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PLANT INTERCLUSTER MEETING 2016 : The largest professional event in the plant production industry

Alice Faure - 05-juil.-2016 13:33:12

The Plant InterCluster Meeting is an international event organised by QUALIMEDITERRANEE and its partners VEGEPOLYS and TERRALIA. Now in its sixth year, the meeting will take place in Montpellier, France between 19th and 20th September 2016. Participants will include European clusters from Denmark, Spain, France, Italy, The Netherlands, Poland, and Portugal among others as well as representatives from many companies. Organised in the form of workshops, forums, business meetings and presentations, the Plant InterCluster meeting is a chance to create and optimise partnerships on European projects in the plant production industry. Registration for this year’s meeting is open now.              At the PIC Meeting 2016 you will have the opportunity to take part in the following:   BtoB meetings: meet with both future project partners and potential customers in the same place. European workshops: the aim is to develop projects and partnerships in the context of Horizon 2020, the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever, particularly with regards to the societal challenges aspect of the programme (food security, sustainable agriculture and forestry, marine, maritime & inland water research and the bio-economy). Participants in each workshop will focus their discussions on a range of subjects.    Workshop 1: New resources in plant production against biotic stress (diseases, pests, weeds…), in biostimulation encouraging growth and providing better resistance against abiotic stresses, such as cold or lack of water, to aid fertilisation.    Workshop 2: Digital Services to Agriculture: selective harvesting, targeted weeding, precise and eco-friendly fertilisation, precision plant protection (including tools for Integrated Pest Management), irrigation monitoring tools.  Workshop 3: Inter-cluster Cooperation: discussions will centre on developing and structuring partnerships between European clusters around the PIC through European programmes such as INTERREG, COSME. Learn more about stakeholders’ fields of expertise including alternative inputs to conventional agriculture and precision agriculture, to define a common action programme. The programme includes visits from representatives of IFV (the French Institute of vines and wine) and IRSTEA (a public research institute in France) who collaborated on the EcoSprayViti project, looking at ways to improve precision viticulture, Geosud Geo-information for Sustainable Development and Qualisud, a specialist in food processing engineering Participants are required to make a contribution of €120 (including VAT) to cover organisation costs. As the biggest meeting between professionals in the plant production industry, Plant Inter-Cluster promises to offer a unique insight into new and ongoing developments in the sector as well as serving as a useful opportunity to establish new contacts. Registration for the event is now open and once completed, you will benefit from exclusive access to the BtoB platform. As a European event, the meeting will be conducted in English. Registration is open to SMEs, Enterprises, Clusters, Universities, Laboratories and R&D Centres. Registration and full programme:   For more information about Plant InterCluster 2016, please visit:   Or contact: Isabelle Guichard Email: ☎+33 (0)4 67 04 75 62 For more information on this press release, contact: Business France UK (The French Trade Commission) Catherine Ryall, Press Officer Email: Tel: + 44(0) 207 024 3613 Web:                        

NERGI®: The New Superfood

Catherine Ryall - 04-juil.-2016 13:27:37

  London, 04/07/2016 - Revolution and the UK are not usually two words you’d find sitting in the same sentence but here we go: food in the UK has been revolutionised. With innovative pop-ups literally popping up all over the place, exciting new foods and combos being launched and the internet providing a wealth of information on all things food which would previously have escaped the reach of the majority of us, foodies have been in for some real treats over the past few years. Since many of these trends and innovations have been based around natural and seasonal grub, we are seeing a surge of interest in healthy eating and natural foods. Consequently, people in the office are less likely to be hitting the biscuits come 3pm and are instead more likely to be picking up a light, fresh and healthy snack which keeps metabolism in check as well as providing great nutritional value.   The NERGI® kiwi-berry fits in neatly to this unstoppable trend and is to be launched in the UK this August. Having already hit the shelves in several European countries, this superfood’s popularity continues to grow from strength to strength, attracting increasing numbers of consumers.  THE CHERRY-SIZED KIWI-BERRY Originally from Asia, the baby-kiwi fruit belongs to the Actinidia arguta species and has grown in the wild for centuries! In 2005, new varieties of baby kiwis were discovered in China, and later in New Zealand, which kept better than previous varieties of the fruit. The naturally sweet fruit is notable for its small size and unique characteristics, such as its smooth, fine, and edible skin. If you cut it in half, you’ll see its flesh resembles that of a kiwi. Despite their similarities, NERGI® and kiwis don’t share the same taste – the baby-kiwi berry is sweet with a slight sharpness to it.  Under certain production conditions, the fruit’s flesh, and sometimes its skin, may become pink in colour. A seasonal fruit, it is on the market from late August until mid-November, alongside other fruits such as raspberries, blueberries, and currants. A FLOURISHING INDUSTRY IN EUROPE 150 European expert growers have already begun producing this small, yet highly innovative hand-picked berry. The 170 hectares of sustainably-farmed orchards used solely for their cultivation can be found largely in France, Portugal and Italy, where climatic conditions and soil quality are ideal for growing the fruit. NERGI® has been met with resounding success among consumers in Germany as well as in France, Portugal and Italy. Consumers in the Benelux countries and Scandinavia are also hot on the uptake. A STRONG SHELF POSITION IN A GROWING MARKET NERGI® , is a new berry not to be confused with kiwis, though it comes from the same family. It is to be distributed to large retailers and will be sold in the berry and/or snack sections, preferably in the chilled aisle to ensure their freshness upon purchase. Due to their vivid green appearance, they jump out at you at the supermarket, next to the reds and darker blue hues of other berries. NERGI® is also distributed to catering specialists and via specialist channels. Mini by nature and a natural convenience food, NERGI® kiwi-berry is deliciously sweet, doesn’t need to be peeled, doesn’t stain and best of all, is rich in nutritional benefits. Key : 125g punnet We’ve all been there in the middle of a busy week, hit with a craving for something sweet, more often than not this ends in the purchase of something tasty, yet not very filling or nutritious. As a berry and small fruit, NERGI® is ideal for eating on the go, perfect for keeping in your bag – surfing the current trend for healthy convenience food. It may be small but it is a superfruit packed with health benefits: vitamin C, vitamin E, minerals, fibre and anti-oxidants. Just 100g (around 10) of the berries provide you with 87.5% of your daily recommended allowance of vitamin C - much more than oranges (39.7mg per 100g) or lychees (42mg per 100g) or even redcurrants (40mg per 100g). All of these nutritional benefits at less than 52 calories per 100g. Since NERGI® is a delicate fruit, it is sold in practical, protective, informative packaging. NERGI® is a versatile fruit, lending itself well to salads, desserts, breakfasts and of course enjoyed on its own. To find out more about NERGI®, the new superfood coming to the UK, visit: The NERGI® website: Facebook : Instagram : YouTube : For more information on NERGI® distributors, please visit: For more information on this press release, contact: Business France UK (The French Trade Commission) Catherine Ryall, Press Officer – Tel: + 44(0)20 7024 3613 Web:  

It’s still full steam ahead for French Rail at InnoTrans 2016

Catherine Ryall - 29-juin-2016 11:46:24

Business France, the French national agency supporting the international development of the French economy, is organising France’s iconic pavilion at the InnoTrans Fair, an international trade show for the rail industry. Of the 95 French companies exhibiting and showcasing their products, services and expertise, nearly 30% are new exhibitors. Many of them will be accompanied by their cluster or region; they will be exhibiting on the three French Pavilions which are located in Halls 3.2, 11.2 and 26b, spread over a total floor space of more than 18,000sq ft. Furthermore, nearly 90 other companies will strengthen the French presence at InnoTrans with their own stands. 5 sponsors from the industrial and high technology fields will demonstrate French savoir-faire and will be collaborating in partnership with Business France for the fair: CENTRALP , a leader in embedded electronics ( ), CIM , a group specialising in rolling stock maintenance ( ), CORYS , a benchmark for driving simulator design and manufacture ( ), FLERTEX , an expert in disc brake linings and brake shoes ( ) and NEXTER ELECTRONICS , embedded electronic systems engineering professionals ( ).   3 questions for Marie-Gabrielle Vaillandet, organiser of the Business France pavilion: Why was Fer de France chosen as Business France’s partner for this year’s InnoTrans? This is the second time that Fer de France is a partner of the France pavilion. Created in 2012, Fer de France is a professional organisation which brings together all rail stakeholders, both public and private, including: public authorities, transport authorities, passenger and freight transport operators, infrastructure managers, manufacturers and engineering companies. Together they represent more than an estimated €30 billion of turnover for the rail industry and around 300,000 jobs. Fer de France’s presence on the French Pavilion is consistent with its mission to ensure the excellence and expertise of the entire French rail industry serves global visions and shared ambitions both in France and abroad. Fer de France aims to highlight the efficiency of its partner organisations, which include competitiveness clusters, universities, schools and technological research institutes. Committed to energy transition and controlling climate change, Fer de France wishes to highlight the challenge of the modal shift to clean modes of transport, such as rail, which is the most efficient in terms of energy consumption, decongestion and its use of infrastructure and spaces. This is why Fer de France continues its collaboration with Business France through a website aimed at promoting French rail abroad: . Their English-language website promotes the entire industry, identifies a number of French companies’ key projects abroad, as well as major events in which they participate during the year. The website allows foreign buyers to consult the profiles of French companies of their choice, and to contact them directly through a dedicated matchmaking platform. France is recognised as an innovative country in the rail industry; how will the innovations be highlighted? For the first time, we will be organising a Grand Prix for SMEs and mid-market companies ; for Business France, this means continuing its supportive role by encouraging the efforts of the French Pavilion companies in promoting and launching new products. The selection is being launched and will primarily concern the mechanical components sector, followed by the electronic systems and safety control sectors. What are the strengths of the French rail offer? The expertise of the French exhibitors, along with their technological skills and their innovative capacity are part of what allows the French rail industry to be recognised internationally and ranked 3 rd in the world. In Europe, the French rail sector, bolstered by 1,500 companies and a turnover of more than €4 billion – including €1.2 billion in exports - occupies 2 nd place behind Germany. It is a sector of excellence for the country, with a world class reputation and boasting one or more international champions in each of its business lines. At InnoTrans, exhibitors on the France pavilion will represent all sectors of the rail industry. Among the most prominently represented are: mechanical components for rolling stock (45%), carriage fitting (17%), infrastructure (14%) and embedded electronic systems on trains (12%). Foreign professionals can already find out more about the French rail industry’s indisputable expertise at: and come and meet them in the following areas: Hall 3.2 stand 301, Hall 11.2 stand 110, Hall 26b Stand 115     For more information: B USINESS FRANCE Marie-Gabrielle VAILLANDE Rail Project Manager Tel: +33 (0) 1 40 73 32 34 E-mail: Website:     For further information on this press release, contact: Business France UK Press Office Business France UK (The French Trade Commission) Email: /       Web:

Offre de Stage - Attaché de Presse

Catherine Ryall - 24-juin-2016 13:22:07

Nombre de postes disponibles  : 1 Date de début du stage  : 1 septembre 2016 Date de fin de stage  : 15 décembre 2016 Durée  : 4.5 mois Lieu  : Londres Gratification  : Vous bénéficierez d’une gratification mensuelle convertie en Livre au taux de chancellerie en vigueur au moment du paiement. Vous serez payé par virement (il faudra donc ouvrir un compte bancaire anglais). L’indemnité ne pourra pas être inférieure à 15 % du plafond horaire de la Sécurité sociale, soit 24 € x 0,15 = 3,60 € par heure travaillée La gratification est mensuelle : elle est versée chaque mois, et non pas en fin de stage. Exemple pour un stage à temps plein pour février 2016 (35 heures par semaine) du 1er février au 29 Février 2015, pour un total de 148 heures effectuées (-si aucune absence n’a été constatée), la gratification totale due = 148 x 3,60 € = 532.80 € Indemnité de grand déplacement  : 100 € par mois si aucune absence notifiée Stage conventionné uniquement Business France au Royaume-Uni Opérateur public national au service de l’internationalisation de l’économie française, résultant de la fusion au 1 er janvier 2015 d’UBIFRANCE et de l’AFII, Business France valorise et promeut l’attractivité de l’offre de la France, de ses entreprises et de ses territoires. Qu’il s’agisse d’exportation, d’investissement ou de partenariats internationaux, Business France accompagne les entreprises françaises et internationales du début jusqu’à l’aboutissement de leurs projets, dans une démarche clairement orientée efficacité et résultats. Grâce à son réseau et à son équipe dynamique de 1500 professionnels sur le terrain, en France et dans 70 pays, Business France intervient du montage opérationnel des actions jusqu’à leur suivi à long terme.     Mission Le stagiaire,  Assistant Press Officer , contribuera à la bonne réalisation de prestations de communication individuelles ou collectives pour le pôle presse de Business France Londres.   Principales attributions Le stagiaire, dans le cadre de sa mission, effectuera des tâches multiples et variées  :   Utilisation de l’outil CRM interne et logiciel de relations publiques Contact avec les clients Business France qui souhaitent développer des actions de communications au Royaume-Uni Ciblage de journalistes et blogueurs britanniques Poster les communiqués de presse sur les sites de distribution de contenu Suivi des médias britanniques et des parutions Rédaction de documents de restitution aux clients Business France Mise à jour de base de données médias Gestion des réseaux sociaux Business France en anglais (Twitter/LinkedIn/blog Royaume-Uni) pour les évènements et la campagne Créative France Création d’une newsletter mensuelle en français pour le bureau Business France au Royaume-Uni Relances téléphoniques de journalistes britanniques Organiser des voyages de presse, participer aux pricipaux salons Tech et Services et acceuillir les journalistes     Qualités requises De formation supérieure, étudiant niveau bac +2 / +3 minimum (formations universitaires), la polyvalence ainsi que le sens de l’organisation et du contact seront des atouts indispensables pour réussir cette mission. Un fort intérêt pour les métiers de la communication et de la presse est requis La maîtrise de l’anglais (écrit et oral) et des outils bureautiques sont indispensables.   Modalités :   Merci de bien vouloir envoyer votre candidature (CV + lettre de motivation en anglais ) à l’adresse email suivante :  

Socomec showcases innovative power and energy performance of rail transport at InnoTrans on 20-23 September, on the French pavilion Hall 26 / 115

Alice Faure - 08-juin-2016 17:29:55

As a highly dynamic sector and with a drive towards sustainable development, rail transport is undergoing huge change s . With its expertise and solutions, Socomec is helping rail transport professionals to meet tomorrow’s challenges: to secure rapidly increasing traffic, to modernise networks while reducing operating costs, and to optimise energy consumption. Socomec will be exhibiting on the French pavilion HALL 26 / 115 at InnoTrans , the leading international trade fair for transport technology which will take place in Berlin on 20-23 September 2016.   Key areas of expertise and solid references Socomec, a family owned manufacturer which has been active for over 90 years is an industrial group with a workforce of 3,200 employees worldwide. Its mission: the availability, control and safety of low voltage networks … with particular focus on the energy performance of its customers. The Socomec Group has long been involved in the rail transport sector and has produced electrical installations used on main lines, urban transport networks and in buildings both in France and internationally. Specific solutions adapted to your requirements With nearly 10% of sales revenue ring-fenced for R&D, Socomec places innovation at the heart of its development strategies. The Group also has an organization dedicated to the design and production of customised solutions. This support covers all phases of rail projects, from feasibility and engineering assessment through to commissioning, including on-site training.            Low voltage solutions for railway infrastructure Socomec’s offering meets the essential requirements of signalling systems, traction energy facilities and stations. Our Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS) and AC/DC rectifiers protect and secure critical power supply systems and ensure the high availability and quality of the supply. Protection of persons and installations is assured by a wide range of switch-disconnectors, transfer switches and fuse protection equipment that has been tried and tested. In addition, innovative measurement solutions are also available for monitoring the LV network in real time. Innovations for tomorrow’s applications Socomec supports companies in an approach to sustainable development that aims to reduce the environmental impact of rail transport. Our solutions allow the implementation of energy efficiency policies, including for critical installations. They even enable companies to become producers of renewable energy. Our range of energy storage solutions have been stringently tested and validated for Smart Grid projects and positions Socomec as a true pioneer in this field.    Socomec will be exhibiting at InnoTrans on the French pavilion HALL 26 / 115, Berlin from 20 to 23 September 2016. For more information on SOCOMEC, visit or contact:   Francesco SALERNO Offer Communication Project Manager Tel. +39 (0)4 44 59 87 34 E-mail :   For more information on this press release, contact: Catherine Ryall, Press officer - Alice Faure, Assistant Press Officer - Business France – The French Trade Commission in the UK Tel: +44 (0)20 7024 3613 View other press releases at:                    

Cordia showcases innovative wireless alarm equipment at Firex International 2016 on 21-23 June – Booth F85 at London Excel

Catherine Ryall - 07-juin-2016 13:02:54

                                                                        Cordia of France, a major player in the fire-safety sector, will be exhibiting for the second year on stand F85 at the FIREX International trade show, which will take place at ExCeL London on 21-23 June 2016. FIREX International is the leading event in fire protection, prevention and detection, offering a comprehensive selection of the latest products and innovations as well as the opportunity to network with leading industry professionals. Cordia is a wireless alarm units manufacturer specialized in fire industry products and will showcase its new fire alarm product range: RGP fire alarm system. Cordia has been a key player in the industry for over 25 years. Established in the UK for 3 years, the company is constantly looking to introduce new solutions aimed at improving firefighting equipment. Cordia’s presence at FIREX international 2016 will provide an opportunity to promote RGP , its new fire alarms product range. Built to safeguard construction sites and protect the workforce from fire hazards on construction sites, RGP is the most efficient wireless, interconnected and fully plug and play product range enabling the earliest possible warning of fire to be given. The impressive performance features of Cordia’s long-range wireless alarm include the unmatched power and security of the radio signal, as well as the ability to connect more than 100 alarms – including compatibles wireless flash and smoke detectors – to one network. Discover the RGP product range:   The Fire alarm unit combines 3 functions in one box: manual alarm activation, sounder and beacon. Performances: 100m radio range, 1 year standby mode autonomy + one hour alarm sounding. It allows you to make alarm tests after installation without draining the batteries.     The Smoke detector , allows to automatically raise the alarm in case of fire. The detector triggers an alert to every wireless alarm unit in the network. Performances: 100m radio range, 1 year standby mode autonomy + one hour alarm.       The Flashtag: When the alert is triggered, flashtag indicates the nearest available extinguisher to fight the fire. Performances: 100 m radio range, 1 year standby mode autonomy + one hour alarm.       The Vision software affiliated to RGP system. With RGP Vision, don’t act in the dark! This software enables the easy identification of the activated call point in a wireless alarm network. Monitoring of equipment becomes so simple!     The RGP system detects fire rapidly, automatically alerts the workforce, and provides continuous monitoring of the site. It’s a very simple and wireless installation with no setting required. Fix it and that’s it. Every product can readily be moved from site to site and used time and again.     Visit Cordia on stand F85 at FIREX International 2016 , where the company will be presenting its entire range of wireless products, including RGP system , wireless exit door alarm system, wireless alarm for fire equipment and their affiliated wireless software (Vision software range), enabling monitoring of equipment. Through Vision software range, you can easily identify the activated point in a wireless alarm network. So don’t leave your security to chance, visit Cordia.             About Cordia On an international basis, Cordia provides dealers with today’s most extensive range of fire safety products since 1987. Their solutions meet the global needs of fire safety professionals and comply with local standards in a wide range of industries. For more information on Cordia, visit For more information on Firex International 2016, visit For more information on this press release, contact: Business France UK (The French Trade Commission) Catherine Ryall, Press Officer – Alice Faure, Assistant Press Officer – Web:  

Green CREATIVE showcases FLEXIDRY, a new generation of bio-waste depackaging equipment on stand C303 at UK AD & Biogas Trade show on 6-7 July 2016

Alice Faure - 06-juin-2016 13:53:12

Green CREATIVE  , a young innovative Cleantech company specialised in the design, production and marketing of new solutions for the processing and recovery of waste, launches a brand new innovation: FLEXIDRY , enabling packaging removal from organic waste, on stand C303 at AD & Biogas 2016, the UK’s only dedicated anaerobic digestion and biogas trade show  taking place in Birmingham on 6-7 July 2016. Green CREATIVE has  been shortlisted in the “Best process optimisation” at the AD & BIOGAS INDUSTRY AWARDS 2016 : “This recognition, after 5 years of R&D, confirms the global need for advanced technologies in biowaste pre-treatment, and paves the way for our company’s international development” Says Lucile Noury, Green CREATIVE’s CEO.                             Depackaging biowaste and managing contaminants The overall legislation concerning the obligation to recover biowaste in European countries is becoming increasingly stringent and depackaging is therefore a key stage in preparing biowaste for its transformation into biogas or compost. Most technologies dedicated to the separation of organic waste from packaging rely on fast grinders and screw presses that compress waste brutally and imply high water consumption. FLEXIDRY, a new food waste depackaging system A new solution - with an opposite approach - has recently been launched. In recent years, Green CREATIVE , a young French company, has focused on the issue of depackaging biowaste, with the dual challenge of meeting water consumption restrictions and the demand for a high-quality organic output. After several years of research and development and two pilot sites, Green CREATIVE launched FLEXIDRY in 2015, a new generation of depackager. This machine separates packaging from organic material without water and without grinding – preventing the substrate from being contaminated.  "Recent analyses prove the high quality of the organic sludge obtained with FLEXIDRY. The average rate of inert materials on dry matter is approximately 0.2%", says Lucile Noury, President of Green CREATIVE. With 3 depackaging lines already equipped with FLEXIDRY in France, the company Eco -Recycling SA, the most important site valuation in western Switzerland (with an annual treatment capacity of 35 000 tons of organic outputs) acquired a unit that will be delivered in July 2016  Green CREATIVE is not intending to stop there. Already Short-listed at the AD & BIOGAS INDUSTRY AWARDS 2016 in the Best process optimisation category, they want to launch their products in the English market.   Green CREATIVE previously won the Energie 2015 start-up award at the clean tech open France 2015 award. For FLEXIDRY, the company received the Biogas gold prize – January 2016 (Innovation Biogas industry awards – Biogaz Europe trade show) and The Environment & Enterprise 2015 award - Favourite of the jury in the Circular Economy category with a special mention in “climate change”. About Green CREATIVE: Green CREATIVE is a French company founded in 2010 and specializing in the design, production and marketing of innovative solutions for the processing and recovery of waste. To date, the company has developed two innovations: - R3D3, a smart connected solution, which automatically sorts and compacts cans, disposable cups and plastic bottles. R3D3’s main targets are places with strong beverage consumption (corporate and public places). - FLEXIDRY, an advanced biowaste depackaging machine, which separates organic waste from its packaging. This equipment is designed for AD sites and composting centres. All machines are manufactured in the company’s own factory.     Come and visit Green CREATIVE on stand C303 at UK AD & Biogas on 6-7 July 2016 #ukadebiogas #GreenCREATIVE For further information on Green CREATIVE, contact:      Clotilde Fonbonne +33 (0)6 66 43 60 28 | +33 (0)1 43 77 85 42  Green CREATIVE 9 bis avenue du Bouton d’Or. 94370 Sucy-en-Brie         For further information on this press release, contact: Business France UK Press Office Business France UK (The French Trade Commission) Emails: / Web:      

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