Producing the best wine is not enough to survive on the global market

Fran Lambert - 08-oct.-2015 11:57:00
“In 2015, the global wine and spirits market is still thriving and France remains one of the best wine producers and exporters in the world”, says Christophe Commeau, head of the wines and spirits department at Business France, interviewed this week by Business France Radio.   France at the heart of global competition France is facing more and more competitors such as Italy and Spain, but also Chile, Argentina, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Even if “in the future, consumers will drink less but much better, ”  it is a worldwide competition “to survive on the global market; producing the best wine is not enough, ”  asserts Commeau. The best wine at the best price This is why over the past few years, French companies, producers, makers and traders, have started to improve the quality of their products, and now export the best wine at the best price. The three main strengths of France To face this competition, France relies on its many strengths, ranging from its variety to its quality and price. Boasting regions such as Burgundy, Bordeaux, Loire Valley, South of France, Alsace and Champagne, sparkling and sweet wines, France has “a great many wines at a great many prices for such a small country.” Development of the organic wine market French companies have also been developing one new aspect of the wine market. “800 hundred French wine makers are now doing organic wine”, states Commeau. This is a new and necessary trend, as so many countries now want to import this type of wine. New wines for Asia and champagne for the UK A strategy linked with the ability of France to find new opportunities and develop wines for new markets like Asia; China in particular. “We have to prospect and organise wine tastings in Asia, but not only in Asia," says Commeau.  “ The USA remains a big consumer and our closest neighbours are our biggest clients, especially the UK, the main market for France thanks to its demand for champagne. French wine in this market is becoming more and more sophisticated.” The role played by France in the wines and spirit global market has evolved even further. Every year, France organises wine tours at the biggest trade fairs, master classes and training for cellarmen and sommeliers to learn how to correctly pair French wines with local food. According to Commeau, “exporting and promoting wine abroad is good but we also need to train professionals in the sector.” More information on French wine companies can be found here .

SmartGrids France lights the way at European Utility Week in Vienna, 3-5 November 2015

Fran Lambert - 07-oct.-2015 15:56:28
The SmartGrids France association was created in April 2015 to develop the smart electricity sector in France and to promote it in Europe and internationally. The association will be exhibiting at European Utility Week, taking place in Vienna on 3-5 November 2015 to raise the profile of businesses in this sector and their expertise, and demonstrators will be running live trials. SmartGrids France will be exhibiting alongside Business France, the French export-support agency, on the French Pavilion in Hall A.  The professional association SmartGrids France was created through one of ten initiatives set out in the "Smart Grids" road map presented by the French President in mid-2014. As the "Team France" of Smart Grids, this association offers support to players in the sector. By 2020, it aims for the sector to represent 25,000 direct jobs in France, generate €6 billion in turnover (half of which will be from export) and become one of the industry leaders in a global market estimated at €30 billion per year. Come and visit SmartGrids France on the French Pavilion in Hall A, where it will be sharing its expertise through: - a presentation of its smart grid demonstrators and initial results; - an explanation of French expertise for foreign delegations that wish to meet the demonstrators; - its methodology for promoting the socio-economic aspect of smart grids, a world first; - an overview of the current flexibility of French power grids thanks to existing smart grid features. The association is also a member of the Global Smart Grid Federation, which enables it to exchange with its peers on a global level. Delegations from Japan and Taiwan are already familiar with the main French demonstrators. France is the leading country in terms of smart grid investment in Europe. Over 100 smart grid projects are currently taking place across France as well as numerous export projects. French expertise in this field is recognised internationally. French network operators, RTE and ERDF in particular, currently export their skills by supporting foreign operators in deploying smart grid technology across their networks. The level of investment and dynamics demonstrated by the French power network make it one of the worlds most available and reliable networks. About SmartGrids France SmartGrids France is chaired by Philippe Monloubou, Chairman of ERDFs Management Board. Its Vice-Chairman is Olivier Grabette, deputy CEO of RTE. The association is made up of prominent international figures in the world of business, academics, institutions and players in the electricity sector. Association members include Alstom, Schneider, EDF, French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA), Mines ParisTech, SAGEMCOM, ABB, Gimelec, Cofely Ineo, Siemens, Atos, Cap Gemini, and SMEs such as Cahors, Seifel and Michaud. The association is primarily responsible for: - organising events in France and abroad to promote smart grid expertise and represent its members; - supporting the development of its SME and mid-size company members; - ensuring representation of its members with public authorities and European and international organizations; - taking stock of the smart grid sector and its show rooms in France, particularly by promoting its achievements abroad; - creating a catalogue of existing training and promoting the development of new training; - communicating on topics and issues concerning smart grids in France, Europe and internationally. To join the SmartGrids France association or for further information, please email associationrei@rte-france-com or contact: Martine Savary, Press Contact Tel: +33 (0)6 64 25 66 59 Email: For further information regarding this press release, please contact:  Fran Lambert, Communications Adviser Business France - The French Trade Commission in the UK Tel: +44 (0)20 7024 3613 Email:

Burgess Marine banks on Port of Cherbourg to grow its business as it signs synchrolift usage agreement with PNA

Fran Lambert - 07-oct.-2015 13:51:37
Burgess Marine, the UKs largest independent ship repairer, and the Ports of Normandy Authority (PNA) have signed a priority usage agreement for the synchrolift located at the Port of Cherbourg in France for the period running from 29th September 2015 to 31st March 2016.  The first vessel, MV Wight Light, a 63m-long car and passenger ferry ensuring the connection between the Isle of Wight and Portsmouth, was dry-docked on 29th September. MV Wight Light is the first in a series of six vessels belonging to British company Wightlink to be maintained at the Cherbourg site by Burgess Marine, a company specialising in ship maintenance and repair as well as the refitting of passenger ships and yachts. Burgess Marine will also be subcontracting local Cherbourg company Construction métallique de l’Ouest (CMO). At the forefront of specialised marine engineering and bespoke marine fabrication, Burgess Marine is one of the largest independent UK companies in the industry, with 130 employees and a turnover of approximately 33 million euros.  In renting the Cherbourg synchrolift for a long period, the operator, currently undergoing a period of growth, secures the availability of a rare piece of equipment only a few miles from its base in the south of England. The synchrolift, 90m long, 32m wide and with a lifting capacity of 3,000t, offers particular ease of access for refitting operations due to the clear flat area created around the vessel. “This agreement represents significant expansion for us as we continue to grow our business,” says Nick Warren, Managing Director of Burgess Marine. “It will allow us to develop a close and beneficial working relationship with PNA and subcontractors in Cherbourg, as well as develop greater cross Channel links and more potential business opportunities.” Cherbourg: A hub for shipbuilding and repair The signing of this usage agreement validates the investments made by PNA since 2011 and vindicates the efforts of local businesses in their ambition to position the Port Cherbourg as a hub for shipbuilding and repair.  With a pier for a 50t marine travelift, a 300t marine travelift, a 3,000t synchrolift, a technical zone of nearly 1ha and a further 2ha zone for new worksites, the Port of Cherbourg is now able to offer complete and coherent services for managing a wide range of projects. Port of Cherbourg About PNA Owner and manager of the ports of Caen-Ouistreham and Cherbourg since 2007, PNA is a joint association encompassing the Lower Normandy region and the Manche and Calvados departments. Its role is to develop all port interests, select those working at the ports, manage port development policies and guarantee secure maritime access. The mission entrusted to PNA by its member associations is to maximise the performance of these two ports to best serve their territories and overcome development challenges. For further information on the usage agreement between PNA and Burgess Marine, please contact: Nadège Eve, Press Contact Ports of Normandy Authority Tel: +33 (0)2 31 53 64 53 Email:  Web:  / For further information regarding this press release, please contact: Fran Lambert, Communications Adviser Business France – The French Trade Commission in the UK Tel: +44 (0)20 7024 3613 Email:

Lumenaki launches version 2.0 of world’s first personal content platform allowing users to manage all digital memory from their mobile - Web Summit, 3-5 November 2015

Fran Lambert - 06-oct.-2015 11:33:18
French start-up Lumenaki’s promise “Record, Recall, Relive” is fulfilled by its innovative new iPhone app, which it will be showcasing in November at Web Summit 2015 in Dublin, set up in partnership with French Tech by Business France, the French export-support agency.   Described as a “Life Content Manager”, Lumenaki is the first mobile platform to offer all services needed to manage our digital memory: a personal content management system, an online publishing tool and a private social network. Users can securely gather, organise, publish and control all their digital memories and life moments from a single mobile app. From smart photo apps like Dropbox Carousel, Google Photos and Facebook Moments to storytelling tools such as Storehouse, Steller and now the Microsoft Sway app, there are a whole host of apps to help us visually present moments in our lives and tell their story. Yet this experience remains somewhat incomplete; partly because presentation is often impersonal and reflects little emotion, and partly because not one of these apps succeeds in managing all our personal content in a way that recreates those unique moments that make our lives special. These moments cannot be summarised in photos and videos alone. They also include other personal content and contextual information which, once gathered, help to make up the complete journey. We create a large amount of this content every day on top of our photos and videos (quotes, notes, contact information, check-ins, posts on social networking sites, etc.) but it is useless if it is scattered across too many different sites and applications. We can’t benefit from our digital memory unless we reconnect all these aspects of our lives. Lumenaki takes a radically different approach by providing a new service to fully manage and control users’ digital memory. Its innovative new mobile service offers a unique way to securely capture, gather, organise and share all of its users’ personal digital content using a single mobile app whose design and user interface enhances content and makes it possible for users to relive the emotion of the moment. Lumenaki’s new iPhone app enables users to: • Centralise all their personal content and life moments in one secure place: photos, videos, previous and future social posts, notes, thoughts, addresses, contacts and maps; • Organise their content into thematic albums and personalise them as they like; • Relive the emotions experienced at the time; • Decide who has access and who can contribute: invite and revoke readers, co-create and collaborate thanks to shared albums, publish albums online like a blog or keep them for their eyes only; • Maintain full control and ownership. Following positive user feedback and in line with its vision, Lumenaki has now developed version 2.0 of its mobile platform, which it will be showcasing at Web Summit 2015. Version 2.0 will boast a new dashboard, a new way to organise and browse albums, a tutorial to help first-time users and a smart album suggestion assistant, among other exciting new features. The Lumenaki app is free and available to download on the AppStore . Version 2.0 of the app will be available to download on 29th October 2015, one week ahead of Web Summit. About Lumenaki Lumenaki was founded by CEO Cédric Garcin, who has over 20 years of experience in complex international digital and technical projects, alongside COO David Dzialowski and CSO Michael Goossens, Lumenaki investors and active partners. The company has raised €245,000 of seed funding to date and is currently preparing for a new round of fundraising. For further information on Lumenaki and its founders, please visit  or contact: Cédric Garcin, Founder and CEO Tel: +33 (0)6 21 64 83 76 Email:  For further information regarding this press release, please contact: Fran Lambert, Communications Adviser Business France – The French Trade Commission in the UK Tel: +44 (0)20 7024 3613 Email:

EcoVadis and TfS renew partnership to drive sustainable supply chains in the international chemical industry

Fran Lambert - 30-sept.-2015 11:40:30
EcoVadis, the first collaborative platform providing sustainability performance ratings and improvement tools for supply chains, and Together for Sustainability (TfS), the chemical industry sustainability initiative, announce the renewal of their partnership to further advance sustainable practices in the supply chains of the chemical industry. TfS membership has more than doubled since it was founded four years ago. In addition to the six founding members, TfS has accrued members from Europe and the United States and intends to continue growing globally. TfS member companies have joined forces to assess and audit their suppliers and share the results. The benefits of this collaboration affect both sides: suppliers receive one request from TfS rather than multiple requests from each individual customer, and TfS members share the results. Through the use of these synergies, more efforts can be expended on improvement measures. EcoVadis is the cooperation partner of TfS for assessments and the assessment program has expanded to have significant impact, with a total of more than 7,800 supplier companies engaged to date. The TfS assessment program is supported by the EcoVadis cloud collaboration platform and CSR rating service, which is backed by a global team of 250 people and provides performance improvement tools for suppliers across 110 countries.  “TfS is pleased to extend this partnership with EcoVadis, and we look forward to building on the success we have achieved thus far with the assessment program,” says Rüdiger Eberhard, President of TfS and Chief Procurement Officer of Evonik Industries.  “With more than 70% of suppliers improving their scores upon second evaluation, this has given us great confidence in the effectiveness of EcoVadis rating and collaboration system.” “In only four years, TfS has become the benchmark for what industry collaboration for Sustainable Supply Chain should be” adds co-CEO and co-Founder of EcoVadis, Pierre-François Thaler. “It has scaled and driven impressive results through the clear vision and very strong commitments of the Chief Procurement Officers within the member companies. We are very proud to be continuing with TfS’ pioneering effort to drive improvements of CSR practices in chemical supply chains”. About TfS TfS AISBL is a joint initiative of chemical companies for sustainable supply chains. It was founded in 2011 to develop and implement a global program to assess, audit and improve sustainability practices within the supply chains of the chemical industry. At present, it has 16 member companies worldwide and intends to grow globally. For further information on TfS, please visit  or contact: Dr. Gabriele Unger, General Manager, TfS Tel: +32 (0)2792 7515 Email:  About EcoVadis EcoVadis operates the first online collaborative network enabling companies to manage the sustainability performance of their suppliers across 150 sectors and 110 countries. EcoVadis reliable ratings and easy to use monitoring tools allow companies to manage risks and drive eco-innovations in their global supply chains.  For further information on EcoVadis, please visit  or contact: David McClintock, Marketing Director, EcoVadis Tel: +33 (0)1 82 83 86 09 Email:   For further information regarding this press release, please contact: Fran Lambert, Communications Adviser Business France - The French Trade Commission in the UK Tel: +44 (0)20 7024 3613 Email:

Immersive social media: Beloola paves the way for online virtual reality at Web Summit 2015 in Dublin

Fran Lambert - 29-sept.-2015 16:03:59
Beloola will be showcasing its innovative online social platform at Web Summit 2015 on the French Tech Pavilion, which has been set up by Business France, the French export-support agency, in partnership with French Tech. Exhibiting on Thursday 5 November in the main hall next to French Tech (T802), Beloola was selected by a jury of French and Irish experts based on the disruptive innovation of its product and the relevance of its technology.  Beloola’s new virtual reality platform gives a preview of what is likely to be the future of an Internet where users will interact with content and meet other users in virtual environments and in real-time, providing a much more immersive web experience. The Internet has pretty much remained the same for 25 years now; an endless galaxy of pages where the sheer overflow of information has led to younger generations favouring mobile internet and its straightforward applications. Convinced that the web had become boring, French entrepreneur Tom Gauthier founded Beloola with a view to disrupting the Internet and demonstrating what is likely to become a new web standard in the future. The platform represents a transition towards a new version of the Internet that is centred on virtual reality. Beloola provides a much more immersive Internet experience thanks to its 3D graphics and navigation, enabling an Internet browser to engage the user as much as a games console. Show your life with emotion  Every user has their own avatar and can interact with others. People with shared passions can therefore congregate in the same 3D environment and share the same content in real-time. Content is enhanced by total immersion in the 3D environment and user emotions are heightened. Be the architect of your own 3D immersion Almost all content available on the major platforms available on the Internet (Spotify, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) can be integrated into the user’s 3D virtual space. All of these 3D virtual spaces are user-owned and user generated and Beloola provides an intuitive builder tool to allow users to build structures and add 3D objects and assets. Beloola as a business tool Any kind of business or private entity such as a brand, a sports franchise or a fan club can use Beloola to create its own tailored 3D virtual space and provide a new experience for its community. The platform also allows its audience to be monetized thanks to the integration of e-commerce sites directly within the 3D environment and also through cross-selling, advertising, behavioural targeting and premium subscriptions. Examples: ● ● ●   Beloola is available anywhere and anytime. The whole platform runs under webGL, a dynamic 3D programming interface for web pages and HTML5 applications created by Khronos Group. This technology allows for Beloola to be available on any operating system and for users to access Beloola without any additional software or plugin. Beloola is being optimized for mobile and virtual reality headsets such as Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear and Google Cardboard. The latter will allow users to navigate from a subjective point of view. Beloola is currently participating in Boost VC in San Mateo, California, a start-up acceleration program specialising in bitcoin and virtual reality founded by the Draper family. About Beloola Founded by Tom Gauthier in 2009, Beloola was developed and adapted by V-Cult, based in Lille, France. V-Cult was the first company to emerge from the EuraTechnologies incubator. V-Cult raised funds in 2009, 2012 and 2014 and participated in several competitions such as MidemLab in 2012, where it was nominated as one of the ten most promising music industry start-ups in the ‘Marketing and Social Engagement’ category. The company was also a finalist in the French Touch Conference in New York in 2014 alongside 12 other French start-ups, and was nominated in the ‘Seed’ category, representing French start-ups with the most international market potential. For further information on Beloola, please visit  or watch its YouTube trailer:   • Twitter: @Beloola • LinkedIn: • AngelList: For further information regarding this press release, please contact: Fran Lambert, Communications Adviser Business France - The French Trade Commission in the UK Tel: +44 (0)20 7024 3613 Email:

A new era for video consumption: Adways Studio showcases interactive videos on the French Tech Pavilion at Web Summit 2015 in Dublin

Fran Lambert - 25-sept.-2015 11:51:57
Adways will showcase its innovative and intuitive SaaS cloud-based platform Adways Studio at Web Summit 2015 on the French Tech Pavilion, which has been set up in partnership with French Tech by Business France, the French export-support agency. Exhibiting on Wednesday 4 November in the main hall next to French Tech (T802), Adways was selected by a jury of French and Irish experts based on the disruptive innovation of its product and the relevance of its business plan. Come and experience how Adways’ user-friendly technology, developed to make any video interactive in a matter of minutes, enables users to share information more easily, engage with their audience and generate revenue. With a simple drag-and-drop action, users can add hotspots to the video and link it to additional content. This HTML5 technology is multi-device compatible and can be integrated with the leading video players on the market to enhance their content: OVP (online video platform), publishers, pure-players, e-commerce and e-learning. For each interactive video published online, users have access to advanced analytical data, such as the number of views, completion rate and even the click rate on each interactive element. For editorial interactive videos, the average click rate is around 20-25%. Adways targets five markets: 1. Advertising (to increase both completion rate and revenue): Advertising agencies add call to action on their online videos to promote their products and increase their client base; 2. Media: Media players streaming interactive shows on catch-up/on-demand TV with exclusive bonus features; 3. Corporate: Companies creating interactive videos to improve the impact of internal and external communications; 4. Film: Filmmakers and producers creating interactive films to offer an immersive experience to their audience; 5. Education: Teachers and trainers enriching their online courses with videos enhanced and structured by different chapters and quizzes; Clients in these markets have one thing in common: their ongoing quest to improve viewer engagement with their videos. Adways provides the key to successful and engaging videos. Its clients include main Media Agencies suchs as Dentsu/Aegis or Havas, brands such as Volvo, Decathlon, Orange, and TV channels  like Arte, M6 and Discovery Channel. Adways offers a monthly licence subscription service to clients wishing to use the Adways Studio platform. Clients in the advertising industry are offered a CPC or CPM pricing model. This year, Adways has accelerated its international development in Europe and the United States. As a dynamic, multi-award-winning and fast-growing actor on the French start-up scene, the company is proud to represent French Tech at Web Summit 2015 this November. The trade show in Dublin represents a great opportunity for Adways to promote its new and innovative platform and meet potential clients with whom it can develop its business in Europe. About Adways Adways was co-founded by CEO Jacques Cazin and CTO Clément Tellier in 2010, around the time that online video consumption exploded on the Internet and the iPad, among other tablets, was introduced. The spread of tactile devices calls for videos to be watched in a new way, where users can actively engage with information. Conceived with the purpose of making interactive videos, Adways aims to provide people with better ways of engaging with the information in videos. Its disruptive cloud-based platform enables users to add content (such as photos, videos, websites and social media feeds) directly to their videos. Adways comprises an experienced executive team made up of 22 interactive video specialists. The company is based in Paris and also has trade offices in New York and in Japan. To see how Adways Studio works, watch this video: For a free demo, click here: Links to interactive videos: • Volvo: • Decathlon: • Orange: • Arte: • M6: • Discovery Channel: For further information regarding this press release, please contact: Fran Lambert, Communications Adviser Business France – The French Trade Commission in the UK Tel: +44 (0)20 7024 3613 Email:
Business France - The French Trade Commission in the UK  is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy in the UK. It is responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating the UK’s investment in France. Business France promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the VIE Programme in the UK. Founded on January 1, 2015 through a merger between UBIFRANCE and the Invest in France Agency, Business France has 1,500 members of staff, both in France and in 70 countries throughout the world, who work with a network of public- and private-sector partners. In September 2015, Patrick Manon was appointed the new Director of Business France in the UK. Prior to this appointment, Patrick was the Human Resources Director at Business France in Paris, which manages the recruitment of t


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