Moviken announces the delivery of a Marine Passenger Information System for RTA in Dubai

Yousra Lahbabi - 30/04/15

United Arab Emirates; April 2015 - Moviken has completed the delivery of its first contract with the Marine Department of the Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai. This involved the supply, installation and commissioning of a geo-located Passenger Information System on-board the Dubai Ferries operated by the RTA.

The system, known as Naviboat, provides information to passengers on the Dubai Ferries by means of large screens installed in the passenger cabins. It shows the location of the Ferry using multi-scale customized cartography, then at pre-programmed locations shows videos related to the journey and / or points of interest along the route.  The Naviboat system forms part of  Moviken’s highly innovative and industry-leading NaviTransport range of public transport passenger information and navigation products which have now been deployed on around a dozen transport networks around the world.

On the basis of a string of important references with French public transport authorities, Moviken has taken new steps in its international development with the implementation of its representative in Dubai and the signature of its first contract in Dubai with the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

According to, CEO of Moviken “this is a great opportunity for the expansion of the company in the GCC and our passenger information system are very innovative and on the way to equip the major public transport system in the UAE”.

Moviken has also recently signed a Representation and Collaboration Agreement  covering the UAE and Saudi Arabia with the Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Group after the RTA signature.

The Kanoo Group is also the regional partner for AXA Assurance, Maersk, BASF and Akzo Nobel. By entering into this partnership with Moviken, Kanoo is confirming its committment to the Information Technology sector.

 About Moviken:

Moviken is an innovative French company, created in 2002, which has developed a new generation of information systems for passengers in public transport networks:

-       Information and navigation systems on-board public transport vehicles,

-       Interactive digital information points for transport inter-changes, stations and public places,

-       Solar-powered information signs for stop points,

-       Multi-modal journey planners for the web and mobile devices.

For additional information please contact:

Mounir Sfendla

GCC representative

+971 (0)52 873 0723

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