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France’s EdTech trailblazers at Bett 2018

Catherine Ryall - 22-janv.-2018 17:18:55

From 24 th – 27 th January 2018, London will host Bett , a worldwide beacon for education technology. Nearly 40,000 visitors are expected, hailing from more than 130 countries. France’s know-how on display at the French Pavilion (C100) 24 French companies  (start-ups, SMEs and major corporations) will be there to unveil their solutions and services in eLearning, content platforms, on-line assessment applications (eAssessment), MOOCs, cooperation tools, classroom management, new learning and student monitoring solutions, serious games, and more. The French EdTech scene is active, for instance according to Deloitte : 100 new startups or associations have been created since 2015, and more than 200 since 2010 Worth €180 billion each year (€150 billion in schools and universities + €30 billion in professional training) The companies that will be showcasing their EdTech solutions on the French Pavilion are: Avitice  Solutions, Bayard Presse, CIEP, ARTE France Développement, Educlever, Edumedia, English Attack, Humensis – Belin Education, IA France, Institut Français, ITOP Education, Kalyzee, Learnenjoy, Dytrikardi, Kidscode, Learn & Go, Limouzik, Marbotic, Milliweb, Open Digital Education, Qwant Junior, Rapidmooc, Speakshake, SPN, Tralalere and Milliweb. The exhibitors will demo their solutions for the duration of the 4-day event. ‘Being part of Bett Show is a unique experience for exhibiting companies, offering them the chance to meet with teachers, heads of institutions, and Ministerial decision-makers from different countries, learn what international competitors are offering, and benefit from feedback. High-level French decision-makers will be making the trip specially to attend the exhibition, and will also be at the Pavilion’, stated Amina Sambou, in charge of organising the French Tech Pavilion. About the French Pavilion at Bett 2018 The French Pavilion is being organised by Business France , the French export-support agency, in partnership with the French Association of Digital Industries for Education and Training (Afinef) with the support of the French Ministry for Education and the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs. Meet 24 French-based companies at the Bett show on the French Pavilion ( Stand C100) . A full list of contacts is available upon request. For more information about the show, visit the Bett site. For more information on this press release and the French exhibitors, please see the catalogue or contact: Amina Sambou Business France UK Catherine Ryall, Press Officer Tel: + 44(0) 207 024 3613 Website:

Straight from CES, French EdTech cluster to exhibit at Bett Show

Catherine Ryall - 16-janv.-2018 13:46:02

The RéSeau des Professionnels du Numérique (SPN) [digital professionals network], which brings together more than 180 French digital firms, will be at the Bett Show for the first time this year, taking a delegation of member companies with them. They will exhibit on stand C100 in the French Tech pavilion powered by Business France . The Bett Show , the major annual international digital education gathering held in London, will take place from 24 th to 27 th January 2018 . The SPN cluster, an accredited French Tech organisation, has launched an international action plan for stakeholders in digital education and training in France. With a strong and active presence in the high tech innovation hub that is the Nouvelle Aquitaine region in the south-west of France, the SPN has been tasked with identifying new projects and promoting the French EdTech scene since its creation in 2001. The French members of the SPN present at the Bett Show : Limouzik has developed a musical web application for education that transforms any connected object into live polyphonic instruments. Limouzik’s founding philosophy is to make music practice accessible to as many people as possible. By allowing users to reproduce, as you would with a guitar, a wide repertoire with everything from classical to pop, folk and more. The startup helps users to become the musicians that they have always wanted to be using its patented technology. Bringing a touch of that je ne sais quoi to digital education    ‘ We are taking part in the Bett Show this year because it is the most important show in the digital education sector which allows international acceleration. Our exhibitors are all owners of innovative projects around the theme of digital education. They will find a friendly area for meetings and exchanges with visitors looking for innovations ’, says Fabien Audat, who is in charge of the SPN delegation exhibiting at the show. Visit the SPN ’s website to find out about their work and the companies they bring together Come and meet them on stand C100 on the French Tech pavilion at the Bett Show. For more information about SPN, please contact: Fabien Audat Market Developer/French Tech thematic advisor - SPN Tel: +33 (0)5 49 03 17 76 Twitter : @reseauSPN   Facebook : @reseauSPN For more information on this press release or the French presence at the BETT show, please contact: Business France UK (The French Trade Commission)   Catherine Ryall, Press Officer,  

25 hand-picked French Tech startups at CES 2018

Catherine Ryall - 21-déc.-2017 12:10:41

  25 start-ups have been selected to exhibit at the French Tech pavilion organised for the 5 th consecutive year by Business France at next year’s CES in Las Vegas, on stand 50626, Eureka Park Hall.   Hand-picked from among 100 companies after a competitive selection process, these 25 highly promising start-ups will present an insight into future technological trends.      " We prioritised innovative companies that display genuine international development potential and which have the capacity to ramp up their commercial development so as to spark the interest of decision makers visiting CES ," declared Thomas Delouvrier, who will be running the pavilion for Business France. “ The prototype presented at Las Vegas must be available later this year in order to fully benefit from the leverage effect of the show .” At the last CES, France:   had the 3 rd largest international delegation (after the US and China)   boasted the 2 nd highest number of start-ups in attendance (200 at the 2017 CES), just behind the US and a long way ahead of Israel and China. 55 British companies exhibited at the event. These figures reflect the maturity of French Tech’s ecosystems, all driven by globally-renowned talent, be it in the form of engineers, designers or mathematicians.    It is expected that France will once again constitute the leading European delegation at the exhibition. A tech scene in ascent 2017 is set to be a record year for French startups. In the first half of the year alone French start-ups have raised €1.7 billion in capital - about the same as in the whole of the previous year, according to CB Insights . 5 of these companies received a “ CES Innovation Award ” at CES Unveiled Paris, the official event that previews some of the innovations to be presented at the next CES: CamToy - robot fitted with a video camera to improve the well-being of dogs Lancey Energy Storage - smart electric heater equipped with a battery and an energy management system. Lancey won a ‘Best of Innovations’ award. myBrain Technologies - connected headphones with neuroscientific properties that measure stress levels and play appropriate relaxing music R-Pur - first anti-pollution mask specially designed for people riding bicycles and motorbikes Unistellar - telescope that amplifies light from stars Who are the other hand-picked exhibitors selected by the jury?   AirNodes – Anna, the first smart mirror, already used in 5-star hotels in France Aurasens - an armchair enabling a new type of sensory journey which combines music with massage BladeShadow - Shadow, a high-performance cloud-based PC Catspad - connected water and food dispenser designed to improve cats’ health Caveasy – wine cellar management solution for storing wine bottles Energy Square – a new wireless ‘power by contact’ charging technology eXsens - a cabin that generates an individual’s digital double, a ‘3D avatar’, that can be animated and used for a range of applications - fitness, health, fashion (e-commerce), advertising, video games...), Green Creative - smart robot that sorts and compacts drinks packaging, and tracks its collection in real-time Hap2U – touch and feel what’s on your screen Shapeheart – a range of heart rate monitoring armbands for sport Jagger & Lewis - connected collar capable of recognizing your dog’s behaviour to help you understand them Joy - connected watch for children, that emits no radio waves, with icons that help young children understand the concept of time Lovebox - connected ‘lovebox’ that lets you send love notes via a mobile application MainBot - smart robot for children aged 7-10 combining educative content and affective behaviour Miraxess - extension that transforms a smartphone into a laptop computer Romy - technology used to formulate fresh facial treatments using active ingredients Snips - voice platform for connected objects that allows businesses to incorporate a voice assistant into their products Team8 - a connected watch for children aged between 5 and 12, that lets them create their super-hero - name, costume, super-powers ... but in order to play the children must engage in regular physical activity Timescope - customised virtual reality terminals dedicated to spaces that are open to the public to offer them time-travel experiences Vandelay presents Lokly its new generation USB key, with a smartphone application to control access to its data and transfer files from one key to another without a computer. Business France will also take 10 other startups to the CES in a ‘Family & Friends’ delegation. In total, therefore, its delegation will consist of 35 companies that will take part in the leading worldwide consumer technology show from 9 th – 12 th January.   For further information: Visit the Business France CES 2018 website Contacts in France Thomas Delouvrier – Maxime Sabahec – Contact in London Catherine Ryall, Business France UK,

More than classroom furniture: IA France launches the 345 program at Bett 2018

Catherine Ryall - 19-déc.-2017 12:30:50

French company Intégrale d’Agencement (IA France) is to launch the  345 program range, a new concept that transforms traditional classroom tables into educational tools to make teaching easier. The company will be exhibiting at the Bett Show in London from 24 th – 27 th January 2018, on the Business France pavilion, stand C100.  IA France designs and markets furniture for all types of educational institutions, from nurseries through to universities. Its new ‘345 Program’ helps teachers quickly and easily transform and adapt their workspace thanks to an innovative range of modular tables and chairs.   The shape of the tables, dreamt up by designer Bruno Lefebvre, makes it possible to have various arrangements, adapted to all types of teaching: lined up clusters of 3, 4 or 5 (or more) to form groups Table-top markings ensure that changing the setup is quick and easy. More than classroom furniture, genuine educational tools Thanks to their unique shape, tables can be grouped into blocks of both odd and even numbers. More than just a table, 345 Program furniture is designed to be a genuine educational tool. These tables can be adapted to all learning techniques by encouraging high levels of interaction between participants or groups of individuals. The stackable chairs are ergonomically designed to meet students’ expectations and requirements. Designed with teachers “ The ground-breaking design of the 345 Program’s tables and chairs breaks with established codes. They have been designed with input from teachers and trainers, supervised by our designer Bruno Lefebvre, to meet the current need for versatility in classrooms as effectively as possible ”, comments Export Manager Olivier Debas. “ The UK is a priority market for us, and we want to offer the best equipment to help British teachers in their working environment. ” The company is seeking UK distributors and manufacturers for its new 345 Program range. About IA France IA France, established in 1996, also markets furniture for corporate meeting and training rooms. For more information about the 345 program range or IA France, please contact: Olivier Debas Export Manager, IA France Tel: + 33 (0) 4 79 54 56 15 For more information on this press release or the French presence at the BETT show, please contact: Business France UK (The French Trade Commission) Catherine Ryall, Press Officer,  

iGirouette®, the first connected and rotating digital signage system in Lyon’s emblematic confluence neighbourhood

Manon Cabrol - 21-nov.-2017 10:27:41

In partnership with the City of Lyon, 15  iGirouette® have been installed in France’s 1st WWF-labeled eco-district. The first  iGirouette® smart signage devices were installed in Lyon, France in July 2017 next to the Confluence Retail and Leisure Centre and ice rink. These genuine urban innovations: • promote green transport and walking • provide digital signage, accompanying the transformation of the Confluence neighborhood • help residents and tourists to find their way around more easily. iGirouette® conveys different types of messages to help everyone navigate the urban environment, improving the flow and interaction of people and transport. Initially, the message will display general information: sports and cultural events, distances (e.g. to the Confluence museum or Perrache train station), directions to the Youth Centre and exhibition spaces, etc. Later, thanks to OPEN DATA, information such as the number of available parking spaces, or bus and train schedules, will be communicated. AWARDS iGirouette® has been shortlisted in the design category for a prestigious ‘trophée INPI’ . Organised by the INPI (national intellectual property office of France), the awards reward innovative companies and research centres who set themselves apart through their industrial property strategy. iGirouette® will find out the results at the awards ceremony on 6th December. IGIROUETTE®: REINVENTING STREET SIGNAGE iGirouette® is the first real-time, smart digital signage system. The device is made up of a mast with two rotating arrows, each of which can rotate 360 degrees. iGirouette® interacts with individuals, providing directions and information concerning the time and distance to a specific event or place, by displaying both text and still or animated images. The iGirouette® concept relies on a revolutionary, multilingual digital control system that allows for real-time communication. Using secure servers, messages can be programmed and displayed on an iGirouette® or on a whole network of devices. The information disseminated in real time can relate to a city, an event, a shopping centre, a business park, a transport network, an exhibition or leisure centre, etc. iGirouette® can also interact with users who are connected through a mobile app, by guiding them toward events.   CONFLUENCE: AN EMBLEMATIC NEIGHBORHOOD AND TESTING GROUND FOR A SMARTER CITY This emblematic area, located at the southern end of Lyon’s Presqu’île, has been recognized as an ‘eco-district’ by the French government and a ‘sustainable neighborhood’ by the WWF. It also received the European Concerto label for the low energy consumption of its buildings. The iGirouette® have therefore naturally found their place in the various spaces of this neighborhood, which showcases solutions for a sustainable city focused on its inhabitants and visitors. About Charvet Digital Media With 40 years of expertise in electronic signage, Charvet Digital Media, an ISO 9001 certified French manufacturer, specializes in designing, manufacturing, installing and maintaining indoor and outdoor digital media solutions that are innovative and connected. These include local digital newspapers and digital advertising displays for local authorities, large retailers, and key accounts. To date, over 10,000 customers have placed their trust in the experience and know-how of Charvet Digital Media, which controls each project from start to finish. Press contact: Margaux BONNET| Communication Manager | For more information on this press release, contact: Business France UK (The French Trade Commission) Catherine Ryall, Press Officer, Website:

With latest version of Artificial Intelligence platform, Tellmeplus packages intelligence with every asset

Manon Cabrol - 07-nov.-2017 13:04:30

Predictive Objects’ minimal footprint runtime enables predictive models to run inside or close to the asset it supports while preserving consistency with global deployments Tellmeplus , the specialist in Artificial Intelligence (AI) applied to Big Data, released today the latest version of Predictive Objects, the first AI platform for asset efficiency that packages intelligence with every asset. In version 1.4, Predictive Objects leverages a new deployment capability for predictive models, that features a nano-footprint option capable of running on memory- and CPU- constrained connected objects and devices. Using the same technology stack as the one deployed on edge computing gateways and cloud servers, Predictive Objects run seamlessly and consistently on all types of assets, regardless of their level of computing power or their state of connectivity. "Thanks to the use of innovative scalable time series oriented data storage, we were able to reduce the footprint required by Predictive Objects to a few hundred kilobytes only," explained Jean-Michel Cambot, founder and chief strategist at Tellmeplus. "With its transparent scalability from very large and dense time series to smaller ones, the same technology stack is deployed on light embedded systems and on much more powerful systems, guaranteeing complete consistency across platforms." Packaging intelligence with every asset Thanks to their ability to get deployed and embedded on any platform or runtime, Predictive Objects 1.4 packages intelligence with every asset, providing a combined view of the asset, its performance and evolution over time. "Asset intelligence drives the strategy of any organization, regardless of industry or focus," indicated Benoit Gourdon, chief executive officer of Tellmeplus. "Being able to closely package predictions with the asset itself requires the ability to run predictive models in any type of technical environment, but also to gain a deep understanding of the characteristics of the asset and to associate these particular attributes to the produced predictions." True multi-cloud deployment In this new release, Predictive Objects also added the capability to provision and deploy predictive models concomitantly on several cloud platforms, but also to manage and monitor these deployments from a centralized, single front application. Models can run inside Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform, Microsoft Azure, as well as a number of private cloud deployment platforms. About Tellmeplus Founded by Jean-Michel Cambot, the original inventor of Business Objects, Tellmeplus leverages 5 years of research in the field of artificial intelligence applied to predictive analytics. Predictive Objects leverages Big Data & Meta Active Machine Learning to provide Automated Embedded Artificial Intelligence. Tellmeplus’ technology enables to put the intelligence where decisions need to be made: in the objects and at the edge of the network. For additional information please visit or follow  @TellMePlus on Twitter.  

Brennus Analytics raises €500K in funding to finance growth

Manon Cabrol - 06-nov.-2017 16:50:57

Brennus Analytics , a start-up that specializes in Artificial Intelligence-based price optimization for industrial manufacturers and B2B distributors completed a €500,000 funding round this summer. The ZTP investment fund and several private French investors have now acquired a stake in the start-up.  Founded in 2015, the start-up has developed Brennus ™, a SaaS solution powered by leading-edge artificial intelligence technology. The solution evaluates or predicts customer behavior based on data analysis, and recommends optimal sales prices while taking into account each company’s specific strategic objectives and commercial constraints. The solution uses lifelong learning to deliver real-time, highly dynamic pricing with total transparency. This funding round will enable the start-up to grow commercially. “We are delighted to welcome ZTP and our new private investors. This funding strengthens the tremendous commitment of the Brennus Analytics team. With the support of our new investors, we have the opportunity to continue our work on R&D while remaining continuously engaged with our market” , said Grégoire Saint-Guily, Brennus Analytics CEO. Primarily self-financed by its founders since its inception, Brennus Analytics has also received an interest-free loan and a grant from the BPI, the French public investment bank, and is co-financed by an industrial manufacturing company through a commercial partnership. ZTP, "Ze 12th Player" in reference to soccer, is a private investment fund of the Mulliez family that supports companies, and which is active in several areas: •  International development through a market intelligence office in San Francisco and a presence in Shanghai. •  Accelerating innovative start-ups by supporting them and connecting them with a network of companies with capital  •  A start-up studio designed to develop cross-sectoral projects around data, customer experience, and employee experience.     About Brennus Analytics:  Founded in 2015 by several artificial intelligence researchers, the start-up Brennus Analytics allows companies in industrial manufacturing and B2B distribution to increase profits while optimizing sales prices. Its Brennus™ SaaS solution is based on leading-edge artificial intelligence technology. The solution evaluates or predicts customer behaviour based on the analysis of data, and recommends optimal sales prices while taking into account each company’s specific strategic objectives and commercial constraints. The solution uses lifelong learning to deliver real-time, highly-dynamic pricing with total transparency. Brennus Analytics was incubated by Telecom Paris Tech from 2016, and then joined the accelerator programs BPI The Hub and BNP Paribas’s WAI Boost in September 2017. It was been supported by Wilco (previously Scientipôle) and the BPI since it was founded, as well as by several private investors. The company is also part of Microsoft’s BizSpark+ program.   Press contacts: Emilie Dèbes - Yucatan +33 (0)1 53 63 27 34   Emilie Gariel - Brennus Analytics +33 (0)6 51 65 63 23

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