TestWe showcases innovative secure offline e-Exam at BETT Show 2016

Fran Lambert - 25-nov.-2015 14:09:21

TestWe produces e-testing solutions for educational environments. From Wednesday 20th to Saturday 23rd January 2016, it will be exhibiting its brand new, secure offline digital testing solution on the French Pavilion (stand C88) at the British Education and Training Technology (BETT) Show at ExCeL London (UK). BETT is one of the world’s leading events for educational technology. The French Pavilion is being organised by Business France, the French export-support agency. Developer of pedagogical tools for educational institutions (primary schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities), distance learning institutions and corporate universities, TestWe offers an innovative and disruptive concept: a 100% secure e-Exam. TestWe e-Exam was designed for all types of testing, from on-going assessment to mid-terms and finals, placement testing and quizzes, and is suited to all topics and formats (multiple-choice, short response, essay).  This turnkey solution offers an effective response to the organisational issues that come with examinations: it does away with the constant back-and-forth between teachers and administrative teams as they determine test subjects, takes reprographics and logistics out of the production chain, and makes lost tests and long waiting times for results a thing of the past. TestWe e-Exam rationalises the entire exam chain, from production to correction and grading.  With TestWe e-Exam, the company has come out with two additional tools: • TestWe online platform for professors and teachers can be used for test creation, processing and grading. Operable in SAAS mode, it is thus accessible from any Internet browser, using any tool and without software installation. • TestWe software for test-takers, who are able to submit their tests in a fraud-free, offline (not Internet-dependent) environment, from their own digital tool.  TestWe therefore gives professors and teachers the opportunity to design their exams and assessments using the online platform. Examiners can create any type of exams and assessments they want very easily and very quickly. From now on students can take their exams in the exam room on their own device in an anti-fraud and anti-cheat secure environment. In fact, thanks to the tool’s multi-compatibility, students can use TestWe from any digital device, whether a university or school computer, or their own computer/notepad (BYOD) – a key difference that sets it apart from all other solutions on the market. Free from network, Wi-Fi and broadband constraints, students can thus take their exams from anywhere.  At the request of multiple customers, including business schools, the TestWe solution has been made compatible with the AACSB accreditation system and ECTS grading system. About TestWe TestWe is an innovative company specialising in education. It develops solutions tailored to the needs of educational institutions, professors and students. Although its partners are predominantly based in France, TestWe has expanded into other numerous countries, in particular across French business school campuses in Asia. Gathering technical savoir faire, creativity, technology and pragmatism, TestWe has brought exam support to another level by developing a product that meets the expectations of its clients. Thanks to its solution – a platform for professors and teachers and software for students – TestWe is able to offer a 100% computer based assessment process for the very first time. TestWe will be exhibiting on the French Pavillion (stand C88) at BETT 2016, ExCeL London, from Wednesday 20th to Saturday 23rd January 2016. For further information on TestWe, visit  or contact: Clément Régnier, Director of Development Tel: +33 (0)7 56 90 65 56 Email:   For more information about BETT 2016, visit: For further information on this press release or the French Pavilion at BETT 2016, contact: Fran Lambert, Communications Adviser Business France (The French Trade Commission in the UK) Tel: +44 (0)20 7024 3613 Email: View other press releases at:

Learning through a lens: ITOP éducation showcases NIPIB’s extensive online database of microscope slides at BETT Show 2016

Fran Lambert - 25-nov.-2015 14:03:58

How can science teachers demonstrate to their students what the spinal cord, liver, lungs, pancreas, bone marrow and even the cerebellum really look like? Well, unless they are working directly with forensics expert slash serial killer Dexter – whose methods for collecting blood samples are somewhat debatable – they will probably tell you that it’s near impossible to provide educational material this accurate! Fortunately, French company ITOP éducation has developed a safe solution to this issue: Nouvelle Imagerie Pédagogique de l’InvisiBle [New Educational Imaging of the Invisible – NIPIB], an online platform that gives you online access to 216 high res microscope slides. It’s like carrying out research with a microscope, only via a simple web browser. PLUS no one gets hurt. ITOP éducation will be exhibiting NIPIB on the French Pavilion (stand C88) at the British Education and Training Technology (BETT) Show at ExCeL London (UK) from Wednesday 20th to Saturday 23rd January 2016.. BETT is one of the world’s leading events for educational technology. The French Pavilion is being organised by Business France, the French export-support agency. Thanks to its innovative web technology and high definition images, NIPIB enables you to look at biology, microbiology and geology samples on a microscopic scale. Its “macrozoom” and “virtual microscope slide” technology is so innovative it has only been in existence for the last few years. You can move from “macroscopic to microscopic”, or from “the organ to the cell”, look at data scanned both with a magnifying glass and an optical microscope, right down to a fraction of a micrometre (1500X magnification). “This is a great tool, because with the optical microscopes and small-scale equipment that we have in schools, it’s impossible to have such high definition,” says Romain Marchal, biology teacher at Commercy dans la Meuse secondary school in the Lorraine region of France. “With the viewer, it’s possible to look at two slides at the same time," says Elodie Michel, teacher at Jacques Marquette secondary school in Pont-à-Mousson, also in Lorraine. "For example, slides of healthy human tissue and of the same human tissue infected by pathogens.” On an educational level, these slides are accessible via a technical, scientific online environment that satifies the expectations and needs of teachers and their students. The NIPIB viewer allows you to view the images (100% of which are available online) and select from advanced options such as scale, measurement, annotations, areas of interest and coordinates, thus increasing its overall usability for educational purposes. About ITOP éducation ITOP éducation holds a key position in the French education market. For the last ten years it has provided a full range of innovative software for primary and secondary education. More than 4.5 million users exchange information via its learning management system and access its online educational materials. ITOP éducation will be exhibiting on stand C88 at BETT Show 2016 at ExCeL London from Wednesday 20th to Saturday 23rd January 2016. For further information on ITOP éducation, please visit the ITOP Group website or contact: Anaïs Rahli, Digital Marketing Manager Tel: +33 (0)9 70 72 29 33 Email:   For more information on BETT Show 2016, please go to:    For further information on this press release or the French Pavilion at BETT Show 2016, please contact: Fran Lambert, Communications Adviser Business France (The French Trade Commission in the UK) Tel: +44 (0)20 7024 3613 Email: View other press releases at:

What is “La French Tech”?

Fran Lambert - 26-oct.-2015 18:23:52

La French Tech refers to all the people working for or with French start-ups, in France or abroad. This includes entrepreneurs, investors, engineers, designers, developers, associations, bloggers, media, large companies and government agencies; all the players working towards growing and promoting start-ups internationally. La French Tech: a vibrant ecosystem For some years now, La French Tech has shown incredible dynamism, driven by a new generation of entrepreneurs, investors, engineers and designers, among other talented people.  La French Tech comprises medical technology (medtech), green technology (cleantech), biotechnology (biotech), finance (fintech) and industrial enterprises. To find French companies specialising in the field of new technology and innovation, click here . For more information on La French Tech, visit:  

Connecting your devices to your favourite brands: French tech start-up Wicross launches bespoke IoT platform at Web Summit in Dublin

Fran Lambert - 14-sept.-2015 17:06:16

Wicross will showcase the definitive version of its purpose-built Internet of Things platform at Web Summit 2015 on the French Tech Pavilion, which has been set up in partnership with French Tech by Business France, the French export-support agency.  Exhibiting on 4 November in the main hall next to French Tech (T802), Wicross was selected by a jury of French and Irish experts based on the disruptive innovation of its product and the relevance of its business plan. Wicross will also be among the guests of honour at French Tech Night. Experience this revolutionary platform at Web Summit 2015, which proposes a “connected experience” for its users. Developed by Wicross to allow users to easily share data generated by their connected devices with their favourite brands, the platform allows brands to propose services that are completely tailored to each individual client, boosting client retention and return on investment.  Companies wishing to propose a unique connected experience to their clients can easily integrate this solution into their various online and mobile digital support systems. Wicross then acts as a trusted third party, sparing its B2B clients both from the complex task of integrating connected devices into their information systems and from the vast array of data shared by their users. Users will benefit from an improved customer experience; single synchronisation of their connected devices via their Wicross account, with the option of then connecting these devices in a single click to other compatible applications through a tunnel designed specifically for mobiles. Wicross will be exhibiting on the French Tech Pavilion in the main hall at Web Summit 2015 with a view to meeting companies already familiar with IoT (such as those in the health and insurance sectors) wishing to launch innovative services, and meeting potential future hardware partners offering devices that can be integrated into the platform. There is also the exciting opportunity for visitors to see the company give a demonstration of its innovative platform at Web Summit 2015, using a nutrition/sports coaching app that functions alongside Wicross. This will allow visitors to experience: - how their connected devices (what they have brought with them to the trade show) can be synchronised in real time via the Wicross platform; - how the platform works as a whole (user experience, data transfer from devices to the app, and the possibility of offering users personalised recommendations after their data has been processed). In addition to meeting new customers, Web Summit 2015 represents a special chance for Wicross to meet customers and sales leads with which it already shares links. It will also give Wicross the opportunity to unveil new and important partnerships. “We are delighted to have been chosen by Business France to participate in this event,” says Guillaume Magnan, CEO of Wicross. “Our presence at Web Summit on the French Tech Pavilion will increase our visibility, reflecting our international ambition in a market that has gone global.” For further information on Wicross and its new platform, please visit: For further information regarding this press release, please contact: Fran Lambert, Communications & Marketing Adviser Business France  - The French Trade Commission in the UK Tel: +44 (0)20 7024 3613 Email:  

Silver Economy experiences healthy growth in France

Kate Riley - 08-déc.-2014 15:35:08

France’s Silver Economy is turning into a precious commodity, growing at 4% over the past few years and projected to create 300,000 jobs by 2020. France’s high-value Silver Economy (i.e. the sector of the economy that comprises the production and sale of goods and services for consumers who are over the age of 65) is expected to grow healthily, providing an abundant market for French and foreign-owned businesses. However, the most striking element of this market is that it has nothing to do with metals… Silver Economy is a term that refers to the segment of the economy that produces and distributes goods and services for consumers over the age of 65, who require products and services tailored to their specific tastes and needs, from accommodation to health and leisure. According to demographic projections, 23 million French people — the equivalent to one third of the population — will be over 65 by 2030. Many other European and Western countries are experiencing similar developments in their demographics and their retirees are often looking for very specific communities across the continents that they can move into. Furthermore, wealthy retirees from countries in the Far East are also looking for lifestyles with a certain quality that they may not be able to find so readily back home.  Amina Sambou, Project Manager for the Silver Economy at UBIFRANCE, is confident that France can excel in servicing the domestic and foreign market. She says, “In France, we have a focus on health and quality of life, which has already created a market with a strong infrastructure for retirees who are interested in these areas.” Therefore, it is not a surprise that French companies are experiencing interest from consumers in countries such as Japan, South Korea and China who, according to Ms. Sambou, are “interested in the French way of ageing”.  New French companies are already popping up in anticipation of vast opportunities in this field, in the next decade. Silver Valley is France’s answer to California’s Silicon Valley, combining advanced technology and a privileged location in order to create a future for the Silver Economy. Situated less than 10 kilometres from Paris, this cluster of French businesses will create a nexus for innovation in all respects – research facilities for innovative partners, a business park for product- and service-oriented businesses, and attractive real estate for retirees.  Demographics, such as longer life expectancy, a decrease in the birth rate, and the retirement of the ‘baby boomer’ generation are certainly reasons why the market segments relating to the over-65s will become more relevant for all businesses in the next decade. However, this is not the only reason why businesses need to stay ahead of the curve: senior citizens in France represent 43% of the population’s income, 60% of real estate, and 72% of financial investments. Therefore, it is not just the size of the market, but also its focus on high-value products that make it a priority for all business strategists. And, precisely, the structures and services put in place in France in this respect are unparalleled. Six French regions have been chosen to lead the Silver Economy in France, with each one setting up its own specialist cluster or programme, similar to Silver Valley. A good example is Toulouse’s So Toulouse campaign. The fourth largest city in France has recently been praised as being recession proof – a beacon of private-sector growth in France over the last decade. Part of the success of this city and its surrounding region has been its focus on education and technological innovation. This has translated into smart services for pensioners, including smart homes, e-health services, and a hospital dedicated solely to the elderly. Also, the region’s status as the second most popular agri-food region in France does not hurt its already impressive pitch. So far, it seems that a large part of French know-how is linked to elements rooted in France itself. However, much of the French advantage is exportable, and French-based companies have been finding success in events such as last June’s Silver Economy Connection in Atlanta (USA).  Sandrine Sauvage-Mack, Senior Trade Advisor at UBIFRANCE, recounts how La Valeriane, a diversified group, was awarded two pilot programmes with two large organisations specialising in homecare and other services to the over-65s:  “After a great first impression with Leading Age, the American Federation for Ageing Populations, they were certain to add more pilots and clinical trials with American universities and research centres.”  UBIFRANCE, France’s export-support agency, will continue to promote French-based companies at events dedicated to France’s Silver Economy, in France and in other countries.  For further information about French exporting companies, please go to:  

Salience maps out collaborative working at Dublin Web Summit 2014

Marine Juillard - 20-oct.-2014 16:22:50

Salience, a French startup in the field of technology consulting, will present  FeatureMap, a unique online platform for simple and effective real-time collaboration, at this year’s Dublin Web Summit, which will take place at the Royal Dublin Society in Ireland from 4 to 6 November 2014. FeatureMap is a digital board (or map) on which the user can manipulate and organise cards containing ideas, tasks and projects. Users can then share their maps with colleagues, partners and customers, allowing interaction in real-time mode. As well as their position on the map, the cards embed additional information such as time attributes, ownership, quantitative data, comments, and a modifications log. Co-founder of Salience Tristan Thevenin says: “Our vision is to help people build better products and run more successful projects with the help of great software. We are passionate about how teams develop new products. Having listened to many different stories, we decided to create FeatureMap, in order to help great ideas to turn into real products. The team is dedicated to its customers and we are constantly developing FeatureMap to fit the needs of the user, enabling them to keep their projects even more simple, collaborative and visual.” In order to achieve goals, objectives need to be set out. Illustrations are the most powerful means to convey a message, but difficult to update. Words, on the other hand, can be moved but lack visual impact. FeatureMap enables users to make the most of both by building a project map, which gives a physical shape to the bigger picture, and harnessing the power and accuracy of words. FeatureMap is widely used by both small and large companies all around the world and Salience’s clients include AXA, Ford and Sony. It was developed by Salience to facilitate the missions of product managers, entrepreneurs, marketing managers and project managers. Moreover, based on visual concepts, FeatureMap enables users to collaborate, communicate and contribute efficiently to different projects whatever their location, language or role. FeatureMap is a flexible tool that enables users to define the best solution to bring maximum value to their customers. Whether users are accustomed to using methods such as Agile Marketing, Kanban or Story Mapping, FeatureMap can be adapted to fit a variety of approaches. About Salience Salience, which is headquartered in Troyes, is a French startup providing technological solutions in the consultancy field. Founded in 2011, the company was then designated Laureate in a French national contest for innovative companies in 2012. Salience’s FeatureMap solution was designed to facilitate collaborative working by grouping together ideas, tasks and projects on a digital map. Users have a clear and organised visibility of the whole project and are able to interact, communicate and contribute in real time, no matter their location. For further information about Salience, please go to: Salience will be exhibiting at the Dublin Web Summit, which will take place at the Royal Dublin Society in Ireland from 4 to 6 November 2014. For further information about the Dublin Web Summit, please go to:        Ms Kate RILEY- Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London SW1Y 4SP - UK Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640   View other press releases at :

Qucit makes life easier at Dublin Web Summit 2014

Marine Juillard - 16-oct.-2014 18:46:07

Qucit, a prize winner at the Worldwide Innovation Challenge in July 2014, offers predictive analysis tools to optimise urban mobility, diminish pollution and improve the well-being of citizens. The company will be presenting its solutions on the UBIFRANCE FrenchTech pavilion at the Dublin Web Summit, which will take place at the Royal Dublin Society from 4 to 6 November 2014. Founder of Qucit Raphaël Cherrier explains: “Our aim is to use the strength of real-time data, predictive analysis and machine learning to help improve the development of attractive and more sustainable towns, in terms of consumption of raw materials (energy, time and water). The company’s flagship product – which is a world first – is a prediction motor integrated with the Bonne Station system from Keolis Bordeaux that analyses the use of self-service bicycles in urban areas.   Over recent years, a number of conurbations have developed systems of self-service vehicles, the majority of which are bicycles. This new transport option is growing rapidly, both in terms of the number of participating towns and cities as well as the number of users. An additional 200 towns worldwide are currently equipping themselves to enable their inhabitants to benefit from self-service vehicles. One of the main problems encountered with self-service bicycles involves the restocking of docking stations. Restocking is essential to ensure a balance of available vehicles and empty docking points in any one station at any one time. Many stations are often badly balanced, with a lack of vehicles in some and a lack of parking places in others. At present, restocking is carried out by lorries that travel across town centres from station to station. This exercise creates pollution and congestion and has considerable room for improvement. There are numerous benefits to Qucit’s application, including facilitated network growth, service reliability and improved equipment quality. Statistical analysis allows for better breakdown detection and Qucit’s predictive analysis makes it possible to modify the use and control of the network of shared vehicles for a fraction of the current cost and without CO2 emission. Mr Cherrier adds: “We do not restrict ourselves to bicycles. Qucit’s next projects involve the extension of the self-service bicycle tool to other uses linked to the prediction of urban mobility (parking, public transport, etc.).” About Qucit Qucit was founded in May 2014 by Raphaël Cherrier, a former Lecturer at Arts et Métiers Paris Tech (ENSAM), a specialist engineering university in Paris. It currently has five employees but envisages rapid international growth. Qucit specialises in the development of real-time big-data analysis and predictive analysis tools that can be used to optimise mobility, lower pollution and improve the well-being of citizens in towns and cities across the world. These award-winning analysis solutions have been developed over a three-year research period as part of is an ongoing project in partnership with the LaBRI (Bordeaux Laboratory of Computer Research) and the IMB (Bordeaux Mathematics Institute). For further information about Qucit, please go to: Qucit will be exhibiting on the UBIFRANCE FrenchTech pavilion at the Dublin Web Summit, which will take place at the Royal Dublin Society in Ireland from 4 to 6 November 2014. For further information about the Dublin Web Summit, please go to:   Ms Kate RILEY- Press Officer UBIFRANCE Press Office in London SW1Y 4SP - UK Tel: +44 (0) 207 024 3640

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