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With latest version of Artificial Intelligence platform, Tellmeplus packages intelligence with every asset

Manon Cabrol - 07-nov.-2017 13:04:30

Predictive Objects’ minimal footprint runtime enables predictive models to run inside or close to the asset it supports while preserving consistency with global deployments Tellmeplus , the specialist in Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to Big Data, released today the latest version of Predictive Objects, the first AI platform for asset efficiency that packages intelligence with every asset. In version 1.4, Predictive Objects leverages a new deployment capability for predictive models, that features a nano-footprint option capable of running on memory- and CPU- constrained connected objects and devices. Using the same technology stack as the one deployed on edge computing gateways and cloud servers, Predictive Objects run seamlessly and consistently on all types of assets, regardless of their level of computing power or their state of connectivity. "Thanks to the use of innovative scalable time series oriented data storage, we were able to reduce the footprint required by Predictive Objects to a few hundred kilobytes only," explained Jean-Michel Cambot, founder and chief strategist at Tellmeplus. "With its transparent scalability from very large and dense time series to smaller ones, the same technology stack is deployed on light embedded systems and on much more powerful systems, guaranteeing complete consistency across platforms." Packaging intelligence with every asset Thanks to their ability to get deployed and embedded on any platform or runtime, Predictive Objects 1.4 packages intelligence with every asset, providing a combined view of the asset, its performance and evolution over time. "Asset intelligence drives the strategy of any organization, regardless of industry or focus," indicated Benoit Gourdon, chief executive officer of Tellmeplus. "Being able to closely package predictions with the asset itself requires the ability to run predictive models in any type of technical environment, but also to gain a deep understanding of the characteristics of the asset and to associate these particular attributes to the produced predictions." True multi-cloud deployment In this new release, Predictive Objects also added the capability to provision and deploy predictive models concomitantly on several cloud platforms, but also to manage and monitor these deployments from a centralized, single front application. Models can run inside Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, as well as a number of private cloud deployment platforms. About Tellmeplus Founded by Jean-Michel Cambot, the original inventor of Business Objects, Tellmeplus leverages 5 years of research in the field of artificial intelligence applied to predictive analytics. Predictive Objects leverages Big Data & Meta Active Machine Learning to provide Automated Embedded Artificial Intelligence. Tellmeplus’ technology enables to put the intelligence where decisions need to be made: in the objects and at the edge of the network. For additional information please visit or follow  @TellMePlus on Twitter.  

Brennus Analytics raises €500K in funding to finance growth

Manon Cabrol - 06-nov.-2017 16:50:57

Brennus Analytics , a start-up that specializes in Artificial Intelligence-based price optimization for industrial manufacturers and B2B distributors completed a €500,000 funding round this summer. The ZTP investment fund and several private French investors have now acquired a stake in the start-up.  Founded in 2015, the start-up has developed Brennus ™, a SaaS solution powered by leading-edge artificial intelligence technology. The solution evaluates or predicts customer behavior based on data analysis, and recommends optimal sales prices while taking into account each company’s specific strategic objectives and commercial constraints. The solution uses lifelong learning to deliver real-time, highly dynamic pricing with total transparency. This funding round will enable the start-up to grow commercially. “We are delighted to welcome ZTP and our new private investors. This funding strengthens the tremendous commitment of the Brennus Analytics team. With the support of our new investors, we have the opportunity to continue our work on R&D while remaining continuously engaged with our market” , said Grégoire Saint-Guily, Brennus Analytics CEO. Primarily self-financed by its founders since its inception, Brennus Analytics has also received an interest-free loan and a grant from the BPI, the French public investment bank, and is co-financed by an industrial manufacturing company through a commercial partnership. ZTP, "Ze 12th Player" in reference to soccer, is a private investment fund of the Mulliez family that supports companies, and which is active in several areas: •  International development through a market intelligence office in San Francisco and a presence in Shanghai. •  Accelerating innovative start-ups by supporting them and connecting them with a network of companies with capital  •  A start-up studio designed to develop cross-sectoral projects around data, customer experience, and employee experience.     About Brennus Analytics:  Founded in 2015 by several artificial intelligence researchers, the start-up Brennus Analytics allows companies in industrial manufacturing and B2B distribution to increase profits while optimizing sales prices. Its Brennus™ SaaS solution is based on leading-edge artificial intelligence technology. The solution evaluates or predicts customer behaviour based on the analysis of data, and recommends optimal sales prices while taking into account each company’s specific strategic objectives and commercial constraints. The solution uses lifelong learning to deliver real-time, highly-dynamic pricing with total transparency. Brennus Analytics was incubated by Telecom Paris Tech from 2016, and then joined the accelerator programs BPI The Hub and BNP Paribas’s WAI Boost in September 2017. It was been supported by Wilco (previously Scientipôle) and the BPI since it was founded, as well as by several private investors. The company is also part of Microsoft’s BizSpark+ program.   Press contacts: Emilie Dèbes - Yucatan +33 (0)1 53 63 27 34   Emilie Gariel - Brennus Analytics +33 (0)6 51 65 63 23

Achieving New Year’s Resolutions thanks to automated time-tracking

Manon cabrol - 06-nov.-2017 11:21:42

Half the American people have a go at New Year’s resolutions. But only 8% of them succeed: motivation is short-lived when you have no way to evaluate your progress. Smarter Time , the new automated time-tracking app, wants to help users by providing them with a comprehensive baseline and empowering them to track their progress. Smarter Time’s intelligent brain learns from all available data sources and guesses everything the users do, online and offline: their app usage on the phone and the computer, but also the time spent cooking, running, sleeping or with their families. Manual input is only needed at the very beginning – after a short while, Smarter Time tracks everything automatically and provides a detailed timeline and precise analytics. Even modest progress is easy to spot: thanks to a minute precision, Smarter Time takes in account every little effort. No more lying to ourselves about our time use, no more shame and guilt when we, often wrongly, feel we’re not doing enough.   Seeing objectively what our time is spent on, readjusting our view of ourselves and fixing ourselves goals that matter to us and we can actually achieve: that is the only way to make real progress. Smarter Time is meant to accompany users on their path to fulfilment and to become their trusted assistant, low maintenance and always at hand. Smarter Time has launched on Android in November. An iOS version is currently in the works and should hit closed Beta in the next couple weeks. A companion PC and Mac client is available for comprehensive tracking. More information is available on Smarter Time’s website, A press kit can be found at Contact: Anna Winterstein - CMO +44 (0) 785 6066 071

WiserSkills to help transform the retail banking sector

Manon Cabrol - 30-oct.-2017 17:05:29

SOCIÉTÉ GÉNÉRALE HELPS ITS EMPLOYEES SHAPE THEIR OWN FUTURE COMBINING THE BEST OF BOTH DIGITAL & HUMAN RESOURCES Convinced that reinventing its own model is key to meet the challenges raised by the transformation of retail banking, Société Générale French Retail Banking branch launched an ambitious transformation program, called #CLIENT2020 , aiming at combining the best of both digital & human resources. The banking and financial environment is undergoing deep changes: customers expectations are changing, the place of digital innovations is increasing, new competitors are entering the market, traditional players are evolving, the regulatory context is changing,… The changes impacting the French Retail Banking industry are such that every job will have to evolve. By 2020, all jobs will be different, every employee will have strengthened their skills and developed new ones, career paths will become more flexible and will be based on employees’ individual skills. One of the key issues of the program lies in helping the 20 000 employees to develop, strengthen and acquire the skills the Bank needs to stand out from the competition and to achieve the Group’s ambition regarding HRP issues (Human Resource Planning). The transformation to operate is such that each employee needs to become the architect of both its professional and personal project and to manage the skills he needs to develop. When selecting WiserSKILLS , Société Générale made the choice of an operational solution that will help the company accompany its employees during this transformation. Both HR teams and managers have been given access to the solution, so that they can truly be actors of the transformation to come.   AN INITIATIVE SEEN AS PRAGMATIC, HIGHLY POSITIVE AND REWARDING Driven by management, this initiative has been tested in 3 employment areas over summer 2017. WiserSKILLS is positioned as a key dimension of change management within the whole project regarding the transformation of jobs and skills #MonJob2020. A communication effort combining both digital support and physical events has been set up to give meaning to the whole initiative. It consisted in showing the ongoing transformation of the Banking industry, emphasizing the Société Générale ambition and describing what would be the jobs of tomorrow in the Banking industry. People have been told what kind of skills need to be developed or strengthened. WiserSKILLS has been made available for managers first and for all employees afterwards. Alike a virtual career advisor, WiserSKILLS helps each employee to review their current skills and to identify the skills he needs to develop or strengthen by 2020. It gives each manager an individualised development plan , highlighting the trainings that each of its employees needs the most. It helps each employee to build its own career path , by taking into account all their skills and professional motivations. Besides, by considering the bank job’s environment, WiserSKILLS happen to be an highly operational tool. Managers have access to a dynamic mapping of their teams’ skills . Employees are more comfortable in valuing their skills and expressing their professional expectations. Last but not least, HR teams have access to reliable data , allowing them to reinvent career mobility, to better focus on the most important trainings and to guide each employee along its career path.     “With WiserSKILLS, we are helping our employees to review all their professional skills and motivations. It makes it easier for them to understand and plan what their future can be in the “Bank of tomorrow”. WiserSKILLS gives to each manager an individualised development plan, allowing them to support each employee in the development of their skills. The solution allows them to assess and value both their current professional and extra-professional skills. It helps the HR teams to set up individualised career paths, that are more flexible and in line with each employee’s personal expectations.” Marie-Béatrice DUVAL Assistant Human Resources Director, Retail Banking CONTACT US Email: Website: BE SOCIAL Twitter

Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients launches 2 new ingredients

Manon Cabrol - 30-oct.-2017 16:36:45

Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients  (LCI) have developed 2 new functional ingredients for professionals in the baking industry: BRICKS and NUTRICORN. Easy to incorporate into product formulations with the option of adapting them as per the needs of clients, LCI aim to help professionals innovate and make their ingredient lists even clearer and more transparent. Meet them at  Food Matters Live on booth 267 from 21st - 23rd November 2017 to discover their solutions first-hand.   Build improvers BRICK by BRICK Conceived in-house following a thorough analysis of client requirements and extensive testing by their R&D team, BRICKS is a new range of bread improvers. This new range is now available everywhere in Europe. Suitable for baking businesses of all sizes and capacities, BRICKS has been developed especially for use in sliced bread and viennoiserie.  LCI provide the BRICKS , that is, the ‘base ingredients’ for bread improvers. BRICK by BRICK , benefitting from LCI’s advice and technical expertise, clients can build their own improver(s) fully adapted to their bread products. Aimed to be as flexible as possible to meet the various needs within the bread-making industry, the range includes several options: Ready-to use ‘bricks’ for specific requirements such as improved product softness Companies can also mix and match with a selection of ‘bricks’ as required Bespoke blend options whereby baking businesses can develop ‘bricks’ as desired. As an international agricultural cooperative group, LCI can develop formulations internally, meaning clients retain control of formulations and end-product recipes can remain confidential.    NUTRICORN: a combination of taste and health to bake better products NUTRICORN , is toasted corn germ which can be used to enhance the taste and nutritional value of bakery products.  The germ is the most nutritional part of maize grain, naturally rich in fibre (20%), protein (20%) and minerals (including magnesium, potassium and phosphorus). Nutricorn can enhance the nutritional profile of the end product. LCI toast NUTRICORN to improve product taste , which is similar to hazelnut. The toasting process is natural and ensures the nutritional value of the germ is preserved. From fully traceable maize grains grown by Limagrain farmers, the ingredient brings a crunch, a lightly toasted taste and an appealing bright colour to bakery products. Benefits of NUTRICORN: Offers the natural benefits of corn germ (fibre, protein, magnesium) while improving the taste and/or texture of bakery products Multipurpose: can be used in different bakery products, such as bread, pastries, cakes cereal bars, tortilla chips, biscuits and more Versatile: NUTRICORN can be used as a topping or baked in the product Allergen-free: does not contain any of the 14 main allergens (including gluten or nuts) NUTRICORN is rich in magnesium: only 7g of Nutricorn is all that’s needed in a final product for it to qualify as a ‘source of magnesium’, that is 57mg of magnesium per 100g! Lower costs: Nuts, and particularly hazelnuts and almonds, are expensive products and prices can fluctuate significantly. NUTRICORN is an ideal replacement for nuts in numerous products. The ingredient can lower recipe costs used as both a total and/or partial substitution.  LCI will be exhibiting at  Food Matters Live booth 267 at ExCel London from 21st - 23rd November 2017, don’t miss this opportunity to find out more about their new ingredients.   About Limagrain CEREALES INGREDIENTS A unique position, from seed to consumer Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients (LCI) is a subsidiary of Limagrain, an international French cooperative group created and directed by French farmers. LCI creates functional ingredients for professionals in the baking industry. Headquartered in Auvergne, with an international outlook, LCI’s clients benefit from the knowledge and the passion of its team, providing quality ingredients adapted to the British bakery market expectations and their specific industrial needs.   For more information, please contact: Pauline Arramy, Marketing Executive, +33 (0)4 73 67 17 82, Or, LCI UK Office: Louise Hopper, UK & Ireland sales manager, +44 (0)7774 929 749,   For more information on this press release, contact: Business France UK (The French Trade Commission) Catherine Ryall, Press Officer, Website:  

Tilkee presents its latest tool - Tilkee for Marketing

Manon Cabrol - 27-oct.-2017 10:17:43

Tilkee , French software publisher specialised in business proposal follow-up and sales process optimisation, announced today the launch of Tilkee for Marketing (available from January 2017 - price on request), following it’s success with Tilkee for Sales, including clients such as Orange, Cegid, Verspieren and Adecco.   “Created for marketing professionals, Tilkee for Marketing will quickly become the essential tool for people wanting a simple and clever competitive advantage. It aims to increase engagement and efficiency of email campaigns in a way like no other…” said Sylvain Tillon, CEO. Not only does Tilkee replace your heavy email attachments with a neat, simple link containing your documents (where the layout of these documents is adapted to your company’s design), but you receive real time email alerts every time your client or customer views these documents (including stats on how, when and for how long they view them). Based on this, marketers can gauge the interest of their clients or customers, fine-tune their follow-up depending on the reading behaviour of each individual contact and analyse the success of their email content. Whether it be an individual email or an entire MailChimp campaign, Tilkee = increased reactivity and increased conversion rate between 10 - 30%.   About Tilkee Tilkee is a SaaS solution for business proposal follow-up and commercial optimisation and is integratable into your everyday CRM, messenger and emailing tools. Launched by Sylvain Tillon and Timothée Saumet in 2013, part of the Axeleo acceleration programme as well as integrating French Tech in 2014, Tilkee has 18 employees from 3 different countries in the aim of internationalising its client base.   Heading to Web Summit ? Add Tilkee to your itinerary, they’ll be on the French Tech pavilion - Pavillon 4- Booth B503. Can’t make it? Never fear! Tilkee will be at  Smarter Business Tech Live in Manchester from 15th – 16th November .   To find out more:   Spokesperson: Sylvain Tillon - CEO +33 (0) 4 82 53 53 01   Be social:  Facebook Twitter Instagram LinkedIn

Job Opportunity: Bilingual Trade Development Adviser – Tech & Services

Manon Cabrol - 18-oct.-2017 18:26:58

POSITION :  BILINGUAL TRADE DEVELOPMENT ADVISER – TECH AND SERVICES RESPONSIBLE FOR FINANCE, CYBERSECURITY, REAL ESTATE AND TOURISM CONTEXT Business France is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy. It promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the international VIE internship program. Business France has 1,500 personnel, both in France and in 70 countries throughout the world, who work with a network of public and private sector partners. Business France London and Dublin employs 35 people, the Tech Services and Press team is composed of one Manager, 3 Trade Advisors based in London, one Trade Adviser based in Dublin and one Press Officer based in London. Our goal is to facilitate business between French companies and British partners, mentors or clients. Most of our consulting activities involve business development and event management, as well as delivering market studies in French. ROLE The topics from the Tech and Services sectors we cover are diverse so we need someone flexible and adaptable with a can-do attitude. However, the successful candidate will take ownership of the following sub-sectors across the Tech and Services portfolio: Finance (including Fintech) Cybersecurity, Real Estate and Tourism. • Organizing events: you will organize the 2nd edition of the French Fintech Tour in London • Business Development leveraging different channels (e-mailing, cold calling, social media, content marketing…) • Writing Market Researches • Organizing meetings at Trade Shows in the UK and major international shows • Keeping your finger on the pulse and proactively identifying new business opportunities • Networking with the French and UK ecosystem (sometimes out of office hours) • Mentoring and advising French companies on their export strategy • Providing tailor made services to French companies • Promoting our services, events and partners to French clients CANDIDATE PROFILE : REQUIRED • Bilingual in English and French • Experience in Business Development in the Tech and Services sector • Interest in the Fintech sector and capacity to understand technical solutions • Excellent organizational skills • Excellent written and oral communication skills • Versatility / Capacity to multitask / Proactivity • Team player WOULD BE A PLUS • Experience in Fintech, Cybersecurity Real Estate or Tourism • Experience in Event Management • Experience in social media and content management   START DATE: ASAP / January 2018 at the very latest Please send a CV and cover letter (in English) to by the 15th of November 2017. Please clearly explain why you applied for the job and what you could bring to our organization.

Business France - The French Trade Commission in the UK  is the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy in the UK. It is responsible for fostering export growth by French businesses, as well as promoting and facilitating the UK’s investment in France. Business France promotes France’s companies, business image and nationwide attractiveness as an investment location, and also runs the VIE Programme in the UK. Founded on January 1, 2015 through a merger between UBIFRANCE and the Invest in France Agency, Business France has 1,500 members of staff, both in France and in 70 countries throughout the world, who work with a network of public- and private-sector partners. In September 2015, Patrick Manon was appointed the new Director of Business France in the UK. Prior to this appointment, Patrick was the Human Resources Director at Business France in Paris, which manages the recruitment of t


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