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PRESS RELEASE - 28-juil.-2015 21:41:01

ROCHESTER HILLS, Mich. –   A.Raymond Tinnerman Automotive, Inc. and Rayconnect, Inc., members of the ARaymond Network of companies, are preparing to celebrate the group’s 150th anniversary this year. Anniversary celebrations are planned at all of the network’s six North American facilities in the United States and Canada. In North America, Rayconnect manufactures fluid connectors and A.Raymond Tinnerman Automotive manufactures clips, fasteners and fixations. The two companies have sales, engineering and manufacturing facilities in the Detroit suburbs of Rochester Hills and Auburn Hills, other North American facilities are located in Brunswick, Ohio; Logansport, Ind.; Flemingsburg, Ky. and Hamilton, Ontario. The clips, fasteners and fixations offered by A.Raymond Tinnerman Automotive are used for various vehicle components including airbags and door systems. The company also provides assembly-line analysis, process development and increased automation as part of a comprehensive strategic approach for improving customer productivity. Fluid connectors offered by Rayconnect equip fluid-handling systems throughout a vehicle. Rayconnect also offers dedicated design and production solutions that help to meet simplification, weight reduction, automation and cost-reduction standards for fastening and assembly. A leading supplier to automotive manufacturers around the world the ARaymond Network is an industrial success story that started in France 150 years ago with the invention of a press-stud that fastened buttons onto gloves. The ARaymond Network is headquartered in Grenoble, France, and today employs 5,500 employees in 18 countries at 23 production sites and 11 design offices throughout the world. Started by Albert-Pierre Raymond and continued by four generations of entrepreneurs from the Raymond family (all with the first initial “A”), the ARaymond Network has become a leading global supplier to the automotive industry. In addition to the auto industry, the ARaymond Network also operates across a diverse set of industries such as heavy truck, consumer appliances, energy, agriculture and pharmaceuticals. The group’s core skills include: • Engineering and services within its customer networks; • Metal processing; • Plastic injection molding; • Production of adhesives, and • Automatic, high-speed assembly of parts made of metal, plastic or a combination of both. “We are an industrial family-run business, rich in 150 years of history,” said Antoine Raymond, president ARaymond.” And I am always impressed by the progress made since then. Our first innovations met the needs of regional manufacturers of gloves and shoes. We have, since 1865, combined our skills and knowledge to gradually acquire control in assembling and fastening technologies and to offer them to industries around the world.” Since its inception in 1865, the ARaymond Network has become a world leader in assembly technology with a history marked by defining inventions. A core value of the Network, innovation always has been encouraged and developed within the company. In its 150 years, four generations of the Raymond family have continued the pioneering spirit of the founder with determination to innovate and maintain its status as a family business. ### For more information, visit . Company Contacts: Amy Jacobs A.RAYMOND TINNERMAN INDUSTRIAL, Inc. Phone: + 1 734.934.2783 Email: Media Contacts: Jack Ferry or Merle Lueckens AutoCom Associates Phone: +1 248.647.8621 Email: or        

Successful Start of the Oregon’s Road User Charge Program

PRESS RELEASE - 23-juil.-2015 22:20:48

  Issy les Moulineaux, 20 July 2015   Successful start of the Oregon’s Road User Charge Progam   As scheduled, the Oregon’s innovative road usage charge program officially opened to volunteer enrollment on July 1st, 2015. Up to 5,000 volunteers may sign up to the first pay-by-the-mile charge program ever implemented in the United States. Under this program, road users will pay a fee based on their actual mileage when driving on Oregon’s roads and, in return, will be refunded the fuel tax on the fuel used to travel those miles. It is an innovative approach designed to bring a fair and efficient solution to state transportation agencies confronted with ever tighter budgets and declining fuel-based funding revenues. Sanef ITS is proud to be among the few companies selected by the Oregon’s Department of Transportation to take part in the nation’s first road user charge   initiative, which will ultimately bring better and safer roads to Oregonians. The solution powered by Sanef ITS has been designed to offer total data privacy.   The driving data is collected and transmitted through a special Mileage Reporting Device using a dedicated communication channel to secure against any unauthorized external access. Matthew Garrett, ODOT Director at the Oregon’s Department of Transportation declared: “Thanks to Sanef ITS teamwork, experience and energy, we are now enjoying the first of its kind volunteer road usage charge program. This innovative program would not exist without our partnership with Sanef ITS. ” About Sanef ITS ( ) Sanef ITS is part of Abertis Infraestructuras, the world’s leader in toll road concessions. The strength of Sanef ITS is to combine technical excellence with worldwide recognized operational know-how in the field of toll revenues collection. With more than 40 years of experience in the tolling market, Sanef ITS has successfully implemented more than 180 projects worldwide. ð Media Contact :   About Oregon’s Road Usage Charge Program   ******  

UBIMOBILITY 2015 : Connected Cars

Inès NICOLAS - 07-juil.-2015 15:30:55

Ubimobility is a unique project which focuses on connected and autonomous vehicles. Business France worked with the French automotive, transportation and IT industries and clusters to identify up and coming French companies which had innovative technology related to autonomous and connected vehicles. The companies were evaluated and a panel of industry judges selected the 8 most promising companies. These companies participated in a 17 day mission to the U.S. to jump-start their entry onto the North American market. During their stays in Detroit/Ann Arbor, Chicago and San Francisco, the companies met automakers, suppliers, think-tanks, universities, potential partners and investors. ACTIA® Actia is a group with a global presence, specialized in Telematics platform, Diagnostics and EE Architecture. ACTIA presents the ACU-III (third generation connectivity platform), a cross segment telematics platform for Automotive, Fleet and Asset Management. ACU-III is a Scalable and Modular Telematics range for low-end, mid-end and high-end automotive requirement. The same SDK (GENIVI compliant and Diagnostics compliant) covers all the range. Watch their video here . XEE Eliocity has developed Xee , the first Open Platform for connected cars operating in Europe. Xee connects cars to offer motorists a panel of apps that make their driving experience smarter, safer, and cheaper. The Xee link is a high-tech device that locates the vehicle, detects impacts and movements, and reads all useful car electronic information. It transfers real-time car data to the Smartphones or directly to the Cloud onto a platform that is open to developers and to companies that want to create their own connected web and mobiles services.  Watch their video here . INTEMPORA Intempora provides the RTMaps technology, a modular software development and execution platform for the design of real time, heterogeneous multi-sensor applications and systems. It provides an easy-to-use, highly optimized, component-based environment for the development, testing, validation of your ADAS and Autonomous Vehicles software. Watch their video here . KRONO-SAFE The breakthrough technology of Asterios relies on: • A new formalism to express parallelism ; • A new algorithm to guarantee determinism ; • A new tool to automate software integration. With Asterios it is now very simple to get embedded software which is safe, efficient and flexible. Watch their video here . NAVYA Navya is a French company providing 100% Driverless & Electric transport solutions based on fleets of shuttles.Already more than 8,000 kilometers travelled and 11,000 passengers transported. NAVYA shuttles can operate on every closed-circuit, improving mobility on “first and last kilometers”. The NAVYA solution is very flexible because it does not require any infrastructure: the circuit can be changed easily and quickly. Watch their video here . ROAD EYES Improving road safety: this is the mission Road Eyes has set itself. Their products, under the name RoadEyesCams, use advanced technologies and long-lasting components to improve road safety. • Wide Angle camera: A set of four LEDs = perfectly recorded by day or night. • GPS Tracker chip: associated with Google Maps. • Gyroscopic sensor: The “G shock sensor” system records all your vehicle’s movements. • Auto-Rec: The recordings are saved in a loop on the preformatted SD card provided. Watch their video here . TRUST-IN-SOFT TrustInSoft publishes the award-winning TrustInSoft Analyzer, a source code analysis tool. Its unique value proposal is its ability to mathematically guarantee that a given source code is free from even the most insidious known flaws, significantly reducing risk and lowering security costs. TrustInSoft Analyzer’s differentiator is its ability to exhaustively detect all vulnerabilities of a given kind. Work with us to validate your custom software solutions and reduce your risk of product recalls, accidents, and lawsuits. Watch their video here . VULOG Vulog is a market leader in car-sharing technology, and has designed a turnkey vehicle-agnostic solution with frontend, backend, and on-board hardware aimed at mobility operators. Vulog has a core expertise on new generation car sharing service such as one-way and free-floating. Our ambition is to support our operator customers by implementing Car Sharing services that offer a high-quality user experience and ensure efficient management of the service. VULOG’s in-car technology was developed to comply with automotive industry standards and we work with car manufacturers to certify its vehicle installation process. Watch their video here .

Things to Do at the Paris Air Show: Eat baguette, drink wine, and meet LAUAK Group!

Nicolas SESTIER - 05-juin-2015 19:33:32

LAUAK GROUP, MANUFACTURER OF AIRCRAFT PARTS AND STRUCTURES SINCE 1975 LAUAK Group  was founded in 1975 as ESKULANAK by Jean-Marc Charritton, the current CEO, to supply sheet metal parts to Dassault. It is one of the major direct sub-contractors in France for detail parts, heat exchangers and assembly of subsets (tanks and engine pylons) for the aerospace industry. In the early 2000s,  LAUAK Group  launched a strategy based on acquisition and development and created a subsidiary abroad to ensure expansion, integrate new skills and improve its competitiveness. Today,  LAUAK Group  is a solid and durable partner for key aircraft manufacturers (AIRBUS, DASSAULT AVIATION, EMBRAER, EUROCOPTER and IAI), aero-structure leaders (AERNNOVA, AEROLIA, DAHER SOCATA, LATECOERE, SOGERMA…) and major suppliers (LIEBHERR, SAFRAN and HONEYWELL SECAN).   LAUAK Group will be at the Paris Airshow (Le Bourget) on June 15 until June 21st 2015. Visit them at Hall 2A - D198 and find out more about their products and services! Please watch videos below to find more information about LAUAK: LAUAK GROUP: LAUAK Groups Structural Assembly for the Aerospace Industry: LAUAK Group: Machining for the Aerospace Industry: LAUAK Groups Surface Treatment for the Aerospace Industry:          


Inès NICOLAS - 04-juin-2015 23:10:58

Business France was at the world’s largest BIO event in Philadelphia this year and was once again showcasing the French know-how in the sector of biotechnology , continuing to assert its position among the group of major industry players worldwide. Nearly 75 companies and 35 partners (non- profit organizations ,research institutes, universities and clusters ..) were on the national pavilion. This important mobilization demonstrated how the issue of this industry remains important in France. The sector is posting impressive results in recent years particularly the debut of Celletcis and DBV Technologies in the NASDAQ stock exchange. Additionally, the massive growth of the following companies have attracted substantial amount of foreign investors, such as the case of Adocia, 32M € (January 2015) of Erytech Pharma € 30M (November 2014), GENFIT: € 50M (June 2014) and € 21 million (December 2014) and Hybrigenics: € 4.6M (November 2014). These figures confirm that French companies are positioning themselves competitively in the global market. In 2014, 706 million € was raised by French companies in this sector, representing a growth of + 28% compared to 2013. The competitive clusters and some regional clusters were once again be the core of this event by bringing their companies, all under the umbrella of the French Pavilion and Business France (of which WSGR – Wilson Sonsino Goodrich & Rosati – and SERVIER Laboratories are the sponsors of the French pavilion). Created in 2005, the clusters are responsible for collecting and supporting the main players in their region to enable their businesses expand globally and foster research partnerships and technology development. Seven clusters, all present on BIO 2015 revolve around specific areas and have established relationships with many foreign scientific partners in recent years: BIOVALLEY Alsace - Strasbourg: French ATLANTIC biotherapy - Nantes & Angers Biohealth CANCER - Toulouse & Limoges: EUROBIOMED - Nice & Marseille & Montpellier in South of France: LYONBIOPÔLE - Lyon and Grenoble in Rhône-Alpes: MEDICEN REGION PARIS - Paris: HEALTHCARE NUTRITION Lightfastness CLUSTER - Lille: France also has regional clusters such as Biopôle Limagne Clermont in the Auvergne region, or Capbiotek in Brittany, specializes in marine biotechnology and focuses a large number of biotech companies. Regarding the current 446 biotechnology companies in France, there’s a total turnover of 278 million euros in 2013, an increase from the 251 million euros from the year prior. In 2013, 55 new companies  (+12% from 2012) were created. For 2 years, France has placed innovation at the heart of its economic and industrial policy in the framework of the plan "Better to heal." Implementation of the new government in 2013, it aims to support the creation of innovative companies and research through an enabling environment and policy support strong: - Strong University research  policies and the principle of future investments - A structured ecosystem (competitiveness cluster, IHU (University Institute Hospitalo-) SATT (Technology Transfer Acceleration Companies), PRES (Pole of research and teaching) - A high-level research: Institut Pasteur Genopole, CNRS, CEA, Inserm ... - Favorable tax environment: status JEI (young innovative entrepreneurs), Research Tax Credit All these measures have enabled France to file 13,000 patents in 2014 and to strengthen its positions in Europe. As for the US market, the 2015 France Pavilion will once again be an opportunity for the French biotech actors to continue the offensive. Watch the following videos to discover some of them during the showcase : -  Medicen Paris Region - Iris Pharma - Median Technologies

ATD 2015 International Conference & Exposition

Inès NICOLAS - 13-mai-2015 18:20:57

The Association for Talent Development (ATD) is a professional membership organization supporting those who develop the knowledge and skills of employees in organizations around the world. Each year they organize the ATD 2015 International Conference & Exposition, the largest conference in the field of training and development, bringing together 400 exhibitors and more than 10,500 professionals from the industry. The next edition of ATD will take place in Orlando, Florida the 17th-20th of May 2015. Three French innovative companies will attend the conference as part of the French delegation this year:     Halifax Consulting  is a training and consulting firm specialized in commercial performance and management. With 10,000 commercial sales managers trained each year and more than 200 active clients, the company has become a leader in its field in France and abroad, working globally with companies such as Total, L’Oréal, DHL and Pfizer. They offer an online academy focused on commercial performance, managerial performance and custom support. F ind out more here .   E-doceo  is an e-learning software publisher, which has developed a complete software suite for implementing e-learning and blended learning training. Their global solution allows customers to create, manage, and publish their training. e-doceo clients include international companies such as Nestlé, Areva, Randstad and KPMG, as well as the French Ministry of Education. Find out more here .   Manzalab  is an innovative player in the creation of serious games, at a crossroads between videogame and pedagogy. Manzalab internally develops its own technologies and addresses all types of devices: PC offline or online, social networks, mobile phones and touchpads. Manzalab offers tailored services to companies in all kinds of sectors, with clients such as Veolia, AXA, Renault or Sanofi-Aventis. Among their key products is “My job interview”, a game facilitating the integration of young jobless people into the workplace, and “year review”, a serious game to train managers to assess their teams. Find out more here .        

LAUAK Group Set to Take-off at the Paris Airshow

PRESS - 11-mai-2015 23:30:10

  LAUAK GROUP, MANUFACTURER OF AIRCRAFT PARTS AND STRUCTURES SINCE 1975   LAUAK Group  was founded in 1975 as ESKULANAK by Jean-Marc Charritton, the current CEO, to supply sheet metal parts to Dassault. It is one of the major direct sub-contractors in France for detail parts, heat exchangers and assembly of subsets (tanks and engine pylons) for the aerospace industry. In the early 2000s,  LAUAK Group  launched a strategy based on acquisition and development and created a subsidiary abroad to ensure expansion, integrate new skills and improve its competitiveness. Today,  LAUAK Group  is a solid and durable partner for key aircraft manufacturers (AIRBUS, DASSAULT AVIATION, EMBRAER, EUROCOPTER and IAI), aero-structure leaders (AERNNOVA, AEROLIA, DAHER SOCATA, LATECOERE, SOGERMA…) and major suppliers (LIEBHERR, SAFRAN and HONEYWELL SECAN). LAUAK Group will be at the Paris Airshow (Le Bourget) on June 15 until June 21st 2015. Visit them at Hall 2A - D198 and find out more about their products and services! Watch video below:          

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