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Word on Cheshire Street, bow ties are back

Laure Bidault des Chaumes - 09-mai-2017 11:15:09

Bow ties are back! That’s the word on Cheshire Street, London where French bow tie specialists, Le Colonel Moutarde have opened their first store in the UK. The independent brand will target Londoners who can pop in for that ‘je ne sais quoi’ of French style inspiration, as well as the alternative UK wedding market. Japanese fabric, silk, Liberty of London® fabric, stripes, spots, floral, tartan... Walk into the Shoreditch shop and you are greeted by a wall of bow-ties in every pattern, colour, shape and fabric imaginable. The shop offers a range of more than 250 handmade bowties, matching cufflinks and matching pocket squares! Prices for Le Colonel Moutarde bow ties start from £26 to £30. You’ll also find a large selection of accessories: braces , boxer shorts , kids’ bow ties , socks , bracelets, doggy bow ties, ties, bandanas... For those who want to stand out for all the right reasons Le Colonel Moutarde offers bespoke services so whatever the occasion you can inject your personality into an outfit with unique tailor-made pieces.     All the bow ties are tied before your very eyes in the style you want upon purchase: classic tailor-made, slim or diamond shaped. Many bow ties are reversible so you can get several different looks for one bow tie – perfect if you have various events coming up. With a full range of accessories as well as the expertise of Simon the shop manager, freshly arrived from France (of course!), find the right pieces in one place for any and every occasion. Copreneurs It all started with a sense of frustration, Remi had a tough time finding a bow tie to suit his taste, so he decided to design and sew his own! His passion for sewing was passed on by his mother and grandmother. His home soon became a permanent exhibition of bow ties. His partner Clémence decided to create a blog to offer them for sale. To keep up with demand, the bow ties are now handmade by 10 expert couturiers in Lille, northern France. Today, Remi is still creative as ever, coming up with new designs and products while Clémence continues to develop the business. After Lille and Paris, the opening of the third store in a new country is a new challenge for the young French couple. X marks the spot The new shop is located just round the corner from Brick Lane at 10 Cheshire Street, E2 6EH. Part of a buzzing community of independent businesses in the heart of the East End, Le Colonel Moutarde is 5 minutes’ walk from Shoreditch High St Overground station and under 15 minutes’ walk from Liverpool St station. Based outside of London? Never fear, all products are available to order on the Colonel Moutarde website.   Contact France: Clémence Yon / +33(0)6 09 15 45 97 / UK : Simon Potey / +44(0)787 323 9233 /  / Facebook Le Colonel Moutarde / Instagram @lecolonelmoutarde For more information on this press release, contact: Business France UK (The French Trade Commission) Catherine Ryall, Press Officer / +44(0)20 7024 3613 /

French companies to exhibit in the ingredients fragrances and testing zones at In-Cosmetics Europe

Laure Bidault des Chaumes - 09-mars-2017 17:26:34

France is an internationally recognised supplier of raw materials for the cosmetics industry. Certified for their quality and purity, these raw materials comply with the strictest regulations and respect social ethics.  Rich in a range of plant, marine and mineral ingredients as well as chemically derived ones, they appeal to the largest international luxury brands. The French Touch will be represented by 91 French companies on the France Pavilion organised by Business France, at the In-Cosmetics Global trade fair  to be held from 4th to 6th April 2017 at London’s ExCel Center. These companies will be demonstrating their know-how in the Ingredients, Fragrances and Testing Zones of this year’s fair.   New products and key trends In 2015, the global market for cosmetics ingredients was estimated at US$ 9 billion (around £7.39 billion) in the key regions of Europe, the US, Brazil, China, Japan, Southeast Asia and India.  The market is constantly growing and benefits from innovative R&D that enables high-value added active ingredients to be developed. However, companies in the industry must also adapt to continually changing regulations. Many French companies will be launching new products, improved formulas or responding to new trends at In-Cosmetics. We note particular growing interest in protecting the skin from the effects of pollution .  French ingredients suppliers offer solutions that form a screen against pollution by means of a film acting as a second skin. Others rely on active ingredients that are powerful antioxidants and anti-lipoperoxidants, or have anti-glycation or anti-free radical properties , which decrease inflammation, moisturise the skin and act against pigmentation marks caused by pollution. Detox programmes have been developed to counteract urban stress.   Testing, Testing… Creating new active ingredients requires the development of customised in vivo, in vitro and ex vivo biological tests. French laboratories specialised in toxicity testing look for evidence of endocrine disruptors in volunteers (both men and women) . They will be exhibiting in the Testing zone. For the first time, the Fragrances Zone is exhibiting perfumed ceramics made of Limoges porcelain (stand Q50). While the French offering includes a wide range of natural and organic plant, marine and mineral (clay type) ingredients of certified origin, it also bases its offer on their absence of residues , which is greatly appreciated by large brands.  The French build their reputation on very pleasing, light and fluffy textures, the reflective effects of pigments and on colour control thanks to the use of very specialised software. These ingredients are not only intended for the cosmetics industry, but also for the pharmaceutical and food industries. Being environmentally conscientious , some French laboratories use living plant cells by ’milking’ their roots up to six times per year, which preserves the parent plant; others use renewable and biodegradable ingredients. With the help of regional partners such as Bretagne Commerce International , Cosmetic Valley , DEV-UP  and CCI Aquitaine , the Business France  Pavilion (National Agency promoting internationalisation of the French economy) will be displaying the latest French innovations at the 2017 edition of In-Cosmetics Global. All of the participants will be present in three blocks in the South Hall: -    stands C10 – CC10 – C30 – CC30 – C50 and CC50 for Ingredients -    stands P52 to PP57 and on pods PP50 – Q50 – Q51 and QQ55 for Fragrances -    stands D30 and D50 for Testing   For further information please see the catalogue or please contact: Christiane Peslherbe Project Manager Business France Paris Tel: +33 1 40 73 36 90 Press contact UK : Catherine Ryall    

The Institut des Métiers d’Art et du Patrimoine, and its partners, invite you to the Salon International des Métiers d’Art 2016

Catherine Ryall - 16-nov.-2016 13:11:57

  The event will be open from 10am to 7pm for 3 days, from 18th to 20th November, and entry is free of charge. Discovery, exchanges, encounters and enjoyment are the orders of the days for this event , which now takes place on an international scale and is to play host to 137 renowed professionals taken from the cream of the industry all across Europe (Belgium, UK, Spain, Czech Republic and more). Meet industry experts with an all-encompassing range of skills: the Architecture and Garden Industry represented by campanists, enamel tilemakers, master glassmakers and stonemasons; the Furnishing and Decoration Industry represented by cane furniture-makers, fresco painters, mosaicists, decorative upholsterers, cabinetmakers and more; the Lighting Industry ; the Jewellery Industry ; the Metal Industry represented by blade-makers, ironmongers and more; the Ceramics Industry represented by moulders, porcelain workers, ceramicists and more; the Glass and Crystal Industry represented by glassblowers and more; the Fashion Industry represented by couturiers, milliners, fan makers and more; the Textiles Industry represented by decorative fabric painters; the Leather Industry represented by leatherworkers, taxidermists and more; the Paper, Drawing and Printing Industry represented by card makers, engravers and more; the Games and Gaming Industry ; the Instrument-making Industry represented by mechanical musical instrument-makers and stringed-instrument makers; and the Furniture, Painting, Paper and Manuscript Restoration Industry. Laid out by sector , the event is presented around 3 main themes: • Raw Materials/Working with materials • Object Materials/Interior decor • Personal Attire Awards and Distinctions: Meilleurs Ouvriers de France, Compagnons du Devoir, Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant, etc. The programme is packed with events and entertainment, showcasing rare and exceptional know-how: • Model boat restorers • Taxidermists • The fountains of Saint Nectaire, a unique moulding technique • Traditional makers of fairground organs and hurdy-gurdies • Decorative church bells and monumental clocks • Vintage car restoration • 3D modelling The  Salon International des Métiers d’Art also features: • An on-site boutique • ’Relaxation’ areas • International ’photo’ exhibition • and much more Partners: DIRECCTE, le Conseil Régional Hauts de France, Le Conseil Départemental du Pas de Calais, La Communauté d’agglomération de LENS LIEVIN, le Chambre Régionale de métiers et de l’artisanat des Hauts de France, le Crédit Agricole, La Chambre Régionale de Commerce et de l’Industrie The Institut des Métiers d’Art et du Patrimoine values and supports the excellence of the savoir-faire of heritage craft and design professionals             For more information, please visit: and


Adeline Perrault - 08-nov.-2016 13:36:50

    In a global market worth almost €200 billion (around £173 billion) a year, the medical devices and in vitro diagnostics sector is particularly innovative in France. Across the Channel, the sector is comprised of over a thousand companies, employing almost 65,000 people with expertise encompassing medicine, mechanics, material physics and digital technologies. The French market is estimated to be worth €15 billion (around £13 billion) with around 700 new patent applications filed every year, considerably boosting the sector’s value. Despite being largely made up of SMEs along with some microbusinesses and a few large groups, almost 74% of these organisations have R&D and/or production departments. The healthcare industry is navigating profound changes and, in response, is using innovation as a growth driver. R&D generates brand new solutions that deliver performance and security for both patients and doctors alike. Medical robotics is making technical medical interventions easier. French companies are at the leading edge of all of these technologies, helping to achieve what was previously believed to be impossible. Six French companies, particularly at the cutting edge of medical technology, will be in the spotlight in the Innovation zone at Medica 2016 in Hall 17 (17A40A 0 17A40E and 17C24F): AXILUM ROBOTICS   will be presenting the world’s first and only robot designed for transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS). Its non-invasive neurostimulation technique offers therapeutic applications for psychiatric and neurological conditions, severe depression, chronic neuropathic pain and post-stroke conditions which are resistant to drug therapies. TMS could change the lives of millions of people living with chronic pain. It can considerably lessen drug-resistant symptoms by acting on affected parts of the brain. These robotic solutions, marketed since 2014, are sold or leased with maintenance contracts. MDOLORIS MEDICAL SYSTEM (17C24F) is the first global player able to provide hospital practitioners with non-invasive systems to continuously monitor pain. Of the three components of anaesthesia, analgesia is the only one not to have previously been measured objectively. For the very first time, this monitoring solution allows clinicians to objectively measure the pain felt by patients, enabling them to administer personalised quantities of painkiller to both conscious and unconscious patients. MIRAVAS  is exhibiting VBOX®, the first medical device to treat varicose veins with water vapour, for use in the operating room. Similar to other endothermic techniques (lasers, radiofrequencies, water vapour), its mechanism of action, that is emission of heat into the vein, causes collagen fibres in the vein wall that are obstructing the vein to retract. VBOX® delivers its steam treatment by sufficiently heating the body of sterile water contained in its handpiece so that it turns into steam. This heating process also raises the pressure in the handpiece up to saturation vapour pressure, allowing water vapour to be injected into the vein through a catheter or needle. Venous diseases affect millions of people, half of whom report having varicose veins. In terms of public health, the human and economic stakes are therefore considerable. Various European health insurance systems encourage the adoption of new minimally invasive techniques and the development of outpatient surgery to maximise patient comfort while staying on top of healthcare expenditure. VBOX® is a competitively priced and medically congruent device that makes it possible to treat the full spectrum of venous diseases in the doctor’s office. Its CE certification ensures it is available to angiologists and vascular surgeons in Europe.   PHYSIO-ASSIST   specialises in medical devices aimed at patients with obstructive respiratory illnesses. Its Simeox® range offers healthcare professionals access to breakthrough technology in bronchial decongestion and meets the primary needs of patients with cystic fibrosis or chronic bronchitis. Its thixotropic properties thin mucus and create turbulence by stimulating the tracheo-bronchial air at a distinctive frequency, resulting in bronchial drainage. Its performance, which has been proven in a clinical tolerance trial, improves the medical service delivered. It enables patients to carry out effective bronchial clearance independently and less painfully whilst also considerably reducing treatment costs. The Simeox® medical device and its consumables are now CE-labelled so that they can be marketed to physiotherapists via distributors for European markets, as well as countries with EEA trading agreements in place. It comes with a connected touchscreen interface and a travel pouch with space for storing medical consumables and the remote control.   ROBOSOFT SERVICES ROBOTS   will be presenting Kompaï, the connected assistant for caregivers that helps frail people live independently at home or in institutions. This robot improves people’s physical independence, helps them feel safe, especially in the event of a fall, monitors health to improve prevention, provides cognitive stimulus and facilitates day-to-day life by supporting social contact, allowing users to send emails by voice command. It also offers data processing capabilities.   THERAPIXEL   is revolutionising surgery through touchless visual recognition with Fluid, a medical image navigation system designed for the operating room. Operated entirely by gesture-based commands, it offers efficient access to patients’ radiological files in sterile conditions. No need to touch anything! The operating room diary is used to preload examinations in advance. Patient information is loaded by selection from the daily operating list. Fluid is compatible with all PACS on the market and gives access to all patient images, both pre and intraoperative, regardless of how they were generated.   Along with these 6 innovators, a total of 218 French companies will be exhibiting at the group pavilion run by Business France – the national agency supporting the international development of the French economy – at Medica, the global healthcare exhibition, on 14th-17th November 2016 in Düsseldorf.   · Hall 3: diagnostic and laboratory Equipment · Halls 4 and 5: physiotherapy and orthopedics · Hall 7a: consumer goods and textiles · Hall 15: new information and communications technologies · Halls 16 and 17: electro-medicine and operating room equipment · Hall 8b (Compamed): subcontracting for medical manufacturing (micro-technology, plastics technology, etc.)   With eight partners on-site at the France Pavilion – ALSACE BIOVALLEY - BCI - LILLE EURASANTE – CCI FRANCHE COMTE – CCI LIMOGES - MADEELI – I-CARE – MEDICEN - TECHNOPOLE TBS – SYNERGIA (Caen La Mer) and SUD DE FRANCE, come and meet the French exhibitors representing this growing industry. Please find full details about the French Pavilion at Medica in the catalogue: For further information about or any of the French Pavilion exhibitors, please contact: Christiane Peslherbe Project Manager, Business France – Paris Tel: +33(0) 1 40 73 36 90 Email: For more information on this press release, contact: Business France UK (The French Trade Commission) Catherine Ryall, Press Officer Email: Tel: + 44(0) 207 024 3613 Website:    

Tidoo flies the eco flag at Natural & Organic Products Europe!

Fran Lambert - 19-avr.-2016 15:30:21

On Monday 18 April, the Business France UK press team had the pleasure of attending the internationally renowned trade show Natural & Organic Products Europe 2016 at ExCeL London as part of an exciting project to promote the promising young French start-up Tidoo. Tidoo was founded in 2013 by Kilian O’Neill and Geoffroy Blondel de Joigny, wholesalers of organic, eco-friendly and ethical products such as eco-friendly nappies and training pants, and organic skincare certified by Ecocert and COSMEBIO. Natural & Organic Products Europe 2016 saw the French start-up showcase its Night&Day and Stand Up ranges and launch its brand new Care range to thousands of key players in the natural and organic sector, including prospective retailers, distributors and specialist media. Business France was delighted to spend time with Tidoo on stand D49 and assist with the promotion of its innovative, environmentally friendly products, all of which received significant interest from visitors to the stand, including independent retailers based both in the UK and abroad and one major British media group. Natural & Organic Products Europe represented Tidoo’s first real exposure to the UK market, and an invaluable opportunity to build meaningful business relationships with key British influencers. The French start-up certainly made its mark on the general public, many of whom were quick to recognise the many strengths of the brand when compared to its European competitors: • Soft, flexible materials that are both dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic  • 100% natural ingredients • Pleasant natural fragrances • Quick-to-absorb creams • Leak-proof • Affordable prices Industry professionals also agreed that there was certainly a gap in the UK market for another eco friendly nappy brand to successfully make a name for itself in independent and mainstream natural and organic retailers. An effective eco-friendly nappy at an affordable price, Tidoo offers a viable alternative to non eco friendly nappies. As winner of the Best Ecological Product 2016 award and, the future is looking extremely bright for Tidoo. Currently available in over 1,000 organic retailers in France, as well as in numerous independent retailers and shops all over the world, Tidoo is now flying the eco flag in the UK, and British consumers can purchase its products online at  and  

French nappy brand Tidoo launches brand new 100% organic, 100% gentle Care range on stand D49 at Natural and Organic Products Europe 2016

Alice Faure - 22-févr.-2016 12:45:35

Tidoo, producer of disposable nappies, training pants and organic skincare, will be showcasing its Night&Day and Stand Up ranges on stand D49 at the Natural and Organic Products Europe trade show, taking place at ExCeL London on 17-18 April 2016. The trade show also presents an opportunity for this exciting newcomer to the organic retail sector to launch its brand new Care baby skincare range. Regularly participating in consumer panels and consulting with a vast network of bloggers in France, Tidoo values the input of its consumers and is keen to meet specialist British bloggers and journalists at Natural and Organic Products Europe 2016, a key event in the organic retail calendar. The number of consumers seeking natural and organic products is increasing. The most common reason for families taking an interest, amidst multiple health related questions, is the arrival of a child. This concerns the baby’s daily nutrition and hygiene: areas where quality has to be immediately recognisable and not one factor neglected. It was long thought that reusable nappies were the only environmentally sound choice. Disposable nappies became more biodegradable, but their leak protection was unreliable and prices were high. Eco-conscious consumers therefore had to keep buying non-eco-friendly nappies. In 2013, Tidoo was born, offering a viable alternative to non-eco-friendly nappies: an effective eco-friendly nappy at an affordable price. Made in France, Tidoo nappies won the "Best Eco Product 2015" award. Now, having introduced its training pants, Tidoo continues to fly the eco flag, with its Ecocert and COSMEBIO certified lines of organic baby products. Tidoo is currently available in over 1,000 organic retailers in France, as well as in numerous independent retailers and shops all over the world. It is now looking to market its products in the United Kingdom and hopes to build valuable relationships with potential British investors and partners during its time at Natural and Organic Products Europe 2016. Frequent contact with 150 blogger advisers in France and a healthy online community of consumers, Tidoo is no stranger to keeping in touch with its key market. Subscribers to its website receive regular emails offering expert advice for each stage of pregnancy and motherhood. Having participated in consumer panels at trade fairs, Tidoo values the customer feedback it receives and uses it to continuously improve its products. Tidoo would like to invite British press, media and bloggers who specialise in baby products and organic retail to come and meet the company on stand D49 at the Natural and Organic Products Europe trade show on 17‑18 April 2016, where it will be launching its brand new Care baby skincare range and providing samples. Please register your interest in meeting Tidoo with Fran Lambert, Communications & Marketing Adviser at Business France (The French Trade Commission in the UK) – simply click “ RSVP ” below: RSVP: REGISTER YOUR INTEREST BY CLICKING HERE! About Tidoo The Tidoo brand was founded by Kilian O’Neill and Geoffroy Blondel de Joigny in 2013. As wholesalers of organic, eco-friendly and ethical products, they noticed that the current range of eco-friendly nappies were not leak-proof or reasonably priced. O’Neill and Blondel de Joigny therefore decided to found their own eco-friendly baby product brand. The first range of eco-friendly, disposable and leak-proof Night&Day nappies enabled Tidoo to make its mark in the organic retail sector. The range has since expanded threefold and the brand is sold all over France and the rest of the world. For more information on Tidoo, visit or contact: Kilian O’Neill, Marketing & Communications +33 (0)6 61 38 81 24 Geoffroy de Joigny, Sales   +33 (0)6 62 88 81 24     For more information on this press release, contact: Fran Lambert, Communications & Marketing Adviser Business France (The French Trade Commission in the UK) Tel: +44 (0)20 7024 3613 Email:   View other press releases at:

Numberly and Albatross unveil the fourth edition of exclusive study ’The Journey of a Luxury Consumer’ during breakfast session at The London EDITION on 16th September 2015

Fran Lambert - 01-sept.-2015 12:58:33

Numberly, a digital data marketing firm specialising in helping advertisers optimize their marketing strategies, and Albatross Global Solutions, a market-research firm specialising in improving retail performance and understanding consumer trends in the luxury sector, have teamed up to study the behaviour and expectations of today’s consumer of luxury goods.  Their exclusive new study will be unveiled at a joint event taking place in London on Wednesday 16 September 2015, at luxury boutique hotel The London EDITION in Fitzrovia. The work conducted by numberly and Albatross Global Solutions measures how consumers of luxury goods engage in the luxury experience, both in boutiques and online, before and after the purchasing process, on all channels and devices. On Wednesday 16th September 2015 at a business breakfast meeting held in London, Albatross Global Solutions and numberly will unveil the results of the latest study they have conducted: The Journey of a Luxury Consumer — Expectations and behaviour of clients of luxury brands around the world. Albatross and numberly will take this opportunity to unveil their yearly forecasts for the luxury sector.  This year’s edition will also focus on:  • Multichannel retailing: Analysis of the importance of digital when making a purchase in a boutique • CRM: Profiles of clients who are more willing to be contacted after making a purchase  • Generation Y / Millennials and their relationship with luxury brands The event will start at 8.30am and will take place at The London EDITION, in Fitzrovia, central London (10 Berners Street, London W1T 3NP). Senior executives from a range of luxury brands, including Burberry, Cartier, Michael Kors and Alfred Dunhill, will be in attendance.  Journalists wishing to attend this exclusive London event should contact Fran Lambert, Communications Advisor at Business France (The French Trade Commission in the UK) no later than Monday 7 September 2015.  In September 2014, numberly held similar events in partnership with Albatross in more than ten cities, including Shanghai, Paris, Geneva, Milano and New York. These events were attended by more than 600 representatives of the luxury sector. This year, the results will once more be presented internationally, at The InterContinental Hotel in Paris on 11th September and at the Hotel President Wilson in Geneva on 29th September.  The study has been conducted to high standards, with a survey polling more than 4, 000 relevant consumers, i.e. individuals who have purchased a luxury product in the six months prior to the study. The consumers polled came from North America (USA), India, Latin America (Brazil), the Far East (China and Japan), Middle East, and Europe (various EU countries). Consumers were asked about their definition of luxury, their expectations of luxury goods, information channels before the purchase, their buying experience, and the level of satisfaction with buying a luxury product, both online and offline.    About Albatross Global Solutions Albatross Global Solutions is a leading market research firm specialising in improving retail performance and understanding consumer trends in the luxury goods sector. The company was founded in 2005 and has 18 offices around the world, covering all continents. It employs 230 members of staff and serves 230 premium and luxury brands.  For more information on Albatross, please go to:    About numberly (part of the 1000mercis Group)  Numberly is an expert in helping advertisers collect and activate their owned, paid and earned data through innovative solutions (DMP, data onboarding, microsites, reactivation, etc.), via all digital channels (display, email, mobile, social media).  In June 2015, numberly launched Reactivator, a new solution allowing advertisers to reactivate hard-to-reach customers through programmatic, across all devices and media buying platforms. Created in 2000, numberly employs 350 people worldwide and its annual turnover soared to €45.20 million in 2014.  Based in London (UK), Paris (France), New York, San Francisco (USA), as well as Dubai (UAE), numberly operates in more than 30 countries; numberly is owned by 1000mercis Group, a NYSE Alternext-listed company. For more information on numberly, please go to:   Attend the event: The event in London will start at 8.30am and will be held at The London EDITION, in Fitzrovia, central London (10 Berners Street, London W1T 3NP). The same event in Paris will be held on 11 September at the Hôtel InterContinental le Grand, central Paris (2 Rue Scribe, 75009 Paris), from 8.30am.   To register your interest in this event and for further information, please contact: Fran Lambert, Communications Adviser Business France  - The French Trade Commission in the UK Tel: +44 (0)20 7024 3613 Email:

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