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Meet the French Delegation at RSNA 2015

Leslie WESTFALL - 04-nov.-2015 23:13:56

  The 12 companies of the French Pavilion are gearing up to exhibit at the center of a 650+ exhibitors show expected to welcome 29,000 healthcare professionals from 131 countries. Once again, our delegation will present French cutting edge technologies in the radiology industry at McCormick Place in Chicago. Read more about our companies’ technologies below and how these companies can impact the radiology and medical industry. Don’t forget to stop by their respective booths to meet the people behind the technology!  Fogale Nanotechnologie ( ) Booth #2652 Fogale is a reference in the field of high accuracy dimensional metrology based upon optical, capacitive, inductive and ultrasound technologies. Anti-collision and location system increases patient safety and surgery efficiency. The concept is based on high performance sensors and allows real-time, non-contact 3D Detection, location and imaging of the patient. Global Imaging ( ) Booth #3052 Global Imaging On Line is a French leader in healthcare information systems dedicated to diagnostic imaging. We provide integrated turnkey solutions including RIS, PACS, diagnostics workstations, teleradiology, and oncology follow-up.Since it’s very beginning Global Imaging On Line followed the vision of empowering healthcare through web-based technologies. Our goal is to improve healthcare and maximize patient benefit through the innovative use of technology.The company designs, develops, distributes, delivers and supports web-based software solutions for image and information management. Among its large customer base are radiology practices, multi-site radiology groups, private clinics and public hospitals alike. Median ( ) Booth #2752 MEDIAN Technologies develops advanced medical imaging software solutions and provides imaging services for screening, diagnosing and monitoring cancer patients in both routine clinical practice and clinical trials. MEDIAN Lesion Management Solutions -LMS – is a comprehensive portfolio of clinical applications for the quantification, management and follow-up of cancerous or other suspicious lesions diagnosed in medical images. LMS enables to quantify response to therapy in oncology imaging. Medsquare ( ) Booth #2952 Medsquare is a French company based in Paris. We develop innovative solutions for medical imaging environment. Our solutions (burning, printing, archiving, secured web image distribution through the internet,etc.) are used in more than 450 university hospitals and private clinics in France and more than 2000 around the world. We are a key partner of the world’s leading radiology equipment manufacturers. These manufacturers offer our peripheral devices and software to their customers bundled with the sale of their DICOM modalities (CT, MR, XA, etc. With our patient dose management system, Radiation Dose Monitor (RDM), Medsquare is also a leading player in the DACS (Dose Archiving and Communication System) market. RDM enables healthcare institutions to collect, control and analyze radiation doses delivered to patients during medical imaging exams. It helps improve practices and optimize doses. Nicesoft ( ) Booth #2553 Since 1998, NICESOFT has been developing innovative and creative solutions for Medical Imaging professionals, combining cloud computing technology and a high specialization in Nuclear Medicine. The complementary and fully-integrated range of products is composed entirely of zero footprint web-based solutions: - Venus RIS is a Radiology Information System with specific Nuclear Medicine modules (hot lab management). It also includes online appointments registration for patients. - Venus Explorer is a DICOM viewer with all standard processing and visualization features. - Venus Archive is a PACS. Store all your medical data and access it from anywhere. - Venus Share is a web portal that enables referring physicians and/or patients to access their medical records through a secured HTTPS connection. Oscadi ( ) Booth #2753 OSCADI is proud to present you his iPad connected ultrasound: Oscult - The ultimate diagnosis tool. OSCULT is a handheld ultrasound imaging device interfaced with the Apple iPad. Its smart design, intuitive interface and exclusive new features will definitely change health professionals everyday diagnosis. The lightness and convenience of OSCULT allow you to use it wherever, in medical or non-medical environment. OSCULT delivers real time images that you are able to easily and quickly share and comment with your colleagues all around the world. With OSCULT, you are always connected and you can at any time collaborate with specialist that will help your diagnosis. The network capabilities of OSCULT, allow you to securely save your images and patient data on the cloud. Schiller Médical ( ) Booth #2953 Suisse Family owned Company, expert in cardiopulmonary diagnosis systems and rescue devices leading company in the MRI patient monitoring since 1980. Softway Médical ( ) Booth #2853 Softway Medical is a French private-held company. It delivers a field-proven software along with tailored services to help care providers improve Quality of care and Patient safety. Today, 1 200 radiology practices and 550 French private and public hospitals run their administrative and clinical strategic processes on our software platforms. Most of them are hosted on our private cloud. Sonoscanner ( ) Booth #2852 Sonoscanner presents its new ultrasound scanner series: Orcheo. From the portable Orcheo Lite to the high end Orcheo Xp, it will offer the state-of-the-art performance in all ultrasound modes. All digital,Windows environment, special 3D processing and 4D capability are some of the features of this platform. Epidemio 3D / Statlife ( ) Booth #3053 Statlife was founded in 2004 as a spin-off from the University Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris, France). The head office is located in the Gustave Roussy labs (Villejuif-Paris, France) and a subsidiary has been created in US (Epidemio 3D). The company mission is to develop software tools involving medical imaging markers to predict individual risks to prevent life-threatening diseases. The first product developed by Statlife is focusing on breast cancer risk assessment. Theraclion ( ) Booth #2653 Theraclion is a French company specializing in high-tech medical equipment using therapeutic ultrasound. Drawing on leading-edge technologies, Theraclion has designed and manufactured an innovative solution for echotherapy, the Echopulse®, allowing non-invasive tumor treatment through ultrasound-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound. Theraclion is ISO 13485 certified and has received the CE mark for non-invasive ablation of breast fibroadenomas and thyroid nodules. Based in Malakoff, near Paris, France Theraclion has brought together a team of 30 people, 53 percent of whom are dedicated to R&D and clinical trials. Toutenkamion ( ) Booth #2552 toutenkamion is a specialized coachbuilder supplying a wide range of customers active in a variety of fields. It specializes in creation of units for medical support, mobile medical units on light or heavy trucks, trailers or semi-trailers for blood donation, digital mammography, audiology, ophthalmology, surgery, dentistry, polyclinics, dispensaries… Each mobile unit, with or without extension, is designed specifically. Design, manufacturing and interior layout are entirely and exclusively carried out in toutenkamion workshops. The company has delivered highly complex units to over thirty countries, mostly in Europe, Asia, Africa and Far East.  

A Big Leap in Corneal Grafts for the EUROBIO Firm

PRESS - 01-oct.-2015 00:11:31

European market leader in the corneal graft preservative media, the Eurobio firm received marketing authorization in the US for its product CorneaCold™. Paris, September 1st 2015. Eurobio received the FDA authorization (510k) for its corneal graft cold storage medium, CorneaCold™. EUROBIO is a dynamic and innovative firm and the current leader in the European market. The range of its products includes organ culture preservative media for corneal storage at 31°C, which is widely used in Europe. In September 2012, EUROBIO received the European marketing authorization and commercialized Cornea Cold™, a medium for corneal storage at 4°C. “This medium is very innovative and comes from our Research & Development service. It distinguishes itself from the existing media due to a better conservation of the corneal tissue over time, and showed better results regarding quality of the preserved tissues”, says Denis Fortier, CEO of EUROBIO. The American market is very important and its number of available tissues is by far the biggest in the world. “Obtaining this agreement offers great perspectives for strategic and economic development. Our Cornea™ range is extending and we are about to widen it with a brand new complementary concept, the i-Glide™: a truly innovating system for transportation and conservation of DSAEK grafts” adds Denis Fortier. Thanks to its strong experience and reputation in Europe, Eurobio received the key approval and establishes its presence in the US with the support of Business France and BPI France. For more than 50 years Eurobio has been developing and distributing products for Laboratories and Research Diagnostic taking into accounts the evolution of science and technology. The specialized nature of these products demonstrates Eurobio’s commitment to delivering high-quality products, services and support. EUROBIO has 3 business units: - EUROBIO Life Sciences that specializes in molecular biology and cellular culture - EUROBIO Diagnostic In Vitro for biomarkers and screening tests - EUROBIO PTA CE-DM for the conservation and transportation of corneas  

MedStartUp Delegation 2015 Spotlight: C..TEXDEV

C..TEXDEV - 29-sept.-2015 23:17:59

C..TEXDEV, Communication Solutions for People with Language Disorders Founded in 2012 by Frederic GUIBET in Normandy, C..TEXDEV is a French start-up, specializing in the design and development of communication applications. Frederic, the father of a little girl with autism, quickly realized that a tablet for his daughter was like a wheelchair for a person affected by a motor impairment. For this reason, he launched an innovative communication solutions for people with language disorders. Today, nearly 8% of the population of all ages is affected by this kind of disorder, which causes disability in the field of communication, social interaction, which all leads to lack of independence. Today, C..TEXDEV offers five applications for the well-being of people with language disorders CommunicoTool Essential : Encourages the expression of children with an easy and innovative exchange too. CommunicoTool Children : Improves the lives of children through an application composed of a communication interface and schedule. CommunicoTool Adults : Guides adults in their quest of expression through a communication application. CommunicoTool Pro : Supports health professionals during their sessions with patients thanks to a working tool which promotes exchange and learning. Doloris : Helps professionals and individuals locate and assess the degree of pain. To learn more about CommunicoTool, please click on the link below. Follow C..TEXDEV on twitter @CommunicoTool and on   To learn more about the Medstartup program:

MedStartUp Delegation 2015 Spotlight: DietSensor

PRESS - 28-sept.-2015 17:57:19

Pioneer in automatic nutrient tracking, DietSensor brings a new level of simplicity and accuracy to diet trackers for people overweight or with food-related chronicle diseases. It analyses the food with a click of a button using a micro scale and SCIO, the first molecular sensor that fits in a hand.   The Problems A good nutritional monitoring is essential in prevention and management of food-related chronicle diseases (Type 1 and 2 Diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, dyslipidemia, overweight and obesity). Overweight and obesity is the first non viral epidemic with 1,4 billion people worldwide.In 2014, diabetes caused $550 billion in health expenditure worldwide, 5 million premature death and 1 amputation every 30 seconds. This diabetes epidemic will grow by 55% by 2035, affecting 600 million people. The only digital solutions today in foodintake tracking are declarative journaling apps. 40 million american adults used them last year whereas 60% say that they try to track their diet. It seems that the majority of potential users is still waiting for a convenient way to track food. The Solution DietSensor is the easiest and most accurate nutrient and calorie counter on the market, thanks to its automatic food logging capabilities with connected sensors. It embeds all classical functions of state of the art manual diet tracking apps, and adds two revolutionary options, in order to offer an outstanding customer experience to its users: a micro connected scale and a molecular sensor that fits in the palm of its hand. With these sensors, food logging becomes a lot more simple and accurate than manual entries from lookup tables. The user just drops the food on its plate, press a button to illuminate (scan) it and the food is automatically logged into its meal, with the accurate weight and nutritional values that do not come from a standard list. DietSensor will collect 170+ fitness and health sensors and apps datas (calories burnt, sleep) to intelligently track exercise activity and automatically adjust goal recommendations. Clients Our first goal will be to help overweighed people monitoring their food intake to reach their fitness and diet goals (575 million in 12 western countries). Our second goal will be to enter the e-health market and help people with type 2 diabetes (350 millions worldwide) and type 1 diabetes (38 millions worldwide). Proposition By simplifying nutrients (carbs, fat and protein) and calorie counting in food and beverage, DietSensors mission is to empower and inspire people to eat and live healthier and to help them achieve their fitness goals. To fulfill this mission, DietSensor adds nutritional advice features before meal, during meal and after meal. Less effort and more feedback will set DietSensor value appart from its competitors! Partners   SCIO: we are strategic development partners of Consumer Physic. This is our differentiator Fatsecret: the 40 million users food database is embedded in our app as an alternative to SCIO, when necessary; this brings Fact. to the level of our best competitors Undisclosed industrial : for the first pocket Bluetooth scale Astek : for the IT development We will sell and support customers online with a community based business model, to foster P2P coaching and discussions, do customer acquisition and even shape the solution: “the food tracker run by you”. Other revenues could come from third party’s usage of our technology.   For the complete document, please click the link below:   To learn more about the Medstartup program:

Leaders in the Pharma, MedTech, and Digital Health Industries Set for MedStartUp 2015

PRESS RELEASE - 28-sept.-2015 15:53:53

Short description Business France and the Galien Foundation proudly partner around MedStartUp program to support innovation and collaboration between French and American life sciences and healthcare entities. Description MedStartUp program seeks to create and foster worldwide innovation and collaborations in the biotechnology, medical technology, pharmaceutical and digital health industries, and improve EU market access. This initiative furthers the world famous Galien Foundation’s mission of recognizing and rewarding excellence in scientific innovation to improve the state of human health. For this edition we have proudly selected and constituted a delegation of 52 highly innovative French companies and expect +250 American leaders within the Pharma / MedTech / Digital Health industries.  The program kicks-off with the  MedStartup Days on October 27 th  2015, at the Alexandria Life Sciences Center in New York City . The event will be opened and attendees welcomed by  Bernard Poussot , current Director at Roche Holding, Former President & CEO at Wyeth, and President of MedStartUp jury.  Joel Marcus , Founder & CEO of Alexandria Real Estate Equities has decided to bring his enthusiastic support in his premises by moderating a panel gathering some of the main New York life science investors. The event will  facilitate matchmaking and help US-French innovators to connect and discuss about potential collaborations.   This partnership event will take place  in the same time than   the Galien Forum.  This scientific forum organized by the Galien Foundation will gather  prestigious Chairmen, CEOs and Nobel Laureates . Please   click here   to learn more about the  tremendous program. The second facet of the program will be the MedStartUp Competition where U.S. and French participants will apply as a team by submitting a joint proposal by Tuesday, May 31, 2016.  A panel of  world renowned expert judges  will review collaborative proposals and announce the nine most innovative and promising US-French projects. Four winners will be announced during the 2016 USA Galien Price also in New York on September 2016. The last phase of the program will be the implementation of the winning projects, with support and guidance provided by Business France North America. To register and learn more about Medstartup: By attending Medstartup, attendees will  get access to the prestigious scientific  Galien forum  on October 27th 2015. To RSVP please contact us at . About the Galien Foundation  The Galien Foundation fosters, recognizes and rewards excellence in scientific innovation to improve the state of human health. Our vision is to be the catalyst for the development of the next generation of innovative treatment and technologies that will impact human health and save lives. The Foundation oversees and directs activities in the USA for the Prix Galien, an international award that recognizes outstanding achievements in improving the human condition through the development of innovative therapies. The Prix Galien was created in France in 1970 in honor of Galen, the father of medical science and modern pharmacology. Worldwide, the Prix Galien is regarded as the equivalent of the Nobel Prize in biopharmaceutical and medical technology research. For more information visit . For the complete list of the French participants for this years MedStartUp, please click on the link below:  

French Pavilion at Sole Commerce

Ana-Maria Schell - 16-sept.-2015 20:31:56

  Business France North America is pleased to introduce the French Pavilion organized by the French Footwear Federation at the upcoming edition of Sole Commerce New York. 10 French exhibitors will showcase their chic, fun and comfortable Fall-Winter collections: JB Martin, Tanya Heath, Paraboot, Elodie Bruno, Ellips, Alegory, Angarde, Maurice Manufacture, Bosabo and Rondinaud. Come discover them from September 19th to 21st, at Javits Center (booths 103-121) in New York. You may browse through the online catalogue here . For additional informtation, please contact Ana-Maria Schell Follow us on Twitter @ BF_fashion style , Pinterest or  facebook to get the latest fashion news and events in North America.        


PRESS RELEASE - 28-juil.-2015 21:41:01

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. –   A.Raymond Tinnerman Automotive, Inc. and Rayconnect, Inc., members of the ARaymond Network of companies, are preparing to celebrate the group’s 150th anniversary this year. Anniversary celebrations are planned at all of the network’s six North American facilities in the United States and Canada. In North America, Rayconnect manufactures fluid connectors and A.Raymond Tinnerman Automotive manufactures clips, fasteners and fixations. The two companies have sales, engineering and manufacturing facilities in the Detroit suburbs of Rochester Hills and Auburn Hills, other North American facilities are located in Brunswick, Ohio; Logansport, Ind.; Flemingsburg, Ky. and Hamilton, Ontario. The clips, fasteners and fixations offered by A.Raymond Tinnerman Automotive are used for various vehicle components including airbags and door systems. The company also provides assembly-line analysis, process development and increased automation as part of a comprehensive strategic approach for improving customer productivity. Fluid connectors offered by Rayconnect equip fluid-handling systems throughout a vehicle. Rayconnect also offers dedicated design and production solutions that help to meet simplification, weight reduction, automation and cost-reduction standards for fastening and assembly. A leading supplier to automotive manufacturers around the world the ARaymond Network is an industrial success story that started in France 150 years ago with the invention of a press-stud that fastened buttons onto gloves. The ARaymond Network is headquartered in Grenoble, France, and today employs 5,500 employees in 18 countries at 23 production sites and 11 design offices throughout the world. Started by Albert-Pierre Raymond and continued by four generations of entrepreneurs from the Raymond family (all with the first initial “A”), the ARaymond Network has become a leading global supplier to the automotive industry. In addition to the auto industry, the ARaymond Network also operates across a diverse set of industries such as heavy truck, consumer appliances, energy, agriculture and pharmaceuticals. The group’s core skills include: • Engineering and services within its customer networks; • Metal processing; • Plastic injection molding; • Production of adhesives, and • Automatic, high-speed assembly of parts made of metal, plastic or a combination of both. “We are an industrial family-run business, rich in 150 years of history,” said Antoine Raymond, president ARaymond.” And I am always impressed by the progress made since then. Our first innovations met the needs of regional manufacturers of gloves and shoes. We have, since 1865, combined our skills and knowledge to gradually acquire control in assembling and fastening technologies and to offer them to industries around the world.” Since its inception in 1865, the ARaymond Network has become a world leader in assembly technology with a history marked by defining inventions. A core value of the Network, innovation always has been encouraged and developed within the company. In its 150 years, four generations of the Raymond family have continued the pioneering spirit of the founder with determination to innovate and maintain its status as a family business. ### For more information, visit . Company Contacts: Amy Jacobs A.RAYMOND TINNERMAN INDUSTRIAL, Inc. Phone: + 1 734.934.2783 Email: Media Contacts: Jack Ferry or Merle Lueckens AutoCom Associates Phone: +1 248.647.8621 Email: or        

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