a few years ago, of new cosmetics brands and flavors stemming from the Island of Beauty. With the Corsican symbolic and endemic plants, these care and these fragrances set out to conquer the world.

Today, about ten these brands group together to form Corsica Cosmetica, the first cosmetic grouping of the Island of Beauty.

This dynamic grouping is the first step towards a gratitude of Corsica as cosmetic earth…

Ms. MENDEZ Anne-Cathetine:

Atelier – Altagna: The Workshop-Altagna is born in Corsica in February 2013. With the head of this project Mrs Marie-Josée Fornero and Mickael Fornero, all deus soap craftsmen. The Perfumes of environment and soap Parfums are exclusively manufactured in Ajaccio in an artisanal way, starting from natural oils of perfume 100%, without parabene and allergen.

Ms. FORNERO Marie-Josée:

Corsica Essences: Nestled in a chestnut tree grove, in the heart of the island’s mountains and on the highly protected territory of the Natural Park of Corsica, Corsica Essences company, through its Fleurs de Maquis trademark, offers to the most demanding devotee of well-being,  a line of healthy products respectful of the human body as well as the environment.

Our R&D activity and our experience with natural raw materials allow for the creation of exceptional cosmetic products and perfumes.  Françoise and Patrick Paquet offer an original line of products inspired by the aromatic diversity of the island.

A highly specialized expertise, combining a perfume artist’s irreplaceable international experience with the most sophisticated technologies enables Corsica Essences to offer a full range of products:  a line of stimulating perfumes; protective anti-aging moisturizers derived from everlasting and samphire flowers; and a line of soap and shower gels for the most sensitive skins.

Mr. Patrick PAQUET:

Kyrnella Nature Cosmetics: Kyrnella is a story of fragrances, flavours, melodies, it is a texture, a landscape... all what boost our five senses is able to offer us wellness.

Wellness draw ressources in nature, the air, a water, as well as minerals and plants. But natural elements must not be altered by multiples transformation.

At Kyrnella Nature Cosmetics, we garantee the naturalness of our product formulations and we respect the integrity of active principles. We think our customers deserve real natural and precious cosmetics.
Our quality and tracability policy let you safely enjoy the benefits of plants.

Even the brand name KYRNELLA is inspired by the greek nickname of Corsica «the beautiful one», the island of beauty and its shrurbs that offer precious elixirs to produce essential oils. It is the combination of aromatherapy and the benefits of plant extracts that make kyrnella products so effective.

Ms. ARTILLY Brigitte:

Solyvia: Located between land and sea, the Domain Solyvia is an exceptional “ terroir “ where the excellence and the quality of endemic ingredients to the island of beauty seem obvious. Under the sun of the Costa Serena, in theheart of 45 hectares of plantations and 25 organic hectares of wilderness, grow the active ingredients used to ameliorate a variety of human ills: Immortal Corsica, Cistus, Wild Carrot, Myrtle, Arbutus, Lime Tahiti, Lemon Yellow, Grapefruit, Clementine, Kiwi, Kumquat ..

Mr. FOUILLERON Christophe:

A Fughjina: In its cosmetic, A FUGHJINA uses fresh goat milk from the Corsican agriculture.

Goats milk has many virtues. It helps to nourish, soften, moisturize and effectively protect the skin, it soothes the skin, balances the pH and reconstructs the hydrolipidic film. It also contains antioxidants, beneficial in cell rejuvenation. This range is suitable for all skin types, especially very sensitive, allergic or affected by skin diseases (acne, eczema, psoriasis ...).

Ms. FIESCHI Véronique:

Xavier Torre Artisan Parfumeur: Creator of Testa Maura, international creative niche brand & world pioneer of the organic and 100% natural, Xavier Torre Artisan Parfumeur creations and productions are expanding the values of the revival of the Art of artistic perfumery : using raw materials of an exceptional quality, all of biological origins, one creativity outside the marketing criteria for an olfactive approach absolutely original and unique, an amazing «savoir faire» knowledge according to the tradition of french craftsmen perfumer. Xavier Torre with all his team assure the production in his « Haute Parfumerie » factory » in France -Corsica-. Discover ; Classical Collection ; The new sensual Eau de Chocolat ; Natural Cosmetic & Care Products with plant benefits ; « Salon du Sur Mesure » one to one and exceptionnal meeting for branding and eclusive creation; Testa Maura Perfumes ;

Mr. TORRE Xavier:

About CCI – South Corsica:

The CCI of Ajaccio and South Corsica is in the service of all the companies no matter their size, their business sector and their geographical localization. Created by decree August 4th, 1899, CCI of Ajaccio and South Corsica, chaired by Jean-André MINICONI, represents the interests of the business trade, the industry and the services. Its privileges are defined by the law and it is subjected to the administrative supervision. The CCI of Ajaccio and South Corsica represents more than 9 400 companies.

CCI South Corsica will be located at the following stand :

S2D38 to S2D46 – Hall 2 at the French Pavilion - BeautyWorld 2015 –World Trade Center

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