La robotique française sur Robotworld 2016 – 12 au 15 octobre 2016 Corée du Sud

Hyun Mo KIM - 28/09/16

La robotique française sur Robotworld 2016 12 au 15 octobre 2016

Corée du Sud



Robotworld, l’un des salons internationaux de référence en robotique (8 pays, 150 exposants et plus de 160 000 visiteurs), se tiendra au KINTEX de Séoul du 12 au 15 octobre 2016.


A l’occasion de l’Année de la France en Corée, destinée à célébrer le 130ème anniversaire des relations diplomatiques franco-coréennes, la France est l’invitée d’honneur du salon. Un pavillon France d’une dizaine d’entreprises innovantes permettra de montrer le savoir-faire français en matière de robotique.


La participation française au salon s’inscrit également dans le cadre du lancement en mars 2016 du French Tech Hub de Séoul, structure d’appui aux meilleures entreprises françaises souhaitant développer leurs activités et/ou des partenariats technologiques avec la Corée.


M. Bruno Bonnell, Président de l’association française de robotique, et Mme Catherine Simon, organisatrice d’Innorobo, premier salon européen sur la robotique, seront présents à Robotworld, afin de renforcer  les liens entre les industries des deux pays.


Le pavillon France offrira l’occasion aux responsables coréens du secteur robotique de rencontrer et d’échanger avec des sociétés françaises et au grand public de découvrir de manière ludique les dernières innovations françaises. 


Le pavillon France est organisé par Business France Corée du Sud, installé au sein de l’Ambassade de France en Corée. L’évènement est soutenu par le comité des mécènes de l’Année France-Corée.


Contact :

Nicolas AUDIBERT, Chef du pôle Tech & Services

Business France Séoul

Email :    TEL : 02-563-1543













Les sociétés participantes




Aldebaran / Softbank Robotics

 Création : 2005

Effectif : 500+

Leader in the humanoid robotics market, SoftBank Robotics (formerly ALDEBARAN ROBOTICS) designs and produces kind and interactive humanoid robots who assist professionals from the worlds of education, research, health, distribution and tourism, as well as helping families and private individuals. Our goal is to make robots our daily companions and accessible to everyone. We believe in a future where humanoid robots will assist humans in their day-to-day lives, in their family lives, in their leisure activities and in their work.

Aquitaine Robotics

Création: 2013

The Aquitaine Robotics cluster was created in 2013 by the Conseil Régional Nouvelle-Aquitaine, the Agence de Développement et d’Innovation and the Institut Polytechnique Bordeaux Aquitaine.

•         The cluster unites businesses, research-training organizations and users. It includes 65 members.

•         The cluster provides an organizational backbone for the regional robotics sector; supports collaborative R&D projects and develops scientific research and training skills.

It brings to members :

o   Being member of a community, in a dynamic interclustering network

o   Being informed of calls for projects and supported in finding partners

o   Developing R&D partnerships with companies/labs/training up to product or service commercialization

o   Integrating the Factory of the Future regional framework

o   Obtaining quality label certification for R&D projects

o   Participating in shows and meetings

The cluster’s orientations are Human Machine Interface & Cobotics.


Création: 2011

C.A: 1,37 MEUR

Effectif: 15

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Since Awabot’s launch in 2011 by Bruno Bonnell, a multiple entrepreneur from Lyon, the start-up has grown to become an innovative small and medium-sized enterprise, pioneer in mobile telepresence with robotic DNA. Focused on BEAM robots distribution in France and across Europe, Awabot reinforces its positioning as an integrator of service robotics with RELAY latest commercialization. Our mission is to bring innovations to answer daily issues, targeting people working in hypermobile and agile organizations.

Big Robots

Création: 2012

C.A: 3 M EUR

Effectif: 14

Big Robots is a distribution company specialized in high-tech and robotic products. It started in 2012 mostly with vacuum cleaners and electric bikes but quickly decided to focus on the eco-mobility market by becoming the exclusive distributor of Segway-Ninebot in January 2014.

After showing an exponential growth the past 2 years, It is now expanding its spectrum by adding up to its catalog some other eco-mobility products (electric scooters, bikes etc...) and by developing its own robotic solutions for health and security. The turnover of the company was 3 M euros in 2015 and expected to increase up to to 7 M Euros in 2016. Number of employees today is 14.


Création : Nov/2011

C.A : 930 000 EUR

Effectif : 5


As international business development professionals, we are actively committed to the global robotics community, regularly meeting with the passionate thinkers and doers of the robotics transformation. Over the years, we have built a powerful ecosystem that helps to accelerate time-to-market for robotics innovations. In 2017, we are rolling out a full range of value-added Innorobo Resources to enable companies, institutions, start-ups, investors and researchers to Explore, Experience, Expand and Excellerate the impact of robotics technologies on their market and on society as a whole.

Navya Technologies

Création : Jun/2014

Effectif : 60

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NAVYA is a French company specializing in developing innovative, smart and sustainable solutions. NAVYA develops driverless, automated electric vehicles that are independent of all infrastructures. These vehicles are a smart mode of transport for the last miles transportation. Its commercialized vehicle called NAVYA ARMA is an efficient mobility solution in terms of space and energy and has been built on sustainable intermodality and multimodality.


Création : Mar/2009

Effectif : 5

Robotswim is a start-up whose objective is to put artificial life in aquariums and pools around the world. The flagship product, Jessiko, is 22 cm long and can swim in a school of 10 or more robots to create entertaining aquatic choreography in interaction with people. It is currently marketed at Events and for prestigious decoration (Luxury hotels, commercial centers, museums, waiting rooms …).

Robotswim also offers service agreements for design in the field of underwater communicating objects and robots.


Création : Jan/2016

Effectif : 4

We make agile rovers for rough terrain and harsh environments offering mobility to heavy payloads and manipulators.

We help our customers to use robotics in complex scenarios,

combining remote operated tasks and automated processes:

•              manipulation of heavy payloads,

•              operations in harsh environments,

•              maintenance of assets in challenging terrains

ROVENSO SA is a startup of EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne).

Renault Samsung Motors

Création : Jul/2000

C.A : 4,5 Mds USD

Effectif : 4090

The company is diversifying its line-ups (SM3, SM5, SM6, SM7, QM3, QM5, QM6 and SM3 Z.E.), and is consolidating its own brand and identity based on a close tie with Renault-Nissan Alliance. Renault Samsung Motors has a manufacturing plant in Busan, one of the best efficient production sites within Renault group.  It has its own R&D center (Renault Technology Korea) and Design center (Renault Design Asia) in Giheung, in which the company is developing the next generation models of Renault group.  The company has been making a significant contribution to Korean automotive industry and the nation’s economic growth.  Renault Samsung Motors, taking the product quality as the first priority, was awarded with the first prizes in the various customer satisfaction researches. In response to the demand of the automotive industry, Renault Samsung Motors will continue to improve the competitive edge in design, quality, and art of technology to drive a sustainable growth.


Création : Jan/2008


yomzeo sarl  is a French company created in 2001 by André LEE. Specialized in animation, the company expertise stems from several projects such as Hippo potam or Franklin. Following the dynamism of this Company, new projects are currently in production and you will be able to discover them on screen soon.

Thanks to the experience of its founder, Yomzeo has developed a large partner network not only in Europe but also in Korea and internationally, enabling the company to enlarge the scope of its projects and benefit from strong expertise and resources on each targeted market.

Youth in Finance

Création : Nov/2015

Effectif : 15


Youth in finance is a non-profit organization of entrepreneurs, Legal advisors and financial professionals that share their experience of various shows, including robotics, all around the world. Its action helps to teach citizens about new challenges of the economy and how to support innovation.



Création : Mar/2004

Effectif : 20


For over 10 years DojoGroup has been a trendsetter in the field of economic and social innovation. Having initiated Coworking in France in 2007, it established the country’s first private accelerator in 2011. With more than 100 partners, it now supports some 10 000 entrepreneurs and startupers in France. The group is currently present in Portugal and China and has set its sights on the USA, Brazil and several African countries for 2017.

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