VIE scheme goes from strength to strength in the UK

Amal Froidevaux - 12/12/12

Almost 700 VIE graduates are working in the UK for a total of 210 companies in order to gain experience and contribute to the success of French-based businesses in Britain. 

This successful government scheme enables employers to test future key managers in situ, find talents for given projects, source bilingual or trilingual professionals for companies and other organisations, and tackle localized labour shortages.

▪76% of VIE graduates are aged between 25 and 28, with a professional experience of their own before joining the scheme

▪60% of former VIE graduates, on average, are offered a permanent position after their VIE contract

▪50% of former VIE graduates are working outside France

We would like to hear how VIE recruiters integrate the VIE scheme into their HR strategy. 

For further information about VIE, please contact:

Isabelle Tibayrenc, V.I.E scheme business development advisor.
+44 (0) 2070243638

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What the VIE Programme has to offer to companies Thanks to this scheme, companies that do not have subsidiaries in the UK can hire and bring over to the UK a qualified graduate from France (or another country in the EU). The scheme offers tangible tax breaks and cost benefits to the employer. Additionally, companies have access to our Business Centre for VIE (on the premises of the French Trade Commission Business France in London) and to coaching sessions with experienced trade advisers. Thanks to the VIE Programme, companies that already have a subsidiary in the UK can build valuable skills into their local teams and are able to test a future employee’s potential and abilities: the VIE Programme helps companies identify young professionals with the best potential for the future, out of a vast talent pool. The VIE Programme represents a win-win solution that benefits both companies (assisting them in their international expansion drive while providing them wit


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