French airport services drive innovation and diversity at Inter Airport Europe 2015

Fran Lambert - 19-août-2015 13:43:03
The French airport industry will play a major role at the 20 th Inter Airport Europe exhibition, which will take place in Munich from 6-9 October 2015. Business France, the French export-support agency, will present 25 companies representing different sectors on the French pavilion.   A leading exhibition across the globe, Inter Airport Europe offers the unmissable opportunity to meet international decision-makers and buyers from the airport sector.   The global airport industry has escaped the economic crisis unscathed, with an estimated 3.6 billion passengers expected per year by 2016. Fuelled by this optimistic outlook, multiple airport projects have taken off in terminals around the world.   Thanks to the growing number of passengers and rapid onset of new technology, the modernisation of existing airports has become crucial. France boasts extensive know-how and platforms across all airport services, and has secured a strong position on this global market.   Come and experience the expertise of the French companies exhibiting on the French Pavilion at Inter Airport Europe, which will showcase a variety of trades (research, construction, equipment and systems) and services (air traffic control and ground traffic, airline company stopovers and air terminals).   Explore the range of French airport services on offer, exhibited by both well-known global brands (ADPI, VINCI and THALES) and SMEs from specialist market sectors (ground support equipment, lighting, ticketing and passenger information systems).   Proavia, promoter and provider of information on French airport technology and air safety, will play a vital role at Inter Airport Europe in showcasing French equipment suppliers and airport consultants.   Below is a selection of the must-see exhibitors on the French Pavilion this year, which can be found in Hall B6 (stands 610 to 716):   ADB AIRFIELD SOLUTIONS (complete visual guidance solutions) - AEROPAX (passenger walkways) - ALSTEF (baggage handling)- ANYLOGIC (airport pedestrian flow management) - ATERMES (high-tech aeronautical equipment) - CARTEL MANUTENTION (blast barriers, baggage carts, passenger stairs) - DEDIENNE AEROSPACE (aircraft maintenance tools) - DERVAUX (aerial marking) - DESCHAMPS (aircraft lifting equipment) - ELAUL (stand-alone marking and lighting) - FORTAL (docks and stepladders) - GATE (ground support equipment) - GLOBALSYS (wireless communication systems) - HIFI FILTER (European filtration specialists) - MONROC (axles, brakes and suspensions for industrial equipment) - MUSTHANE (refuelling systems, lifting bags, load-bearing runways) - NAKSYS (airfield lighting photometry calibration equipment) - PROAVIA (promotor of French expertise in the airport sector) - SAINT-GOBAIN SOVIS (prisms moulded and optimal components for airfield lighting) - SOVAL EXPORT (cast-iron hatches for water supply, sanitation and runway lighting) - SOVAM (ground support equipment: passenger boarding bridges, baggage carts, etc.) - STERELA (electronic systems for air and road transport) - TITAN AVIATION (solutions for every step of the fuelling process) - TUBESCA-COMABI (docks and means of access for aircraft maintenance) - XOPS - RESONATE MP4 (multimedia and intelligent transport systems) -   For further information, please visit  or contact:   Isabelle DUVAL, Project Manager BUSINESS FRANCE Tel: +33 (0)1 40 73 33 31 Email: Website:     Fran Lambert, Communications & Marketing Advisor BUSINESS FRANCE Press Office in London SW1Y 4SP - UK Tel: +44 (0)20 7024 3613 Email:

Telmat Industrie

Anne Dessemond - 06-juil.-2015 16:51:58
Telmat Industrie has just launched in the UK its new automatic body measurement system: The SYMCAD III 3D Body Scanner The SYMCAD III 3D Body Scanner is a new hi-tech solution designed to automatically taking complete or partial measurements of the human body. SYMCAD III is an ideal solution for made-to-measure clothing businesses, for sizing clothes as well as having applications in the fitness and healthcare markets. The SYMCAD III is unique in the market of scanners using depth sensors as it provides a realistic representation of the human body and facilitates to detect static stickers and labels. Interactive tools take specific measurements in relation to different body shapes. SYMCAD III automatically analyzes body shape and posture. Telmat has developed two different 3D solutions: SYMCAD III – C "Cabin version" and SYMCAD III – T "Transportable version".   SYMCAD III – C is particularly well suited to take measurements in stores and can be fitted with an extension to allow customers to undress. This solution works particularly well when supplying professional clothing or uniforms; from 40 to 50 people per hour can be measured. SYMCAD III – T is extremely portable and can be installed in less than an hour and weighs less than 80 kg. SYMCAD III is a client-friendly solution allowing no specific training to set-up the scanner. SYMCAD III offers made-to-measure, comfortable and elegant garments for the price of prêt-à- porter items. User-friendly, self-operating and fun to use, SYMCAD vocally guides customers as soon as they enter the booth: - The client is welcomed in a pleasant atmosphere. - The measurements are taken in soft lighting - The color of clients underwear and skin color does not affect the measurements. The new SYMCAD III solution boasts several technical benefits. The solutions depth sensors use optical triangulation (near-infrared light - NIR) to take the measurements. The solution also employs cutting-edge technology to eliminate electronic and optical interference. This results in an accuracy rate well below 1%. The reconstruction of the human body is realistic with virtually no noise or inaccuracies.   Technical specifications: - The floor space measures 3.3m² - Ultra-rapid measurement acquisition time: 1 second for a 10-sensor set-up and 1.8 seconds for a 20-sensor set-up. - 3D acquisition can be taken over 360°, because of the position of the sensors - Several measurement positions are possible: the accuracy of a cylinder with a circumference measuring 1.60 m and with a height of 1.90 m is less than ± 0.15% or ± 1.5‰ (per thousand). - Measurement limits are: height 2.05 m, depth 0.8 m and width 1 m. Over 140 measurements are automatically taken and can be consulted in less than 30 seconds. The measurement position control can be performed on pictograms and/or on real body forms.   Over thirty made-to-measure clothing shops in Europe already use the Telmat body measurement system. SYMCAD III starts at €12,000. About Telmat Industrie, TELMAT Industrie is a company specializing in providing IT solutions for the Telecoms, 3D Vision and Internet Security domains. The company builds custom-made measurement systems, publishes software and develops solutions for these markets. For more information, please contact: Telmat Industrie Gilbert DUDKIEWICZ, Chief Executive Officer 6, rue de l’industrie 68360 Soultz Tel: +33 3 89 62 13 35 For further information please contact: Mrs Anne Dessemond Press Office - BUSINESSFRANCE London SW1Y 4SP 6 UK View other press releases at:


Nicolas Aguero - 01-juil.-2015 19:19:05
            PREMIUM : an international fashion trade show for the high-fashion segment       July 8-10 – Berlin, Germany     PREMIUM is an international fashion trade show for the high-fashion segment, taking place twice annually in the STATION-Berlin exhibition halls. With more than 60,000 visitors, some 1,500 collections on show, and approximately 23,000 square meters of exhibition space, PREMIUM is the only trade show in the world to bring together premium brands from the fashion and lifestyle sectors at this scale and level of quality. PREMIUM’s calling card: Each and every season, the most in-demand high-fashion collections, the most innovative products, and the most leading trends from around the globe are united in one place, from womenswear, menswear, denim, and sportswear to footwear and accessories like handbags and jewelry. The motto: quality over quantity. The means: consistent curatorial standards, continuous research, and the integration of new collections. The goal: providing clients with outstanding conditions for placing orders as well as the inspirational push to stay ahead in a very competitive market.   The season-to-season fine-tuning of the brand portfolio, the high proportion of new collections (25-30%), and the integration of innovative new concepts are what keep PREMIUM consistently unique, one season after another. At PREMIUM, the needs of the retail market are always at the forefront. A clear, well-structured concept, easy-to-access information, stringent brand standards, and comprehensive service are designed to make the work of both exhibitors and trade show visitors efficient and enjoyable. Strong brands, one strong trade show, an alliance grounded in one key quality: The name says it all— PREMIUM.   It’s been more than 10 years since the first PREMIUM took place in January 2003. Since then, the revolutionary concept, the unique locations, the creative potential of the city of Berlin, and the visionary spirit of the PREMIUM founders have combined to make PREMIUM a leading event on the world’s fashion and lifestyle stage.   PREMIUM is open exclusively to trade professionals: exhibitors, buyers and representatives of the press.   More about Premium       French exhibitors : American Vintage, Anna Studio, Brigitte Bardot, IRO, La Manufacture, Les racines du ciel, Léon & Harper, Prêt Pour Partir, Weill, Sessun…   More about French brands  

Rolling Stock

Nicolas Aguero - 26-juin-2015 18:13:09
  Rolling Stock Alstom partners with London Underground to complete the modernisation of Northern line trains                    Download the video transcript   Download File         Download the transcript Alstom has now completed the modernisation of 106 trains serving the Northern line, following a two year upgrade programme for London Underground (LU). Alstom has worked in partnership with LU to ensure a seamless transition and to maintain the daily service levels ‎of the Underground. As part of the programme, the teams at Alstom’s Morden and Golders Green Metro Traincare Centres have: replaced 11km of lino in the fleet, which is roughly the distance between Buckingham Palace and the O2 Arena, polished 15,688 windows to remove graffiti, which is more panels of glass than in the Shard; and changed 27,500 seat backs, which is equivalent to a third of Wembley Stadium. The 106th and final train that has been upgraded, both inside and outside, including fitting wheelchair spaces and upgrading passenger information systems, has now re-entered service.  The mid-life refurbishing programme included 3.7 million items replaced on the fleet, which represents about 35,000 components per train. “ The team working on the project has done a fantastic job and I am sure most passengers didn’t realise what was going on until they got into a refreshed train on their commute to work for the first time, ” said Piers Wood, Managing Director Urban & Services, Alstom Transport UK. Stevyn Walder, Performance Manager for Northern Line Trains, said: “ Thanks to this refurbishment, Northern line trains are looking better than ever before. Customers travelling on the Northern line can now expect a cleaner and more comfortable environment to brighten up their journeys. ” The Northern line carries up to a quarter of Tube passengers, around one million people per day Monday to Friday. Alstom ensures that 96 trains are available for passenger service each morning and evening peak, with the first train going into service at 5am and the last train returning to the depot the following morning at 2am. The Northern line fleet, which was built by Alstom, travels around 15 million kilometres a year.

Stage bureau Business France pôle Agroalimentaire

Sandy Hoareau - 23-juin-2015 17:34:28
Trade Development Assistant (6 mois)     Dates du stage : 1er septembre 2015  au 26 février 2016    Durée : 6 mois   Lieu : Londres, Royaume-Uni   Gratification : 508,20€ /mois (converti en Livres Sterling au taux de chancellerie en vigueur) Pas d’indemnité de grand déplacement. Stage conventionné uniquement – Cursus pluridisciplinaire.  

Mycoocoon in Business France London

Sandra Pini - 21-mai-2015 13:17:33
  Mycoocoon settles in Business France office in London for a month from 21/05/2015 to 22/06/2015       mycoocoon  brings wellness to people with an active lifestyle,bringing them into perfect harmony with themselves and their environment, thanks to the energy that colours transmit. MyCO is a colour consulting agency that works with hotels, companies and brands, based on wellness. Based on chromotherapy mycoocoon combines ancestral beliefs with the use of technology.  We can help you develop new brand concepts or maximise on existing ones. We offer a fully integrated 360º service so we can work with clients and their agencies.   We adapt custom solutions to respond to your specific needs.   mycoocoon spa 5.0  invites you to immerse yourself into colour through the five senses. Today we consume in new ways. People are looking to live experiences that contribute to their well-being.      


Nicolas Aguero - 20-mai-2015 13:35:00
    PRESS RELEASE           May 13 th , 2015       BUSINESS FRANCE showcases 12 companies from the information system security sector     at Infosecurity Europe 2015       The French Trade Commission BUSINESSFRANCE in London will present twelve innovative companies on the French pavilion at the Infosecurity trade show, which will take place in central London (UK), from 02 June to 04 June 2015. It will be an opportunity for these French companies to showcase their proven expertise in IT security, covering both products and services.   Last year, the event brought together 15,000 visitors and 300 exhibitors.       Displayed under the ‘French Tech’ label ( ) and hosted for the seventh time by BUSINESS FRANCE, the national agency supporting the international development of France’s economy, the French Pavilion will be located on stand F200. It will feature a host of IT security solutions presented by 12 innovative companies, in a wide variety of fields:   Privileged user control Web applications firewall; vulnerability scan Identification/Authentication (strong and mobile) and electronic signature Identity and access management Secure performance virtualisation and monitoring Secure contract dematerialisation Secure remote connection Anti-SPAM – Anti-malware – Anti-phishing – Anti-blacklisting 60% of the businesses in the sector are experiencing growth, and 25% of them enjoy 2-digit growth.   The French Pavilion will also feature two French specialists in cybersecurity: the HexaTrust cluster and the ANSSI.   HexaTrust Cluster The HexaTrust club was founded by a group of French SMEs that are complementary players and have expertise in information security systems, cybersecurity and digital trust. Representative of French excellence in innovative solutions, these software vendors and integrators have come together to provide a full range of efficient and consistent products and services dedicated to the security of critical infrastructures. This combination meets the needs of enterprises, administrations, public and private organizations of all sizes, keen on receiving European and French innovative offers that cover all of their IT security needs.   ANSSI ANSSI (Agence nationale pour la sécurité des systèmes d’information) is the French cybersecurity agency and the national authority for the defence and security of information systems. Its core missions include incident response, development of high security products for governmental use, information and advisory, cybersecurity training, and qualification of trusted products and services.       The French based participants are looking to develop partnerships in the UK and will be available for one-to-one meetings on the French pavilion (stand F200) during Infosecurity 2015, to be held from 02 June to 04 June of this year at London Olympia.       Come and meet the exhibitors at the French Pavilion on stand F200.       OPEN TRUST:       BERTIN TECHNOLOGIES:       ILEX:       DENY ALL:       WALLIX:       QOSMOS:       GB & SMITH:       PRADEO:       CYBELANGEL:       OVELIANE:       ANSSI:       HEXATRUST:       For further information, please contact   Business France   Thibaut Barde, Project Manager – Digital Trust & Cyber Security   Email:      
  Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating international investment in France. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the VIE international internship program. Founded on January 1, 2015 through a merger between UBIFRANCE and the Invest in France Agency, Business France has 1,500 personnel, both in France and in 70 countries throughout the world, who work with a network of public- and private-sector partners.   Business France’s three missions are: - Fostering export growth by French businesses. - Promoting and facilitating international investment in France. - Promoting France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location.     These missio



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