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Young French Professionals under the spotlight - Grand Prix VIE Award 2017

YASMINA OUARI - 17-déc.-2017 13:52:21

United Arab Emirates, December 2017: The V.I.E Grand Prix Award ceremony was held on Dec. 7, 2017, at the Fairmont The Palm Hotel. The 8th Grand Prix V.I.E Award and the 1st SME Grand Prix award ceremonies were organized by the French Advisors for Foreign Trade (Conseillers du commerce extérieur de la France – CCE). With 1 260 V.I.E (Volontaires internationaux en entreprises – young professionals) hosted in the UAE in 341 companies since 2002, the V.I.E program is performing well in the country. It is witnessing unprecedented great progress, with 184 V.I.E  in December (vs. 162 in 2016), marking a 14% increase and bringing the number of V.I.E  in the Near / Middle East to 266, of which 70% are based in the UAE. As many as a hundred French firms are relying on VIE program for their development in the country. These young professionals are working in all types of firms (start-ups, SME, mid-cap and large groups), in various sectors (oil and gas, industry, luxe retail, food and beverage, health, tech, etc.) and all profiles, mainly focused on support functions (finance, marketing, human resources, etc.) and business development. This growing success of V.I.E program in the region is due to the investment of the French team for export in promoting it: Business France ensures the administrative aspects and the promotion of the program, the CCE UAE Committee, the French Embassy, the Economy department of the French Embassy, the French Business Council and French Business Group, and the V.I.E club (gathering former V.I.E). For the 8th Grand Prix V.I.E Award, nearly one-fourth (31 V.I.E and V.I.A, assigned in administration) were candidates among the 140 eligible V.I.E/V.I.A). A first selection phase was based on files submitted and on interviews conducted last Spring. 15 shortlisted candidates/teams were auditioned again later on. They have been evaluated on their general presentation, the impact of their actions, the results achieved for the company and their integration in local life. All candidates demonstrated great personal and professional qualities. In front of 250 attendants, and with the presence of Jean-Baptiste Lemoyne, French State Secretary in charge of Foreign trade, Alain Bentejac, President of CCE World Committee, Jacques Delajugie, Head of Regional Economic Departments, and H.E. Ludovic Pouille, French Ambassador in the UAE, the awards have been granted to: - Nastasia Nelidoff, (1st Grand Prix award, 12 000 AED), on assignment in Cartier perfumes Middle East, for her creativity and her contribution to the success of her company in the region. - Ali Nair, Khalid Achtal, Mustapha Ouissi, Soufiane Khyar, Houssem Rezgui, from Emerson (2nd Grand Prix award, 8 000 AED). They demonstrated the strength of their tight collaboration on a daily basis.  They showed how VIE program had a real impact on the running of the company. - Sarah Amazit, working in Alstom (3rd Grand Prix award, 6 000 AED).  Sarah contributed to the success of the leading project of the Dubai 2020 Metro extension. - Chirine El Messiri (Jury Special Prize, winning a flight ticket with Air France). As Cultural advisor in the French Institute, she was rewarded for her professional maturity and her impressive contribution to spreading French culture across the UAE.   

Business France Dubai hold a workshop dedicated to V.I.E young French professional

OUARI YASMINA - 18-déc.-2016 11:57:02

Business France Dubai hold on Tuesday, the 13th of December, a workshop dedicated to V.I.E (young French professional), on “How to develop business in Middle East region?”. Some former V.I.E and V.I.E finishing soon their assignment shared their experience and tips with new V.I.E.s attending the event. The exchanges were rich, on different aspects: relation with distributor, strategic positioning toward potential clients, sales techniques and incentives, marketing tools, etc.  12 people took part to the workshop. 170 VIE are working today in the UAE. Many amongst them have business development assignments.   

Moviken announces the delivery of a Marine Passenger Information System for RTA in Dubai

Yousra Lahbabi - 30-avr.-2015 14:32:30

United Arab Emirates; April 2015 - Moviken has completed the delivery of its first contract with the Marine Department of the Roads and Transport Authority of Dubai. This involved the supply, installation and commissioning of a geo-located Passenger Information System on-board the Dubai Ferries operated by the RTA. The system, known as Naviboat, provides information to passengers on the Dubai Ferries by means of large screens installed in the passenger cabins. It shows the location of the Ferry using multi-scale customized cartography, then at pre-programmed locations shows videos related to the journey and / or points of interest along the route.  The Naviboat system forms part of  Moviken’s highly innovative and industry-leading NaviTransport range of public transport passenger information and navigation products which have now been deployed on around a dozen transport networks around the world. On the basis of a string of important references with French public transport authorities, Moviken has taken new steps in its international development with the implementation of its representative in Dubai and the signature of its first contract in Dubai with the Roads and Transport Authority  (RTA) . According to, CEO of Moviken “this is a great opportunity for the expansion of the company in the GCC and our passenger information system are very innovative and on the way to equip the major public transport system in the UAE”. Moviken has also recently signed a Representation and Collaboration Agreement  covering the UAE and Saudi Arabia with the Yusuf Bin Ahmed Kanoo Group after the RTA signature. The Kanoo Group is also the regional partner for AXA Assurance, Maersk, BASF and Akzo Nobel. By entering into this partnership with Moviken, Kanoo is confirming its committment to the Information Technology sector.   About Moviken: Moviken is an innovative French company, created in 2002, which has developed a new generation of information systems for passengers in public transport networks : -        Information and navigation systems on-board public transport vehicles, -        Interactive digital information points for transport inter-changes, stations and public places, -        Solar-powered information signs for stop points, -        Multi-modal journey planners for the web and mobile devices. For additional information please contact: Mounir Sfendla GCC representative +971 (0)52 873 0723

VIE Program - Key figures March 2012

Jessica Jouvenaux - 18-avr.-2012 14:52:35

Since the beginning of the VIE program (2001), more than 35 000 interns have been assigned abroad for 4 336 companies. The UAE is the 9th destination for VIE with 160 of them currently working in some 93 companies. Attached you can find the key figures for March 2012.

Learn more about the VIE program

Jessica Jouvenaux - 04-mars-2012 13:35:23

Making life easier for you and your HR Department! You wish to: -           Strengthen your team with new talents -           Revitalize your agent network -           Prospect new international markets and strengthen your market shares   THINK ABOUT “V.I.E” A FLEXIBLE AND SIMPLE PROGRAM   What is the V.I.E? Created in September 2001 under the aegis of the Ministry for Foreign Trade to promote French export abroad, the V.I.E program is managed by UBIFRANCE, the French Agency for International Business Development.   A FLEXIBLE PROGRAM The V.I.E program allows French companies to send young European graduates, between the age of 18 and 28, on a working assignment abroad for a period varying between 6 up to 24 months, renewable once, to match your specific needs. No contractual tie between the Company and the V.I.E, who is under the authority of the Secretary of State in charge of foreign trade and as such, the V.I.E enjoys a public status within a protective framework.   A SIMPLIFIED MANAGEMENT UBIFRANCE handles all the administrative aspects of V.I.E assignment thus you can focus merely on the operational activity and be as hassle-free as possible.   ATTRACTIVE & AFFORDABLE COST STRUCTURE The French company is responsible for the cost of the V.I.E assignment and therefore benefits from tax exemption in France. National or regional financial support is available in France for small and medium companies, and larger companies are eligible for tax deductions.   Who can use it? This program is open to corporations under French law as well as French Companies which contribute to the internationalization of the economic activity of businesses. No matter : •           The size of the company •           The type of assignment •           The number of assignments The V.I.E carries out his assignment, located abroad in the host country, within a host organization which may be a subsidiary, a representative office…or any other entity tied through a partnership agreement.   What Kind of assignments are entrusted to a V.I.E?   ANY TYPE OF COMMERCIAL AND TECHNICAL MISSIONS: •             Market studies, commercial canvassing •             Overseeing of a new contract •             Production and quality control, audit •             R&D, Technical analysis, engineering •             Financial Markets analysis   FLEXIBILITY IN TERMS OF : •             Length of the assignment (from 6 up to 24 months, renewable once      within the 24 months) •             Geographical coverage (1 up to 8 countries ) •             Possibility to share the V.I.E between 2 or more companies The intern may spend up to 165 days in France to familiarize himself with the company products and services.  

French Awards Ceremony event

Jessica Jouvenaux - 04-mars-2012 11:40:53

During his visit to the United Arab Emirates, Mr. Edouard Courtial, Minister of State for Overseas French Affairs, chaired the Awards Ceremony for the 4th "Grand Prix V.I.E" (a French International Internship Program). The ceremony was organised in the UAE and was held at the residence of the French Ambassador . Among the people recognised and awarded by the Minister for their commitment in favour of the VIE Program, were four young French people and two companies (TOTAL MARKETING and BNP PARIBAS). This year, this competition has evolved to allow the companies to participate. The first objective was to increase the companies’ awareness of this program and secondly, to reward the most interesting initiatives. Thanks to the support of all the French team of the Export, the ceremony was a great success. Nearly half of the 160 young French professionals attended the event, as well as several French businessmen . This event was a great opportunity to network on a professional level where participants could exchange and promote ideas regarding the VIE program.

The V.I.E progra m enables French companies to send a young person between 18 and 28 years of age on a working assignment abroad for a flexible period of 6 to 24 months, which can be renewed once within a 2 year period. It is open to young French candidates, of all educational backgrounds, who have fulfilled their national service obligations, as well as to young people from the European Economic Area meeting the same conditions. It appeals to strongly motivated young people : recent graduates, often with some work experience or wishing to take a year out from college and gain international experience. Follow the V.I.E Program updates by clicking here .  For more information about the V.I.E Program in the United Arab Emirates, please contact : Mélanie DIA Trade advisor V.I.E Ph. +971 (0)4 408 49 56


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