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Como crear su empresa en Francia?

Jérémie Dalibot - 16-août-2017 21:59:10

Abierta al mundo, acogedora para todos los talentos, Francia se ha comprometido a proporcionar un apoyo de calidad a los inversionistas que desarrollan una actividad en su territorio. En este espíritu de hospitalidad se inscribe este Doing Business in France : su objetivo es informara los inversionistas sobre todas las cuestiones legales, fiscales y sociales que están vinculadas con la implantación y el funcionamiento de una filial de una empresa extranjera en Francia. Escrito por nuestros expertos en colaboración con bufetes de abogados, especialistas en auditoría, contabilidad y recursos humanos, este informe proporciona una información fiable, clara, precisa y adaptada a las necesidades de los empresarios. El Doing Business in France proporciona valiosa información y apoyo a las decisiones Cada uno de los inversionistas, igual que cada proyecto, es único. El equipo de Business France está a su disposición para responder a las preguntas relativas a la aplicación de la ley francesa respecto a los retos y desafíos específicos de su negocio. Español:  Doing Business in France 2016 - Libro 1   /  Doing Business in France - Libro 3 Francés:  Doing Business in France - Livre 1  /  Doing Business in France - Livre 3 Inglés:  Doing Business in France 2016 - Booklet 1  /  Doing Business in France 2016 - Booklet 3

Startups, have you got an amazing project containing a strong innovative aspect?

Business France Mexico - Jérémie Dalibot - 06-juil.-2017 00:31:27

Organized by Paris&Co, The Grand Prizes of Innovation of the city of Paris support the development of the Ile-de-France region innovative companies in high-growth sectors, and reward those contributing, through their innovation, in improving on the city life and in developing the Parisian economic fabric. This year, the Paris Living City Awards’category gives the opportunity   to non-French startups  to apply.   What is the Paris Living City Awards about ? The living city concept brings back the human being to the heart of the city. Any project with a strong innovative aspect and / or a strong citizen-centric focus should apply. Only non-French startups in the followings segments are invited to apply: # Energy transition in cities # Education & Community involvement in urban areas # Smart urban planning # Sharing economy & Sharing city # Collaborative solutions # Sustainable Logistics & Urban Mobility # Urban farming # Healthcare and well-being in the city   Registrations are open until 10 th October 2017   Startups can win great prizes: For the TOP 10 Startups that make it into the Top 10 Final will be invited to Paris on 11 th & 12 th  December, to pitch in front of a jury of investors, renowned entrepreneurs and mentors. They will get a flight ticket compensation up to €1000/per non-European startup and €500/per European startup. They will also be given the opportunity to participate in a private session with the members of the Club Open Innovation, composed of 60 large corporates. They will be able to present their solution on a booth during the Grand Prizes of Innovation at the Cité de la Mode et du Design in Paris. The 10 finalists will also win a 1-month free stay in a Paris&Co incubator. For the TOP 3 1st place prize - €12,000 2nd place prize - €8,000 3rd place prize - €3,000      

Francia recibe los talentos extranjeros!

Business France Mexico - Jérémie Dalibot - 04-avr.-2017 01:20:33

Business France lanzó en marzo 2017 un servicio de información destinado a talentos extranjeros y a sus familias, en movilidad profesional. La misión del sitio Welcome to France  consiste en guiarle en sus principales trámites de expatriación a Francia: - Visa, permiso de estancia y autorización de trabajo - Impuestos - Protección social - Vida cotidiana (escolaridad, vivienda, etc.) El servicio está destinado a: - Dirigentes de empresas - Inversionistas - Start-ups - Asalariados en movilidad profesional - Despachos de abogados, empresas de relocalización - Direcciones de recursos humanos  le permite visualizar los principales trámites que se deben efectuar antes y en el año de su instalación en Francia, a través de la realización de una trayectoria en línea personalizada. Un equipo dedicado de especialistas en movilidad internacional Para preguntas adicionales póngase en contacto con Welcome Office a través de nuestro formulario en línea. Recibirá usted la respuesta en tres días hábiles.  Más información en

2 mexican startups won the French Tech Ticket 2017!

Jérémie Dalibot - Business France Mexico - 16-mars-2017 23:33:55

French tech ticket, the french program for international startups. The French Tech Ticket is a one-year program by the French government to attract gifted and ambitious individuals from all around the world and help them set up and develop their start up in France. More than just a start up visa, this 12-month program offers end-to-end support on the journey from early stage startup to successful business – from financial support and training to first customer acquisition. Selected entrepreneurs and projects will work closely in one of the 41 top French partner incubators providing among others mentoring, fundraising strategy, expert advice and pitch practice. Some improvements and novelties For this Season 2, the French Tech Ticket Program has been adjusted to better welcome international entrepreneurs. While it was only in the Paris region for the first edition, the Program has been extended to the French Tech Metropoles, organized by thematic and business areas. This is now 41 incubators in France that will host the 70 winning projects, in 2017. French tech ticket season 2: some interesting figures - 8150 expressions of interest - 2700 applications - 1220 projects from over 100 countries, among which the most represented are: India, the United-States, Egypt, Brazil and Russia - Among the candidates: 25% women, 75% men, who are 30 years old, on average - 70 winning projects, 180 entrepreneurs, hosted by 41 incubators, in Paris and in 12 regional cities French Tech Ticket Season 2: Mexicans Laureates Loggap Loggap connects people who need to buy products abroad with trusted travellers who can ship them, safely. Through Loggap, people can buy products overseas in a more flexible, cheaper and faster way while travellers earning money using efficiently the free space in their luggage. Loggap is not just an app, is a platform that provides all the necessary to make users feel comfortable and safe. Website: Point of Contact: Mr Luis Gustavo HERNANDEZ CARDENAS Zaveapp Zaveapp is an application that helps millennials save money in the simplest and fun way. Saving in the form of gamification instead of it being a pain. With Zaveapp, the piggybank on your smartphone, you can think of your bucket list, set your goals (for example birthday trip) and we make sure you will save all the money you need by the time you need it! Website : Point of Contact : Mr Octavio NOVELO The program benefits enhanced this Season 2, the French Tech Ticket Program is even more startup- oriented with tailored benefits. Winning teams will receive the following benefits: Funding : 45.000€ per team over the course of a year, with no loss of equity (€20K to cover personal costs and €45K to cover professional services) Resident permit :  Fast-track procedure for team members to obtain a French resident permit Acceleration program : Tailored program of events to support Laureates projects’ growth - Thematic masterclasses - Networking events - Mentoring sessions - Two demo days with investors and corporate executives Incubation :  12 months in one of the 41 selected partner incubators - Dedicated office space - Weekly and monthly coaching sessions Help desk :  A dedicated contact to help the Laureates through administrative  procedures regarding their installation in France Soft landing pack:  A “Welcome Guide” and special offers from the French  Tech Ticket Program Partners to help the Laureates relocate in France For more information:

Start-ups, get ready for Paris 2024!

Jérémie Dalibot - Business France Mexico - 21-févr.-2017 01:43:44

On March 16th 2017, the “Hacking of the City Hall” is mobilizing the entire innovation ecosystem around a common theme: the 2024 Paris Olympic Games . What’s at stake is far more than sports alone. If you’re a start-up in the areas of green tech, transport and mobility, logistics, smart cities, real estate, tourism and travel, food and beverage, …. then this event is for you! With 1,040 start-ups participating in 2016 and representing over 50 countries, the “Hacking of the City Hall” has become a major event in the innovation landscape. This year, the Hacking brings together start-ups, global groups, athletes and international innovation experts to participate in a one-day program that aims to generate new opportunities and boost business: pitches and reverse pitches to international investors, meeting spaces, demos, and a few surprises. For more information or to SIGN UP TODAY, see the website:  

NUMA is looking for 2 exceptional mexican startups to build bridges between Mexico and Europe!

Jérémie Dalibot - Business France Mexico - 14-févr.-2017 18:08:08

Article from : ANNOUNCEMENT The application is open to Mexican and European startups. In order to apply to the International Acceleration Program, it is necessary to fill out the application form clearly in Selecteev. ( APPLY NOW ! Preference will be given to strategic sectors defined by the COMFEI - Mexico France Council on Entrepreneurship and Innovation - such as: energy, transportation, biotechnology, new technologies, green technologies, creative industries, innovative tourism and digital industries . Applying startups must have a product or service previously launched to the market, with sustained growth rates in the home market in the last 6 months, and with the financial capacity to start operations in the destination country. The applications received will be analyzed and, based on the projects with the best qualifications, a team of specialists from NUMA Paris and NUMA Mexico will pre-select the best 20 startups to proceed with a diagnosis. DIAGNOSIS The 20 pre-selected companies will participate in an exhaustive diagnosis, through a structured questionnaire developed by NUMA, and the detailed evaluation of documents relevant to the operations of the company. The main objective of this diagnosis is to obtain a deep knowledge of the startups and the entrepreneurs, as well as the environment and the forces that positively or negatively impact the company. The results of the diagnosis will allow us to determine the level of maturity of the company in order to enter into an Internationalization Process. Of the 20 companies, only 8 will be selected for the program. 6 Startups from Europe will be selected for internationalization in MEXICO and 2 Startups from Mexico for internationalization in FRANCE . The diagnosis consists of 4 stages: 1) Analysis of information provided by the company. 2) 2 hour long in-depth face-to-face or videoconference interview with the founders of the startup. 3) Report of general conclusions and qualifications. 4) Selection Committee made up of NUMA team and expert mentors will select the startups beneficiaries of the International Acceleration Program. TRAINING In order to generate an adequate insertion in the destination country, the 8 selected companies will participate in an Intensive Induction Program in their country of origin on subjects related to the country of destination. The main topics to be addressed are: - Introduction to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, actors and allies. - Macroeconomic and structural context of the destination country. - Case of success in Mexico or destination country. - Tax and regulatory framework. - Approach to the financial market and risk capital market. - One-on-one coaching with local specialist linked to the industry. The training will be conducted through workshops offered at the NUMA México or Paris facilities, webinars and video conference sessions. In addition, training will be provided by experts in each of the topics, team members, and the NUMA Mentor and Expert community.  LANDING The internationalization program will be carried out for the 2 Mexican startups in France and for the 6 European startups in Mexico, with a duration of 5 months. Each of the 8 startups selected to internationalize, will receive support in the following topics: - Mentoring by the NUMA Paris or Mexico team. - Advice in Labor / accounting / tax for the opening of operations in the destination country (first 3 months). - Assistance in obtaining work permits (visas), legal incorporation of the company, social security, tax declaration and opening of bank accounts. - Support to each startup for air transport and housing expenses up to an amount of $ 70,000 per startup to be installed in Mexico and $ 100,000 per startup to be installed in Paris for the duration of the International Acceleration Program. - Use of co-working space in NUMA París or NUMA México for the duration of the program.

The Business France delegation of startups at CES 2017

Jérémie Dalibot - Business France México - 06-janv.-2017 17:42:54

LAS VEGAS, JANUARY 5TH - 8TH 2017 France is more than baguettes, brie, fashion and fine wine. We’re Parrot , Sevenhugs , Giroptic , Digitsole , Netatmo , Devialet … We’re “La French Tech”, a thriving community of entrepreneurs, engineers, designers, investors, tech lovers, and other talented people who are embracing the potential of technology to change the world. A tech boom has been unleashed in France thanks to the explosive combination of our renowned creativity with our flair for algorithms. We have some of the best engineering schools in the world. Our consumer electronics companies thrive on this talent, which combines expertise in computer sciences with electronics, mechanics and design. We’re also seeing a rise in the not-very-French (or so you thought!) qualities of confidence and risktaking. Combined with government reforms making it (much) easier to start a business means our entrepreneurs (yes – it IS a French word!) are not only thriving, but eager to display their wares to the world. We’re bringing the French Touch to connected objects, e-health, cybersecurity, mobility and more. At CES last year, they called us “Tech’s Unexpected Powerhouse” (Forbes). TechCrunch said French Startups Are “Taking Over CES.”   France was the leading foreign delegation at CES in 2015 and 2016, when 200 French companies exhibited, 128 of them startups (many of whom took home awards.) This year there will be 225 French startups, 41 of them mentored for international pitching and accompanied by Business France . 

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  Philippe GARCIA es el Director de Business France, Servicio Comercial de la Embajada de Francia en México, cuyo perímetro de actividad abarca Centroamérica y Caribe, además de México. Business France, la Agencia para el desarrollo internacional de las empresas, es la entidad pública e institucional de mayor relevancia en cuanto a promoción exterior de las Pymes francesas. Depende del ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores y Desarrollo Internacional, del ministerio de Economía, Industria y Digital y del secretariado de Estado para el Comercio Exterior y Promoción del Turismo. Business France México tiene como principal objetivo facilitar el éxito en el mercado mexicano de las cerca de 200 empresas francesas, ya sean exportadoras o inversionistas, que benefician de nuestros servicios de consultoría cada año.             

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