SYSTRAN showcases new language service APIs to build ground-breaking apps at Mobile World Congress 2016

Fran Lambert - 08-févr.-2016 10:37:55
  SYSTRAN, the leading provider of intelligent language technologies, will be showcasing a cloud based application program interface (API) platform offering natural language processing (NLP) services on the French Pavilion (stand 5B61) at MWC 2016, 22 25 February 2016. The aim of this new platform is to let independent developers and companies explore the vast ocean of multilingual data and obtain these data in an analysis-friendly form. The world is awash in digital data and relevant information is mostly textual and unstructured. Making sense of all these data has become a huge challenge. In this context, NLP technologies are the only way to understand them quickly and monetise them. In addition to generating greater insight, these technologies also help automate functions intelligently and make products or software applications easier to use. Leading the way in language technology for over forty years, SYSTRAN will demonstrate a new collection of REST APIs for text extraction, translation, and NLP. These web services are aimed at independent developers, IT service providers or in-house IT departments that need to exploit and analyse both structured and unstructured multilingual content, such as user-generated content, social media, web content and more. As a start, available technologies are machine translation (MT) and dictionary lock-up, NLP (language detection, named entity recognition, segmentation and tokenisation, morphological analysis, syntactic Analysis, transliteration) and text extraction (document filtering, speech to text and soon optical character recognition). For each technology, SYSTRAN provides the API reference documentation, client libraries (which can be downloaded from Github) and sample codes to give a quick overview of the service. A free trial is also possible using a SYSTRAN account or an existing social media login such as Google, Microsoft, GitHub or Naver. Numerous languages are supported including Asian and Middle-Eastern languages. “The MWC is the perfect place to present our new web services and we hope that making our core NLP technologies available will help developers unleash their creativity and come up with ground-breaking application ideas,” says Arnaud Dufournet, Marketing & Communications Director at SYSTRAN. Come and visit SYSTRAN on the French Pavilion (Stand 5B61) at MWC 2016! About SYSTRAN For over four decades, SYSTRAN has been the market leader in language-translation products and solutions, covering all types of platforms, from desktop to internet and enterprise servers. To help organisations enhance multilingual communication and increase productivity, SYSTRAN delivers real-time language solutions for internal collaboration, search, eDiscovery, content management, online customer support and e-Commerce. With the ability to facilitate communication in 130+ language combinations, SYSTRAN is the leading choice of global companies, defence and security organisations, and language service providers. SYSTRAN is also the official translation solutions provider for the S-Translator, a default-embedded app on the Samsung Galaxy S and Note series. Since its early beginnings, SYSTRAN has been pioneering advances in machine translation and NLP. Its latest achievement, a new-generation Hybrid MT, combines the predictability and language consistency of rule-based machine translation with the fluency of statistical MT. SYSTRAN is headquartered in Seoul with offices in Daejeon in South Korea, Paris in France and San Diego in the USA. For more information on SYSTRAN, visit  or contact: Arnaud Dufournet Marketing & Communications Director Tel: +33 (0)1 44 82 49 00 Email: For more information on this press release, contact: Fran Lambert, Communications & Marketing Adviser Business France – The French Trade Commission in the UK Tel: +44 (0)20 7024 3613 Email: View other press releases at:

Great Minds Think Alike: French Innovators At Emtech

Alice Faure - 05-févr.-2016 11:57:57
      France is undergoing a start-up renaissance driven by a new generation of entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, designers, and other talented people we can call "innovators". It’s a new Start-up Republic, home to vibrant tech hubs and a hotbed of talent, impregnated with a strong entrepreneurial culture. The name of this movement is "La French Tech", a banner shared by French start-ups and the French government which supports them. Launched in 2013, the €200 million initiative supports French start-ups and places them under a single and powerfulbrand, both in France and abroad. In 2015, Business France was given the responsibility to promote the French Tech brand and initiative internationally. This means showing the world that not only is France an innovation hotspot, but that it is also going through a deep cultural and mentality change, making it more start-up friendly than ever. This catalogue is meant to break the myth of aclosed-to-foreign investment country of bureaucrats where innovation is stifled. France has always celebrated creativity, but in the past we were too shy about marketing and developing our ideas. Today, innovation is being unshackled from theory and encouraged to grow in the real world. While our English may still sound very French (and even that is changing!), we do speak the language of business and our start-up communities are thriving. We did invent the word "entrepreneur" after all… This is just a start. There is still much we can do to unleash the full potential of French creativity, but the ambition and talent are there, waiting to be unleashed as this silent revolution gathers pace. The following pages present some of the young faces behind this silent revolution. They are the ten winners of the French edition of the MIT Innovators Under 35 , and they embody this generation of bright people trained in the best schools, who dream big, are open to the world and welcome the ideas of others. Their stories speak better than any graph, figures orcomplicated argument we could come up with. They show that France is breeding a new generation of entrepreneurs equipped to provide the most innovative solutions to world’s problems. See for yourself! France has a track record in disruptive technology, from the Minitel service, a precursor to the internet, to the SIM card. Today’s start-ups bathe in the same pools ofcreativity and innovative research, and enjoy world-class digitalinfrastructure and a supportive business environment. For some years now, theFrench Tech ecosystem has shown an incredible dynamism, driven by a new generation of entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, designers, and other talented people. France is a new start-up Republic, home of vibrant tech hubs and talents impregnated with a strong entrepreneurial culture. The name of this movement is "La French Tech", a brand shared by French start-ups and the French government, which supports them. Our renowned tech know-how and talented engineers have turned into business-orientated entrepreneurs who think globally and dream big (in English!). While start-ups make headlines abroad, in France, new generation of charismatic entrepreneurs are inspiring others to follow their lead. Belying its reputation as a nation of bureaucrats, now 37% of all French people say they want to start their own business (source: Viavoice, October 2014). The rest of the world is starting to take note. At the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year, the French delegation created quite a buzz. The aim is to showcase young talent and leaders in science and technology who are at the cutting edge of economic and social development. 2015 marks the third "Innovators Under 35 France" event, selecting and rewarding projects with the potential to have a real impact and positively affect millions of lives. The first two "Innovators Under 35 France" events have already distinguished 20 exceptional young minds working in a number of different technological fields. More than 150 applications were presented this year. We are proud to present the ten winners and their remarkable projects on the following pages. These bright young people, who have all benefited from an education system that is well adapted to train the best of tomorrow’s innovators, have found creative solutions to the world’s problems in a unique and unprecedented way. About Business France Business France is the national agency promoting internationalisation of the French economy. It is responsible for fostering international expansion and export growth among French companies, as well as seeking out and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes the attractiveness and economic image of France, its companies and its regions. It manages and develops the International Company Volunteering (V.I.E.) scheme. Established on 1 January 2015, Business France was formed by merging Ubifrance and the Invest in France Agency. Business France has 1,500 employees in France and 70 other countries. It is supported by a network of public and private sector partners. For more information on Business France, visit: